oulos shoes company
This is not some company nestled in the Pacific Northwest of the United States as the pictures on the website might suggest, it's just another scam. I recently had an issue with my Men’s Ooriginal Black’s.I sent my concern by email and that was responded to immediately. I put them on and the lace holes ripped. I’m like in shock because they would not give me credit or exchange them . Size 10.5, Color Khaki, 9.99 shipping with tracking number through fedex. Shoes; Accessories; Gift Cards; Affiliate Program; Please Support APK; Sign in; Create an Account; Menu.

I emailed customer support and no response. I actually received them... after more than a month. This is the 4th pair I've purchased. Their return policy is useless, it takes 6 months to get the shoes and the refund is store credit for more useless shoes. So, I got the clogs and they're a 7.5 or 8. I inquired numerous times and each time they use Covid as an excuse as to why the shoes are delayed. Yes, they appear to be legitimate as far as it goes.

Briana reached out to me. A month and counting and no shoes. They are exactly as expected and very comfortable. I believe covid hitting them probably had something to do with the shipping delay. Buyer beware! I was so excited about getting a pair too. So I wait another 3 weeks and message back in saying it's been 7 weeks and still nothing. No response yet and seriously not expecting one. The tracking number they provide doesn't update. These have l changed my entire life and that’s not exaggeration. Same situation as others posting here. Enter. Shop By. As an athlete recovery is very important to me. Hi there - We're so very sorry we did not provide you with a 5-star level experience. This shop will be powered by Shopify. Shopping experience was straightforward. Very disappointing in this day and age with all the technology that this cannot be processed quicker !! AVOID.

Good question. I attempted to return them for an exchange and it says " non returnable".So I called and left a message on their recording that said they would get back in couple of days.It's been 2 weeks.I'm going to gave to contact the better business bureau.These shoes were almost $70.00.I will go to Channel 2 if gave to.It's not right.If I would have ordered thru Amazon or Zappos I would have had a new pair of shoes or a refund by now.Lousy service! They arrived swiftly but unfortunately they felt a little small. As of August, no shoes. Very disappointed and they cost $80.Funny, this pair I bought directly from OOFOS website. Made with poor material - I paid $60 for a glorified bedroom slippers. I now have 6 pair! I ordered a pair of shoes a month ago but they are still saying that it's not shipped yet. Unfortunately. Be the first to know when we launch. I thought it was taking a while, and then it started feeling suspicious when the tracking number hadn't updated. Not once, but 5 different times to make sure I communicated with her to understand what she can do to ensure a Happy customer. At the price, I cannot afford to replace them often enough for them to be safe. Made with poor material - I paid $60 for a glorified bedroom slippers. I have notified the company since I got the first pair, and tried them again. I brought my first pair of OOfos after being recommended by a friend, I tried on hers and they were a 7 and they were a little big so I ordered a 6, which is my usual size. After 3 days I received a reply asking if they were tight when I put them on - I replied immediately stating they were not but have had no further correspondence. I've set them outside for a week now, on our shaded picnic table and they are still off-gassing.If it doesn't subside, I'll have to toss them as I am really sensitive to chemical odors. Filters. The points that I raised were listened to and evaluated in the best sense of great customer service. I've just protested the charge with my credit card company. I just can’t live without them!!! I literally can not say enough amazing things about these sandals! !PS I have flat feet, I’m on my 5th pair of these sandals. It is a scam. however, i can't find an address for them, much less return policy or instructions. Do not place orders or you will wait indefinitely for an update and the order will never arrive. Wore them 1 time. I have purchased 3 pairs in 2019 and found them very comfortable. The "tracking number" led nowhere for the first 3 weeks, now it just says that USPS is waiting for the item. The arch support, shock absorbency, comfort, design, and durability make these a no brainer for me. I ended I'm up filing a dispute with my credit card & I got my money back! They sent an email confirming my order and stating that the item was on its way. I am an older retired lady who is definitely not hard of my foot ware. I have purchased several pairs and found them very comfortable. I have 3 pairs of the Luxe sandals and LOVE them. We’re in this together! They seem like really great shoes, but be very careful with the sizes. asked by David K. on 6/9/20 3 Answers E S. on 6/25/20 They are legit but if you want your shoes before Christmas ( writting this in almost July) I would avoid, not worth the money anyway. Ordered my shoes in April 2020 and like many others who have complained, here I am sitting at the end of August with no shoes. I contacted customer service thinking maybe I should have purchased a bigger size - I asked if I could have an exchange considering I had worn them. OOFOS says they can't be returned or even exchanged for store/site credit. To those who also feel that they have been financially injured due to wrongful actions of a corporation/business: These shoes took about 6 months to get to me and are the cheapest things I have ever seen.

They sure are not in business of having repeat happy customers. So even if I wanted to wear them, I cannot. I guess not..I’ll order from Vionic again. I have had 2 pairs split, both pairs on the inside of my foot.

Opening Soon. Whether you are attending prom for the first... We’re in this together! Oulos shoe scam??

I took them to sun and sandal the place I bought with receipt and tags . Therefore I too hope that my shoes will arrive.


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