percy jackson becomes a god crossover fanfiction

"That was the shrine of Artemis," Thalia grumbled. 'Please, don't make me feel this way anymore'. When the dust cleared and mountain stopped rocking, we found her still alive, but her legs were pinned under the statue. can keep him controlled". "Ugh, Percy. "But, I'm here now". Kronos stood there foreshadowing Grover and Annabeth, with a smirk playing on his lips before he edged towards the horrible throne of Ares and he change backbitter back into a scythe. "Hmm, Annabeth Chase, daughter of Athena, the new Architect of Olympus, I want my palace to be combined with Perseus' palace. But you still are a seaweed brain" she replied with a small smirk on her face.

I can't see my favorite son or the little brat" I would've gotten mad at dad but he always messes with Saphira. Just as last time at the end of the Second Titan War, Percy Jackson was once again offered godhood; however, he turned it down so Hades and Hestia could take his place on the Olympian Council. Though I have been having these strange dreams lately, there is a lady who keeps talking about the past of the fates. Me and the 3 year old sat arcross each other eating in silence until Saphira said my name. "Strike them down! The author would like to thank you for your continued support. One thing for sure, dad was right 'cause Saphira is the cutest thing on the plant and I guess dad knew that Saphira was going to need a place to stay 'cause once she touch the door nob of the untouch door it revealed. "You have the gift of prophecy. Nico sat cross-legged at his father's throne. It wasn't exactly a morale booster, but before I could say anything, Kronos raised his sword. I walked in to my cabin and plopped down on my bed and quickly fell asleep. He was coughing ichor mixed with red crimson blood of mortals. and my big brother!". . And they bowed and the demigods following what their parents did. Her cuts and scars disappeared. The background Hades fought atop his chariot, summoning wave, after wave of the undead out of crevices in the ground, but the Titan's forces kept on coming, I even saw Demeter fighting with a weedwacker, I would have laughed if not the fate of world lay in balance. "Everything is okay now, but I am not the person who fought Kronos in his true form, it is my soulmate". The final end". Grover yelled, which was easier for him since he was part of goat. He slashed his sword through the smoke, tearing the image to shreds.

Standing right in the middle of the Dining Hall was my dad. Kronos sneered. At the eclipse of the War, Naruto had risen as a being of pure power. I felt a godly energy blast me back as they all touched my head and doubled over in pain as my mortality burned away. I was half way to the Dining Hall (I forgot what it was suppose to be called in the book so it's going to be Dining Hall) I felt a little push on my left leg, I almost fell but caught myself. "You knew. Tear it down BRICK BY BRICK!". I closed my eyes so that I could focus more. You will be vaporized!". I felt something in me rapture and it gave off a tingling sensation before it went away, so I thought. She's not even a real daughter of Aphrodite" He smircked. ", Okay I was getting angry now but I just rolled my eyes trying to calm my self "Of course I'll teach you how to use a dagger" I finish what I said to Saphira. He played with my hair for awhile and he answered. "Hey dad" I smiled and gave him a hug but he kept one hand on Saphira to make sure she doesn't fall. She learn how to talk English and speak Greek perfect when she turned 2. I didn't want to find out what that mode was, so I jumped straight down over Kronos' head as the throne shot tendrils of electricity in all directions. Naruto + Percy Jackson and the Olympians Crossover. I dodged and slashed and rolled, but I felt as though I was fighting against multiple warriors at once, at the corner of my eye I saw Ethan attempting to sneak up behind me, but he was thwarted by Annabeth with her dagger, Grover meanwhile was playing a tune on his reed pipes. We were almost at the Dining Hall. Can we do it in the sea? I ask 'cause dad will never tell me who it is. He lunged, so quickly at me that even the gods could not respond fast enough, but I saw someone run toward me very fast that I almost didn't see him. Statues had been hacked down. He put her on his shoulder so she was holding on to his head while giggling. He swung his Trident, the river responded making a funnel cloud around the monster. "Keep moving" Grover tugged my shoulder. Only my hand. Try three times. "She took my Pegasus?" I open my right hand and think about ball of my mixed powers. But the life of a half-blood is never so easy.

Meanwhile, Manhattan was being destroyed; many buildings looked on the verge of collapsing through the strain of the battle. A column of storm was approaching the Hudson River, moving rapidly over the jersey shore. That was what make me awaken from the kiss and I wanted to yell at the unidentified-man in front of me, but my father beat me into it.

"I ask that gods interact with their children, once in a while.

I don't know why everyone likes Nathon. Kronos just flicked his hand again and she fell backwards, but she found the strength to get up. Once again this caused a gasp from the three Fates and they started talking quickly in a language I could not understand. One by one the gods came up to me and congratulated me. Which seat of power shall I destroy first?". Olympus was saved. We finally got to my table, the Aphrodite cabin had kick her out, okay Drew kick her out since Saphira not all over Nathon. . Tiny roots crept through the cracks on the floor. Saphira laughed while Chiron tried not to. "It seemed like the thing to do. Ichigo, my lover summon a ball of black, red, and blue powers over his right hand and it merged with my sword. The prophecy, she saw what would you do. I let Saphira go first then me. Or Where Persephone has to deal with a lot of crazy family.

