otter medicine card

It’s time for personal liberation. Thanks so much for this website! Accept where you can bring positive transformation, and where your limits lie. It lives on land, but always has its home near water. Honour it! The Otter is a wonderful creature. If you have drawn this symbol, Otter may be telling you to become the playful child and to simply allow things to unfold in your life. She is 25% Kiowa and Choctaw. Magazine: Medicine Cards: Otter 1 8 - Otter: Woman Medicine The medicine ... Are you sure you want to delete your template. Does that mean anything to you guys?

This joyful little creature is adventuresome and assumes that all other creatures are friendly - until proven otherwise. If you are an Otter Person, the family is essential to you. But then an amazing miracle happened! Life does feel like it’s pulling me down to the point of drowning. This is otter medicine too. Learn more about Otter Spirit by reading Dreaming of Sea Otters: Symbolism on! Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. As a Helpmate, it is nurturing and attentive. How to create your own smudges for shamanic work

Northern Tribes consider Otter good fortune and a symbol of devotion in one’s family. It has long been associated with Women’s medicine. Delve deeply into Otter symbolism and meaning to discover how your Animal Spirit Guide can support, assist, and inspire you.

To find out more, or book a session check out her personal site. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. They could never be mean, or self-centered, or self-driven. If Otter comes to you in a dream, it’s time to assess whether something in life is pulling you down to the point of drowning. There is a way to meet change without letting it overwhelm. Otter may be the bearer of a message from other realms, often playful. It is the joy of loving other people's children and their accomplishments as much as you love your own. I hope you are able, at some juncture, to *find* your purpose, or perhaps, find a path which inspires you, calls you and excites you.

Happiness comes when you swim alongside someone in life’s waters. It would mean keeping a Hawk-eye on your ego and maintaining total trust. Otter is also a signal that you need to take more time for yourself to just play and be silly. Otter lives a well-rounded life by honoring the fact that everyone and everything has the right to exist just as they are. The creature can even show up in dreams! I will bring my concerns to the forum on Facebook as well to find out how to answer these questions. It is the freedom of love without jealousy. Join our site for free newsletters, content and drumming tracks. It would mean a world full of people coming together to honor the right of each person to be. Medicine Cards: Otter 1. Kriket lives and hosts numerous events in Edmonton, Canada. Otter is always on the move and is very curious. Lighten up! Will now read up on the Wolf. Life can get tough, but you don’t have to harden because of difficult experiences. Otter’s waters quench your thirst and offer access to the collective unconscious for getting fresh insights. At home in both of these elements, Otter is the personification of femininity: long, sleek, and graceful. The Otter's hide is very often used to make medicine bags for powerful women because it represents balanced female energy. Have you given yourself a gift lately? I didn’t know the symbolism of the Otter until now. This applies to both men and women, as all of us have female sides. Otter embodies both Water and Earth Energies. It may be time to stop your addiction to worrying. Everything interests you, sometimes to distraction, but you’ll have fun with it. Woman energy without games or control is a beautiful experience.

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This is Otter Medicine, too. Otter teaches you how to tap into the subconscious for deep insight while encouraging you to maintain a sense of humor! Currently you have JavaScript disabled. The medicine held by Otter is a set of lessons in female energy. Otter’s symbolism and meaning reflects the ability to play, and to find renewed joy in your life for balancing out the more stressful or demanding times in life. Unlike other animals, otter will not start a fight unless it is attacked first. But thats not it i put my cupped hand on the glass then she slowly got up and put her paw where my hand was on the glass!does that mean something!? A black otter crossed my path on the way to work this morning on the road. It may be time to stop your addiction to worrying. This joyful little creature is adventuresome and assumes that all other creatures are friendly – until proven otherwise. and deepen your work with spirit by enhancing the tools you work with. We lose sight, sometimes, of our own spirit’s need to be lighthearted and to laugh and be childlike. It would mean a world full of people coming together to honour the right of each person to be. It is the joy of loving other people’s children and their accomplishments as much as you love your own. Folks born with an Otter Totem want very much to make other people smile. Invoke Otter Energy when you want information or knowledge very soon. I squat down and sat next to the enclosure and the glass wall separated us both.

Otter also teaches the importance of not hanging onto material things that would bind you or become a burden. This applies to. Once you gather your Oyster treasures, internalize them, then seek another with Otter as a Guide. These character traits are the beauty of a balanced female side, the side of ourselves that creates space for others to enter our lives without preconceptions or suspicions. Helpful Otter protects individuals in their journey toward finding their unique mystical qualities. You don’t have an egotistic bone in your body. It may be time to examine your feelings about sharing the bounty of your life with others. Within … Read more... Join our monthly newsletter for teachings from the medicine wheel, monthly recaps and exclusive offers! I am white, primarily with long roots in America going to England, Scotland, a some Native tribe. It is the freeness of love without jealousy. Otter may tell you to find your voice and communicate with careful wording to get your point across. Are you dwelling too much in the past and find yourself unable to resolve emotional conflict?

Two tribes having Otter clans include Muskogee and Chippewa. The connection they have with living water gives Otter an awareness of the subconscious, emotions, and psychic vibrations. If you were born between January 20 and February 8, you have the Native American Star Sign of Otter. I recently had a dream in which I saw her power animal as the Wolf and I turned into the Otter.

It seems to answer my angst, however am still bothered by the question of purpose to my core, every time the subject arises. As with Native Americans, the Celts saw the humor in Otter along with a healthy dose of magic. Tagged With: Earth, Female Energy, Medicine Bag, otter, play, sisterhood, Water, I really enjoyed the “Shamanic calling” podcast. It may be time to examine your feelings about sharing the bounty of your life with others. Envy or fear of being replaced has no space in Otter’s balanced understanding of sharing goodness. Desperation and clinging to someone out of fear of losing them results in smothering or an emotional drowning of a relationship, which might have had great potential otherwise.


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