pennsylvania pattern broad axe
By 1920, the remaining Manns were no longer with the company that carried their family name. Axe makers of North America. Relatively few axes carry a date-imprint.

Others were more formal trusts or mergers of formerly independent competitors. Detailed account of the Harvey Mann family. Take the Broad Axe Tavern, for example. [46] Along with various ownership and management changes, MET continued to produce axes in Lewistown until 2003, when the company was sold to Truper, a Mexican concern. Lamond (at 20) states that Ricker did not make axe heads, but did supply iron bars to an axe works located in Beaver Falls, PA (possibly Hubbard). [47] Barco is now part of Phoenix Forge Group of companies. Virtually zero rust but moderate pitting throughout. Collins Co. The heavy head and flat back help create a smooth, clean surface. List of PA producers. The plant was dismantled around 1970. PLEASE SEE BELOW FOR IMPORTANT CONDITION NOTES. The Oldest Bar In Pennsylvania Has A Fascinating History. The Reedsville factory was finally closed in late 1903. [38] Further, members of the Mann family found that subordinate supervisory roles were not to their liking and either resigned or were discharged from AAT. Man’s second tool: Mann’s first tool. [5], Today, a few structures remain as reminders of past activities.

In 1923 Collins acquired James H. Mann Axe Co. of Yeagertown. Canfield, James (1976). 4 bids. Enter your email below to receive a coupons, special offers, exclusive discounts and more! Very thorough, especially presentations of brand etchings and labels. After her death in 1885, Jane Mann left 16 acres of axe-works land and her house to J. Fearon Mann, and 80 acres at Paradise to Thomas R. Mann. 1854-1879), Flemington, PA – Ricker and Sons Iron Works is listed in the Pennsylvania Iron Furnace Sourcebook, but some reports include “axe” also in the company name. Warren and Sager brand names may have continued to be used by Collins after 1958. In 1912, Standard was acquired by Warren, and the equipment was moved to St. Catherines, Ontario. It was closed in 1927 or possibly as late as 1940.

Thorough and well-documented. Measures 31-3/4" long, overall.

James Hayes (ca. A number of Mann axes are stamped with the date “1847’ or bear a label indicating “Est. Footings of an early dam are visible and Axe Factory Run dumps into the creek at the factory site. ), Yeagertown, PA – Collins was established in Connecticutin 1826 and later built what is regarded as the first genuine axe factory. Philadelphia: Everts.

Blade is 12-3/8" tall, point -to- point. The factory was purchased by Robert at the sheriff’s sale for $6,000, paid for partly by sale of 100 acres of factory-owned land. Being offered for sale is the antique BROAD AXE (Pennsylvania pattern) by Daniel Simmons & Co. of Cohoes, NY, from circa 1848-late 19th century (as per internet research), as seen in the pictures/as described in the title. William Jr. and Harvey Mann started production of axes in 1825 in Bellefonte. Web Site for coverage of other manufacturers. A thorough description of operations at Mill Hall, including estimate that main shop had a length of 155 feet and forging shop had 13 fires. After 1928, MET may have purchased all assets and continued to market White’s brands.

After dismissal from AAT, Joseph moved to Lewistown and set-up shop in an old mill on Water St., near where Kish Creek empties into the Juniata River. The Engineering and Mining Journal, v52, at 273, Sep 5, 1891. In 1835 he returned to Mifflin County and built a factory in the narrows of Kishacoquillas Creek (now Mann Narrows), at the base of Jacks Mountain between Reedsville and Yeagertown. The chromium content provides good hardness penetration & the molybdenum imparts uniformity of hardness and high strength. [23] This operation was terminated and Willis joined the Reedsville works as a factory superintendent. An industrial history of Centre County, 1793-1975. [6] Later, a finishing plant was added near Paradise (now Fisherman’s Paradise; lower left on map above). By the 1830’s the more symmetrical broad axes replaced the goosewing axes. 561,409, issued Jun 2, 1896). [24] In early 1849, Robert undertook a project to build an axe factory on Big Fishing Creek at a site owned by Saul McCormick. William Mann Jr.’s residence sits at the end of Rosemont Ave, above the former works site. [39] Production began in Feb 1893. Co., whose operations continued to expand. Description. Mann’s Station was located on the river-left bank of Kish Creek.

This plant eventually employed 700-800 men. [7], The brothers’ partnership did not survive and in 1834 William sold out to Harvey, who carried on as the Harvey Mann Axe Co. Another brother, Stephen, would join Harvey, but illness limited his involvement. [10] However, in 1890 a “monopoly-trust” movement swept the country and – as described below – consolidation included the axe industry. Wm. High carbon steel was used for the bit or cutting edge. Measures 31-3/4" long, overall. $26.00. Availability A brief history of Lamar, including Loveland Axe works. [37] Several accounts also indicate AAT was troubled by internal operation and management problems. Plant capacity was 1,000 axes per day, with a workforce of over 100 men. Throughout this lengthy period, the businesses endured despite personal illness, early deaths, family disputes, financial difficulties, and fire and flood disasters that often struck axe works. Mann.” The Eddie [sic] & Loveland Axe Factory near Clintonville (now Lamar) also is shown on this map. Nebo Pa Blacksmith RARE. Transformed by improvements in transportation, communication, and finance, numerous corporations discovered that once geographically-isolated markets were now subject to vigorous price competition. [58], American Axe and Tool Co. (1889-1921), Beaver Falls & Glassport, PA – AAT was formed in 1889 and constructed a large plant at Glassport, near Pittsburgh.

