notion templates for writers
I want you to know the full functionalities and limitations of using Notion for writing. Anyone on any team can contribute to the process directly. I have a small personal library of just under 200 books, and I use this page and the databases inside of it to keep track of what I have, what I want, and what I’ve read. Full Story: I don't know if it's just me or is there's somebody else struggles with creating and editing business model & lean canvas! You can keep the information you need for every goal inside each page. The resources that I used are linked so that you can try this out yourself too! Keep track of your expenses and how they compare to a monthly cap. The first thing I thought about was Notion, so I searched their templates and some other communities that share pages and templates but I found none. Besides that, I swapped the Supplier and Warning columns so that's the only thing that doesn't match the screenshot above! It can help you manage your budget, job applications, networking contacts, habits, goals, and what to pack for college.

However, there is a solution. I use these all the time because they’re a great way to add reference information to a document without needing to see it all the time. This is a complete revelation for those who are accustomed to traditional text editors, which either make a complete mess of your text, or leave bits behind when you try to move them.

Alternatively, just throw in some markdown text.

You can also turn your calendar into a different type of database view. Toggle blocks are your secret weapon for keeping useful information right where you’re working, without switching between pages. Alternatively, you can embed World Anvil right into Notion.

Basically, you can build yourself a page that you check into first thing to launch off from and quickly get to either writing, taking notes or ideation — but you’re free to add as much information as you like here! There are two ways you can migrate that into Notion. You’ll get a new, empty toggle that you can drag any amount of blocks into for collapsing. Use this template as the basis for what a post might look like.

Once you’ve got them all highlighted you can take all of the selected blocks with you by grabbing the dotted menu at the top, then moving it around, or just using cut and paste like normal. See when each meeting took place and who was there.

When I add a new task, and type a client’s name in, the field on the task itself looks up what clients I have in the CRM and auto-completes them so I don’t have to write them repeatedly. 20+ active subscriptions have made it really difficult to stay on top of my finances, so I created a little Subscription Tracker with monthly/yearly cost overviews and renewal alerts. This library is ever-growing (and I apparently have trouble actually reading through it — please don’t judge my read count haha), but I like to keep it well organized. The five minute journal has helped me a lot in past years, it makes me much happier and every day is meaningful.

Fruition: Free, Open Source Toolkit for Building Websites with Notion, Features: custom domains, pretty URLs, dark mode, custom font, custom Javascript, Use cases: perfect for your portfolio, blog, job posting, landing page, or business site, Benefits: completely free, no coding required, no lock-in, [open source](, Downsides: self-managed solution, needs ~10 minutes to setup. However, you can export files into PDF, HTML, and Markdown formats easily. I used to journal in Evernote and Day One, eventually I switched to Notion for all of my note taking. are. To get started, grab any block that you’ve created, then move it to the right until you see a little blue bar appear.

You can specialize it further as you dive more into your book and figure out exactly where it's going. You can also embed Google Drive folders right into your Notion pages. Why Being a Writer is the Coolest Job in the World, Soul Stirring Love, Rockin’ Relationships, and a Life Most Fulfilled, How to Connect With People Through Your Writing, 5 Skills You Have in Common With Every Rock Star in Your Industry, How to Pitch Your Stories to Major Newspapers & Magazines. Toggle blocks basically give you instant clarity, and I’m a big advocate for using them liberally. When writing a piece like this one, I always start with a simple blank page to focus on the task at hand. (See examples in the images).Â, Note-taking template with embedded formats and tools. But still no word. I’ve found that writing inside Notion is quite pleasing due to the clean interface. The most important part is that you evaluate your level of comfort with the content after each rep. You do not have to always do 4 reps! Notion is an amazing all-in-one app that lets you organize your time better and never miss a deadline again. When adding links to your writing, just remember that CMD + K is your friend — this shortcut instantly drops an inline link onto the text you’ve highlighted without a need to use your mouse or deal with clicking through a dialog box or typing the right markdown. I like to make my affirmations pretty by embedding images of lists and quotes. I’m actually studying to become a librarian, so I see this as a good practice! I make a living from crafting sentences, from both writing posts like this one, to UX copywriting, so I’m writing constantly but actually organizing my digital brain has been impossible until recently because it was slathered across four different tools, each with their own prescribed workflow. This template helps me make big decisions in my life, serving as a forcing function to weigh the pros and cons, conduct an emotional audit about my choices, and answer key questions. We’ll do just about anything to avoid sitting down to write. How can I recreate that dashboard I saw someone using?

Keep reading for more details on each. Most teams resort to dropping links to interesting articles, podcasts or videos in Slack, but they are immediately buried by other messages and very few people actually click. Each one is also its own Notion page, where you can stash all related notes, research, multimedia, and do all your writing in one place. Since Notion allows for different view options and more customization. This post was sponsored by Notion, which generously paid for my time to document my pre-existing workflow — I was already a happy customer when they approached me and am excited to share how I use it with you! The score function helps me provide a super-quick indication of my feelings towards the content so I can determine how high of a priority it is to review it or if I would want to share it with others. Just add the block to the top-level page, then choose the database you want to show, then create a view to hide (or show) as much information as you’d like. Use this template to list open roles at your company. The Life Success Planner lets you organise your life areas, personal goals, projects, tasks and notes in one place. A simple ready-to-use quarter template with everything you need! It comes with canvas for Vision, Goals, Projects, annual chores, and photo of the year.

As you can imagine, my inventory is really simple and this IMS would be way too simple for even medium-sized businesses. If you’re participating in NaNoWriMo, you’ve got to produce around 1,670 words a day.

When you open the year page you're gonna see the vision you had set for that year, the projects, goals... And inside you have a page for each month of the year. The formula works by calculating if the last date you contacted the person was more than X days ago if so (📞) , if not (👍). Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Switching to Notion changed everything for me. That option also lets you display the author and date of publication, too! Pipeline status selections a user can drag and drop cards into from left to right, Archive (transfers to another database view called “Archive”), Published (transfers to another database view called “Published”), 2020 Ⓒ Red GregoryWe are not affiliated with Notion- An appreciation blog exclusively -, Notion Template Inspo: Daily Questions Layout And Prompts, Template: Track Habit Progress With Notion Boardview, 3 Notion Templates For Writers: Outline And Organize Drafts, Notion Build With Me: Tasks Dashboard (Gamification), Notion Use-Case: How To Use Back Links Inside An Inline Template. Maybe you want to add some fitness goals, a CRM (you know, for keeping track of birthdays and people's favorite ice cream flavors), or a daily to-do list.


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