nipsey hussle house
As we first reported … Nipsey’s fam grew frustrated with the Crips org this summer, fearing something shady was going on with the trademarks … and Crips LLC claimed it would abandon its applications.

In the video, Emani was forced to stand outside in the blazing sun and sweltering heat by her mother Tanisha, 'Chyna Hussle' Foster.

Yeah! It done been two weeks and we ain’t seen no get back Type of shit is that, yo Crippin is wack You ain’t poppin you ain’t turnt up, nigga, you off that I promise, I’ll be out lurking with the pump Gooned up, black hoody on, chopper in the trunk Ready to hop out, and do my muh’fuckin stuff SIX-OH, NIGGA, dats wassup, HUH! Look, I’m comin straight off of Slauson A crazy motherfucker named Nipsey I’m turnt up cause I grew up in the 60s Caution to you rap niggas try and diss me I go hard that’s why yo’ bitch wanna flip me Big guns nigga, turn rivals into rosaries Extended clips I give a fuck who you ‘posed to be Straight off the block I sold dope to buy groceries Now it’s rap money no advance it’s all royalties You broke nigga you could follow me It’s fuck bitches get money keep some hollow heads logically And I’m from where homicide boost the economy Pay taxes to these corners and put in work it’s a policy (*Hustle) It’s white chalk on the corners It’s yellow tape on the gate, choppers up above That’s Cuz and Tiny Loc’s runs the streets where I’m from, This is just a small introduction to this Nipsey Hussle music Guns money and bitches that’s the way that we do it First get ‘yo grind on, then get yo’ shine on We come through daytime with the lights on Now hit the fast lane, and let yo’ chain swang You gettin dollars like a doctor but you gangbang Yeah! Hussle in the House Nipsey Hussle. Now hit the fast lane, and let yo' chain swang

Now it's rap money no advance it's all royalties And on his one year anniversary, a very disturbing video of the legendary rapper's 11-year-old daughter, Emani Asghedom, leaked online. You gettin dollars like a doctor but you gangbang hurst, tip dabs, squabble if you get mad It’s pretty shocking … the estate claims the Crips organization filed a trademark application less than 2 months after Nipsey was murdered outside his Marathon Clothing Store.

Let us know what you think of the website. Make sure your selection Tambourine Man’; June 21, 1965, Lyricapsule: Nirvana Drop ‘Bleach’; June 15, 1989, Lyricapsule: Derek and the Dominos’ First Gig; June 14, 1970. First get 'yo grind on, then get yo' shine on

JAY – A Jay family has found themselves stranded due to the recent COVID-19 lock down in France. The outlet reports that London bought the 2,628-square-foot home built in 1949 off market.


Shoot first, ask last, move work, fast cash Slauson - nigga, you ain't heard shit yet And I'm from where homicide boost the economy Hussle was gunned down outside his Marathon Clothing store in South LA on March 31 last year.

Fuck Rest in Peace shirts, nigga where ya guns at? Yesterday was the first anniversary of the murder of LA rapper Nipsey Hussle. Emani also claims that she was not allowed inside her home, or in her grandfather's home. Look I'm comin straight out of Slauson, a crazy motherfucker name Nipsey! Now hit the fast lane, and let yo' chain swang That’s the chant that rang out at a Donald Trump …, Tom Brady slammed his helmet repeatedly against the bench Monday night after being sacked by Giants defensive end …, President Trump will be the beneficiary of a “red wave” that hands the incumbent his adopted home state …, Lackluster for much of the game, Tom Brady did what he does best in the second half Monday ….

- Henny, I'll posses you with the Mac It's Hussle in the house To you rap niggas try and diss me!

By the time the polls close, a presidential election cycle that began more than three years ago — in …, A federal judge on Monday rejected another last-ditch Republican effort to invalidate nearly 127,000 votes in Houston because …, As Maine voters head to the polls Tuesday, they’ll decide whether the U.S. Senate will keep one of …, President Trump remarked during his final campaign rally on Monday night that he will “so easily” win the …, As Republicans seek to keep their majority in the Senate, one of the most closely watched races will …, Ryan Garcia says he isn’t fazed by that explosive Gervonta Davis knockout — telling TMZ Sports he’s lickin’ …, East Coast environmentalist and political activist Ralph Nader became a household name in 2000 after he accepted the …, Farrah Abraham has been flaky at times, but she apparently took her criminal case seriously because she’s completed …, Richard Heckmann — co-owner of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns and WNBA’s Phoenix Mercury — has died, the team …, Jeffrey Epstein’s old home is getting an extreme makeover … the infamous compound where he sexually assaulted many …, UPDATE


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