A brief history of Mill Hall, including Robert Mann Axe Works and the Axe Maker’s Band. By making the weight center closer to the hands, it became easier to use. Kagan, David (2009). Fagley, at 26, notes that AAT was declared an illegal trust in 1904, but does not provide a reference. Today, the Upper Plant site along Fishing Creek is a grassy field with a parking lot for fishermen.

Connor, Matt (2011). Norlund Co. Others were producers on a small scale as, for example, local blacksmiths.

Furey notes an iron works that was located on Walnut St. (now Walnut Dr. in Flemington), near Bald Eagle Canal.

Essington Jr. & Co. Mann, at 28. Canal History and Technology Proceedings, v16, 1-52 (National Canal Museum, Easton, PA). The president of AAT in 1912-1915 was James P. Kelly, a grandson of William C. Kelly, founder of Kelly Axe. Lewistown Sentinel, Jan 20-23, 1976. Except possibly for Kelly axes, production locations are unknown. After 175 years of entrepreneurial vigor, all Mann factories in central Pennsylvania disappeared from public view: Axemann (1828-1892); Reedsville (1835-1903); Yeagertown (1840-1927); Tyrone (1881-1890); Mill Hall (1849-1926); and Lewistown (1893-2003). Describes William Mann works.

In 1870, a large plant was built at Chester, with a workforce of 30-40 men and capacity of over 700 edge-tools per day, including axes and hatchets. Goosewing Broad Axes are named for their unique axehead; it resembles a goose in flight. [51] They came from Connecticut. This page was last edited on 6 September 2020, at 08:57. A financial panic and worldwide depression in 1893 also resulted in slack output and excess capacity in many industries. [55] Probably this was this location that was purchased by Robert Mann in 1879, but it seems likely that Ricker never produced axes. This arrangement is not mentioned in Robert Mann’s autobiography or in the last will and testament of Jane Mann. In 1923 Collins acquired James H. Mann Axe Co. of Yeagertown. Vtg. The Reedsville plant continued to operate and James was made treasurer, while Frank was appointed plant superintendent.

The goosewing axe was brought to Pennsylvania by German settlers and were the earliest hewing axes used in this country.

You won't be swinging it like a felling axe.

Handle is 28" long, from top of head.

Canal History and Technology Proceedings, v16, 1-52 (National Canal Museum, Easton, PA).

Officers of Mann Edge Tool Co. included Joseph as president and Robert Jr. as secretary. [53] Around 1832, he moved to a small farm near Unionville and leased a shop in Unionville (possibly on 1861 Walling Map as a “tin shop”).

White Axe was sold in 1913 to L.J. A “Red Mann” axe is on display at the Clinton County Historical Society. Two methods existed for attaching a bit to the iron scarf. A flood in June 1889 destroyed portions of both plants, existing inventory, coal and other supplies. Robert was often in poor health and next enlisted management help from nephew Robert C., son of Willis. The story of the Mann Family and their axe-making dynasty. Describes Plumb, Beatty, Hammond, and several other minor producers. Shortly thereafter, the family decided to sell-out to the Axe Trust. The Mill Hall plant was damaged by fire in Sep 1926, and not rebuilt by MET. blacksmith. It had a  canted socket so you no longer needed a bent or offset wood handle. Description of axe-making processes. Lamond, Thomas C. (2011). Above the creek sits the Mann Mansion, built in 1858. (1923-1927? Reflecting quality issues, some manufacturers’ advertising and labels indicated they were not part of the Trust (e.g., James Mann’s “Anti-Trust” label). Formed by consolidation of 14 companies in 1890, American Axe and Tool (AAT) controlled about half of axe production.

In the late 1800s, industrial combinations took several forms. Eventually, Alfred and William H. were given control of the Upper Plant. It is not known if he made axes in Unionville, but he did pass on these skills to his sons. See pics.

Standard Axe and Tool Works (1892-1912), Ridgway, PA – Standard completed construction of a new plant in 1892 to produce all types of axes, mining picks, etc. History of Huntingdon and Blair Counties, Pennsylvania.

1847.” Promotional literature and catalogs also indicate that Robert Mann considered this as the starting date for business. Goose–wing broad axes were made in both left– and right–handed models. Ellis, Franklin (1886). Mann, at 35.

A brief history of Mann Axe Co. Mentions other local axe-making operations in Lemont, Mackeyville, and Milesburg. [3], The main building was 350 feet long and 70 feet wide. Yerkes & Plumb (Y & P) and Plumb products were often marketed under “Anchor Brand,” with a distinctive “anchor” imprint. Three years later in 1828, they moved to Boiling Spring (now Axemann) and built a modern forge on land purchased from Judge Thomas Burnside. Photo of Queen Anne style house in Lock Haven constructed by Thomas Mann after sale to the Axe Trust. Antique WOOD CRATE "KIRKMAN'S BORAX SOAP" Large Wooden Box "SAVE THE COUPONS", Antique CRANBERRY SCOOP Blueberry Rake BERRY PICKING Primitive Wooden Harvester, Antique MONROE "LIFT-ARM" LIGHTER w/ Working BANNER "SHOCK PROOF" CLOCK Art Deco, Vintage "GRISWOLD CAST IRON GRIDDLE" No 745 Cast Iron 8"x18.5" Skillet HOT PLATE, Antique ALPHABET PUNCH SET Complete Roman Font ABC's in WOOD BOX "HOGGSON BRAND". Account of Robert Mann’s operations in Mill Hall, including labor strike of 1882. Production was consolidated at Beaver Falls and Glassport, near Pittsburgh.

In a series of misfortunate events, Joseph and A.C. were removed by actions of the MET board of directors. [47], White Axe Co. (1836-1928), Honesdale, PA – established in 1836 by Ezekiel White, an axe factory was built in 1846 by a son, Ephraim, in Seelyville, near Honesdale.


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