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I honestly just want to make the films I want to see as a fan. That's the stuff I love. I think there's a lot of crazy stuff on the Internet.

I don't think humans are able to deal with what we have. He is known for his collaborations with South African actor Sharlto Copley. I want to make a film that is commercially successful because that means that the larger cinema-going audience around the world like the movie, which is my goal. I think that, if there are topics that are just on people's minds, things manifest into reality out of the sort of global consciousness of being aware of those topics. When something pre-exists, there's this idea of my own interpretation versus 150 other people involved with the film's interpretation of the same intellectual property. Username Password. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Register.

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But I don't want to, not at all. They want to be a star themselves. I reckon Archon will be something really special. 0 . You read stuff that is wild speculation, and there's an element of it that makes me not trust it because there's this undercurrent of insanity to it sometimes. I don't put any pressure on myself in terms of what people or fans do or don't want. They have one child. Neill Blomkamp was born on September 17, 1979 in Johannesburg, South Africa. And the people that have mastered life seem to not care, and then they die, and then the grenade goes off. In 2004, he illustrated "The Future of the Automobile". Log In I think that people who make films and think they're changing the world are sorely mistaken. hot new top rising. When any young director gets hired by a studio to do a $125 million film based on a preexisting piece of intellectual property, they're climbing into the meat grinder.

I just watch movies I like over and over. I like action and vehicle design and guns and computer graphics as much as I like allegory. [13] In a February 2015 interview with Collider, he stated that he planned the Alien sequel with Sigourney Weaver in the lead role as Ellen Ripley. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. r/Blomkamp: A hub for discussion on the works of Neil Blomkamp and Oats Studios. The reason I want make films is because they convey ideas. The film, directed by Blomkamp, starring Copley, and co-written with Blomkamp's wife and production partner Terri Tatchell, was released in mid-August 2009 by TriStar Pictures to widespread critical acclaim. I think giving Ripley a proper ending is in the best interest for Disney and is certainly an easier marketing task for Fox than the Ridley Scott movies have been because you’ll have the iconic matriarch of Ripley front-and-center with the real versions of the xenomorphs back instead of the proto versions. The four shorts that got him noticed included: Tetra Vaal, a faux advertisement for a third-world police robot that established Blomkamp's signature style of mixing lo-fi production with seamless CGI; Alive in Joburg, a gritty mockumentary about extraterrestrials marooned in Johannesburg; Tempbot, an Office Space-esque spoof; and Yellow, a short film based on the colour yellow for Adidas' "Adicolor" campaign by digital studio IDEALOGUE, which portrays a globe-trotting android gone rogue.

[21] As of June 2020, there's no update on whether the planned and cancelled film is being revived. My favourite stuff is visual, and I always want to work with visual artwork.

Spouse (1) Terri Tatchell (? Lawns are very important. So the idea of any kind of fandom or people that are waiting for something that I may release is very distant in my mind. I actually think Johannesburg represents the future. Publicity Listings We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival, Satellite Award for Best Adapted Screenplay, Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, "Neill Blomkamp's 'District 9' wins over fanboys and Peter Jackson", "Best Films Never Made: Neill Blomkamp's Halo", "Jackson's new sci-fi film a return to his origins", "Video: Neill Blomkamp Takes a Stab at Something Creepy (and Cryptic)", "Elysium's Neill Blomkamp Would Still Love to Make a Halo Movie", "Neill Blomkamp on his next sci-fi film, Chappie", "Sony, MRC Reunite With Neill Blomkamp on 'Chappie, "Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien' Still "May Happen"! Everything to me feels used up. His animation credits include Stargate SG-1 (1998), First Wave (1998), Mercy Point (1998) and Aftershock: Earthquake in New York (1999). Log in sign up. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. [5] District 9 was later nominated for the 2010 Academy Award for Best Picture, along with nominations for Best Visual Effects, Editing, and Adapted Screenplay. I don't want people who take the focus away from the movie and the ideas behind the movie. In November 2015, it was announced that Blomkamp would be working on adapting the forthcoming Tom Sweterlitsch novel The Gone World, described as a "sci-fi time travel" concept. [16] The project was shelved in October 2015, pending the outcome of Ridley Scott's second prequel installment, Alien: Covenant. new.

If you just compare South Africans to the rest of the world, I think that white South Africans, and especially English-speaking white South Africans, are exactly the same as Brits or Australians or New Zealanders or Canadians or Americans. hot. There's no question that how Johannesburg operates is what made me interested in the idea of wealth discrepancy. The New ‘Mortal Kombat’ Movie Has Begun Production, Taika Waititi’s ‘Akira’ Movie Officially Casting A Young Asian Cast To Play Kaneda’s Gang and The Espers – Character Breakdowns Leak, Channing Tatum Spotted On The Set of Ryan Reynolds’ Action Flick ‘Free Guy’ As He Takes An Undisclosed Role.

My favorites are probably - besides the first two. That's probably what led to their fame. The only genre of movie that I could see making that doesn't have anything magical or otherworldly about it would be a war film. 108k Followers, 311 Following, 248 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Neill Blomkamp (@neillblomkamp) The technology just wasn't there up until pretty recently, and it takes a bit of time for the normal artistic way of approaching something to become a mainstream thing. I still think the satirical idea of a ring filled with rich people hovering above the impoverished Earth is an awesome idea. Very big, ostentatious houses with palm trees and lawns. This isn't the Hollywood I wanted to be part of. A lot of parts of L.A. are interchangeable with suburbs in Joburg. But Jo-Burg feels unbelievably inspirational to me. [14] On 18 February 2015, Blomkamp himself confirmed that the Alien film will be his next project.

And I used to actually work as a visual-effects artist.

I think that in the realm of commercial, popcorn cinema, the amount of message or smuggling of ideas you can get in there is quite limited. That would be the closest I could come to actually try and make a difference. hot. #alien", "Neill Blomkamp Looking to Make More Than One Alien", "Director Neill Blomkamp Reveals Alien 5 on Hold", "There's a "Slim Chance" We'll See Neill Blomkamp's 'Alien 5, "Alien 5 is doomed as the crew of the Nostromo", "Fox Reportedly "Reassessing" Future of the 'Alien' Franchise in Wake of 'Alien: Covenant, "The Future of Alien and/versus Predator - ComicBookRumors", "Neill Blomkamp already has his next project lined up", "District 9 director Neill Blomkamp on why he's starting his own movie studio", "Neill Blomkamp To Direct New 'RoboCop' For MGM; Justin Rhodes Rewriting Sequel Script By Creators Ed Neumeier & Michael Miner", "RoboCop is coming back (again), this time from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp", "Why 'Robocop' and Neill Blomkamp Need Each Other", "It Gives Me Great Pleasure to Introduce You to the Future of RoboCop Movies", "RoboCop Returns Just Lost Its Director, So What Happens Now", "District 9 Oscar nominations: statements from Neill Blomkamp and Terri Tatchell", "Horror at the Oscars Part 1: The Quickening", "Day Survive Video Hits Muchmusic Airwaves",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Film director, producer, screenwriter, animator, 2004, First Boards Awards - "One of the top five directors to watch", 2008, Cannes Lions 2008 - Film Lions- Grand Prix -, This page was last edited on 22 October 2020, at 17:40.


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