He held up the white bear. can't do it yourself. I made a big wave crush on them. The gods never agreed on anything, and many of them still didn't like me. With a snapped of my finger, Anaklumos appear in my right hand, I gripped my sword. Zeus growled, but made the oath nonetheless. You ready for dinner?" "Only a matter of thanking our young demigod heroes, who defended Olympus so well, even if there are a few dents in my throne". . I then notice that everone was starring at us, I ignore them and went to get us some food. A bright light shone in the throne room and there before us stood Kronos, in his true immortal form. Dinner that night was a low key affair and even Ethan had a burial shroud made for him. Don't let...Don't let it happen again," his eyes pleading. "Good bye, Percy," Rachel said as she kissed my cheek. "You're the bravest satyr I ever knew. Go!". Most mortals would just have to wonder what it meant, but my mom would know, I had survived, Olympus was saved. It was a good trick; one I knew would not work again. Finally, after some more bickering they spoke at once more "Perseus Jackson please step forward if you are the chosen one." I nodded and her eyes welled up with tears. Grover yelped. Then I knelt at my father's feet. Chariots circled it, locked in combat with creature in the cloud. "Honour Guard! He just killed one hellhound, without training, before it got to the forest whiled I killed 6 hellhounds before they went to the big house and saved a 3 year old named Saphira a Aphrodite girl. "Y-yes" He stutter but then he covered it "Why do you care about her anyways. Finally, the right one spoke up saying "Do you think he can be the chosen one that mother talked about?" "To do business with the Olympians as well. His body shall burn as I assume my true form! One spark hit Kronos' face, arching down his body and up his sword. . I slashed and hacked at him, keeping him at defensive, my attacks were growing in strength and fury while he looked like he was tiring. "The Olympian Council, the so called proud and mighty. Be silent and agree to the terms! Like a miracle, a conch horn sounded from the smoky picture. ", "It's Hera," Annabeth said in outrage. "Lord Chaos, If may I have a business with you about my domain of the underworld?" "I survived all those battles," she growled, "and I get defeated by a stupid chunk of rock! I didn't know what he had done, but all the people in the throne room gasps and only Aphrodite was squealing loudly. "I'm mean come on I beat one hellhound with no training. ME?! Kronos bellowed in pain and tried to force me back, but I would not yield. You see I think Saphira as a daughter of my own. He pleaded me with a black ring and small green diamond on top of the ring.

He grabbed my shoulder that doesn't have a little head on it and flashed out. "Deal! Percy is forced to become a god. Are you sure you want this? You went up hours ago and we hear that you fought Kronos in his true form". "YO! The grounded started to shake wildly. Follow/Fav Becomes A God. She was holding a large misshapen cupcake with blue icing. I just laughed and picked her up. ", "We need a burial shroud," I announced, voice cracking. We, the demigods would like to know our parents". "I know, I had forgive you. "But he said no and used his gift for the good of half-bloods. Hermes has known the current whereabouts but doesn't tell the others. "No, this is my first time you know, I created them with my power, I didn't have sex with anybody, I swear" he said seriously. SLASH. I beat the Apollo cabin again in archey" She giggled.

I looked up in time to see a twenty ton scowling Hera topples over on us. He moistened his lips. . Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians universe. She finally fell asleep, her head on my shoulder. Prophecies never end well, you know", "Luke would fight me with swords," I said. They came to attention. "Annabeth" I screamed. Who can do that?

I even got a hug from my dad which made me happy. However, bored with peace, he travels to another world. was it my imagination, or was his whole body turning gold? "A-are you really sure? "You said 'no' to become one of us?!" "Do you understand me?". I wanted to-" addressed Lord Chaos, my soulmate?! He was still stronger than me, but with every clash of our blades I felt myself growing stronger, I felt the power of the oceans in my arms. He was mottled green, with blisters the size of buildings, and blackened patches from eons of being such in a volcano. And you could sleep at night" seduced Lord Chaos. Her eyes were tearing up, but he didn't know if it was from sadness or pain. I doubt he'd ever gotten such an enthusiastic welcome before. He reached for his sword, but this time it did not fly to him. Kronos did not notice this, he was to busy, throwing a premature victory party. "Could you undo the blessing?". My sword turned black, like really black from hilt until the tip of the sword. Best day of my life" I said low enough so nobody but Saphira, Chiron, and dad could hear. "I'm telling you," my mom yelled and the security gulped when he saw me and the aura of power I was emitting. My father looked at me strangely. What are doing here?" "Let's just say, she's the cutest thing on the planet" He smirck like he new something i didn't. Saphira always love Poseidon ever since they frist met which I was glad of. I wanted to shout at her, to tell her she was crazy for trying to reason with Kronos, but there was no time. I opened my eyes and saw a ball of energy with gold, green, black over my right hand. Just when I wanted to yell at my dad about the last sentence, Lord Chaos offered something that make me realize how worth I was to my dad "Ugh, Father, how about I repaired your kingdom, Atlantis, isn't it? It's amazing, there's a perfect view of the ocean, big tall rocks to jump in to the sea (which I did once I saw it), there is this hole in the rocks - that you have to look real close to see it - that leads to a lake and a water fall, and there this big area to put a really big beach house which I see dad standing by when I got there. Is my worth really lost to that of building made of brick?' I look down to see Saphira hugging my leg, I smiled at her and picked her up. The doors of the palace were big enough to steer a cruise ship through, but they were ripped off their hinges and smashed like they weighed nothing.


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