p365 trigger pull
Don’t. The idea of ammo that is identical between training and defensive ammo isn’t new, but I respect the fact that SIG has made a brand of ammo designed for training and defense for short-barreled guns.

Flight times (highly variable based on winds and departure/destination but figure 11+ hours as the minimum with multiple air-to-air refuelings. Makes a world of difference in the way the pistol feels in your hand. The action on the Cobras I’ve handled were pretty nicely smoothed for a factory gun. Wrong, it is not one of the safest pistols to carry. just remember to always depress the ejector when reinstalling the slide. This results in a smoother, more consistent trigger pull. Now, what I really want is that P365xl grip module available as a part! The gun is uncomfortably short in the grip with the default 10 round magazine. As accessories and upgrades go, this is one of the simplest. The polymer pistol pouches come in tons of different colors and are cut low enough to accommodate any of the P365 magazines. That’s understandable. Your 9mm silencer should play nice with most threaded barrels in this caliber and you could even find yourself strapping it to a 9mm AR pistol or full size 9mm handgun soon enough. Custom stippling is harder than it looks, too, and this P365 grip module is pre-cut to perfection. I would like to make a suggestion though (I’m not trying to bust your chops): It is mathematically incorrect format and also potentially confusing to write 1/2″ as .5″. As people here at TTAG can see, when I’m short of time, my comments can get far, far, faaaar too long. Why would you want heavier? Just remember to carry with an empty chamber.

If you’re that scared to carry with one in the pipe, you shouldn’t carry concealed. Sometimes the cheapest and simplest mods you make are the best. Scopes, optics and more are out there too. I am so sick of seeing their drone posts on the various forums. Any recommendations? I don’t own a pistol with a manual safety, so I’m not being defensive when I speak the only logic that counts: If you think wanting a little more safety in the world is an offense worthy of your scorn… you fucking suck. Thank you both for your obviously educated opinions on this subject.

No confirmed date yet.

It has a ported slide. But the gun with the custom slide is designed with a mini reflex sight in mind. Because Glocks are the best!! Heat 'em up with a blow dryer, press 'em on good, and go. I’m willing to bet several of our readers have their own P365s. Would you explain how that could be accomplished? The above is my favorite carry gear, but there is no reason to stop there. They sent me the Video link on how to install the spring kit. The equipment upgrades since the first models came off the production line made the aircraft even better. Haven’t handled one yet. Sig Sauer P320 / X5 / X5 Legion M17/M18 Dual Adjustable Flat Trigger. Then there are accessories, ammunition, conversion kits, grips etc. That is worrisome, to say the least.

They also have the magnetic auto on feature which I think blows everything else out of the water as far as drawing and firing under duress goes! No ILS (Instrument landing system--precision landing system aid so the aircraft could land safely in poor weather.

I would never carry a gun without something over the bang switch. Theory over practice is the name of the game for the lucky 10%, who generally have no idea what anyone outside their own demographic wants or needs. But you are right sir! They have green laser and options. Great to see that SIG came out with the P365 safety model. Must have shot himself in the nut with a gun that didn’t have one. Aside from the safety, the features of the gun are the same as the standard P365 (see our review here). The ability to change out grip modules, change colors, add lasers, swap sights, and go from 10+1 to as many as 15+1 makes this one of the most user-friendly carry guns out there.

Sights: SIG XRAY Night Sights The trigger is a nice upgrade. Might want to look him up – he wrote in very terse, simple sentences. The trigger on the P365 breaks at about 90-degrees far forward of the rear of the trigger guard. I have carried a Smith & Wesson .38 J-Frame for years and it has no manual safety. In a personal defense situation, too, nerves go through the roof and focus can be a real issue. The SIG P365 has been a home run for them in the carry gun market. For those looking for something different the TruGlo fiber optic front and rear are an excellent choice. Questioning a person’s abilities, skills, decisions etc because they want the option of blocking the gun from firing is presumptive at best. I believe the reason Sig does model numbers like they do (Foxtrot365) is that it makes it easier to find in a web search. Recommendation for a future review….The AR 500, https://www.bighornarmory.com/product/ar500-500-auto-max/. I am trying to order a thumb safety before I feel comfortable carrying with a round in the chamber. Shipping Info | 30 Day Return Policy | Warranties, Improve accuracy and overall Sig Sauer P365 Pistol Performance. “an argument is a collective series of statements to establish a definite proposition.”. linscheid’s tillamook trigger is a nice addition in stainless, there are aluminum ones as well but since my concern (possibly misplaced) was the hole for the transfer bar enlarging over time i went with steel. My first 365 didn’t have it, my carry now does. Overall Length: 5.8” If you’ve got a long-range shot to make, you can pull back the hammer for SA. SIG SAUER 147gr Elite Competition———————899fps, .75” Although, the thin grip of the P365 is likely thin enough for even the smallest of hands. They’re nicely rounded, super slim, and remarkably easy to shoot, but hold less rounds and the tiny safety can be troublesome to switch off. There are other high-quality flat-faced triggers for the P365 out there, but they are often double the price of the SIG OEM model. The lockup on the K6 isn’t as tight as a new Smith, and certainly not as tight as the Colt Cobra. The TruGlo Fiber Optic front and rear sights are made from CNC-machined steel, so they are well made and will last. The SIG P365 has a trigger pull that’s significantly lighter at about 7 lbs, which puts it in the same range as most regular 1911s and some AR rifles. I wanted to hear his side of the isle. Introducing the game-changing P365. The only malfunctions I ever had with my P225, P226, or P290 was from primers seated too deeply in a particular brand of factory ammo (I don’t buy that brand anymore). Thank you for a well written, well thought out article. Support said to go back to stock striker spring but keep the other two springs in. The 100-lumen beam is surprisingly bright, and it casts a wide spotlight style beam. It’s harder to shoot that first DA shot accurately, but the gun always goes bang if it’s loaded and you pull the trigger. The length of pull is such that shooters with smaller hands will have no problem working the trigger, and larger-handed folk will be able to use it comfortably. I understand some people want a manual safety and that is fine. What I don’t understand is, why the haters can’t grasp the fact that one can choose to simply not engage a safety, making it identical to the original model. And let’s face it, there’s no way you could achieve this look with a hot iron.

Though it pains me to express anything succinctly, may I say that your deliberate and considered postings are testimony to a mind well-ordered and generous in pursuit of the perhaps small but very welcome expressive excellence that is good writing. But, has yet to demonstration (and in my opinion) never will demonstrate the kind of success the A-10 delivered from day one. Both have a longer 4 inch barrel and are probably the guns you wanted. Check out our beginners guns video course. Bought one at Scheels last December, without the safety, love the thing. Screwing around repeatedly pulling the trigger will often get on killed in a gun fight.

I own and carry two 365’s ( two hands two guns) and i love them both. http://gunbelts.com/blog/how-does-glock-safety-work/. Price $89.75. I saw some other options at the gun counter that have me going ‘hmmmm’ but the 365 is in the running for a summer CCW piece, but I’m going to guess that I’ll need to do some work on it to make it function the way I want. Call it the John Wick effect, but we’re all that little more accepting of compensators on small guns thanks to the super assassin. They do it without a space and it drives me nuts. We will donate a portion of your purchase to the Military Foundations we humbly support.


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