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Cash Prize: Love Island 2015 was the first ever series of the show, and ignited our love for those islanders and their antics. Naomi Ball is a 23-years old Operations Manager from East London, who took part in the first season of Love Island. On Day 2, Rachel and Omar hosted "Getting Intimate", where members of each couple stood at opposite ends of the pool and were asked questions about their partner. The first series of Love Island began on 7 June 2015 with a live special of the show hosted by Caroline Flack on ITV2, and ended on 15 July 2015. Home-Town: July 2, 1991

Luis and Omar have to fight the Italian twins, John and Tony, on who can give Rachel and Zoe the best dinner date.

Next Die hard Love Island fans will know that there were rumours of a possible comeback during the Love Island’s 2016 series, but Naomi never made it back into the villa. We meet 10 new islanders who all have to couple up for the first time.

If you missed her explosive season, you can catch-up on ITV Hub right now.

Well, it appears that she has completely VANISHED from the spotlight. The islanders all took part in a general knowledge quiz, where getting an incorrect answer, meant getting a pie in the face.

Beth and Max are new to the villa and Beth already kicks things off by picking a fight with some of the girls.

Naomi entered the villa on Day 7 and was dumped from the island on Day 28. Day 26: Lauren & Josh, Jess & Travis(Double-Date). On Day 8, the Islanders were told that they were all single, but new girls Daisy and Naomi would get the chance to couple up with a boy of their choice. of Islanders:

Day 15:The islanders were all once again told they were single, unless they announced themselves Boyfriend & Girlfriend-Hanna & Jon, Naomi & Josh(Announced they were Official). Version

Love Island involves a group of contestants, referred to as Islanders, living in isolation from the outside world in a villa in Mallorca, constantly under video surveillance. The villa itself featured a bedroom with 5 double-beds that featured a light-blue, green and orange aesthetic, as well as a lounge with a blue sofa and cushions making use of the same aesthetic. ... NAOMI BALL. Die hard Love Island fans will know that there were rumours of a possible comeback during the Love Island’s 2016 series, but Naomi never made it back into the villa. You may remember that they had an awkward habit of going after the same boys.

Back in the villa, Poppy and Ben are on their secret mission to get picked bt Josh and Lauren during the recoupling, but things aren't going very smoothly for them. Jess gets upset because she thinks it might be like the scenario with Josh all over again.

Instagram @naomi_ball. Love Island has got a brand new beauty.. Naomi Ball is a 23-year-old operations manager who lives in East London and is really just looking for love. Each of the islanders were tasked with working out what they had said about each other. Daisy chose Jordan, and Naomi chose Josh. United Kingdom


It ran for 41 days with the finale airing on July 15, 2015.

If an islander was to end up without someone at the end of these sessions they'd be dumped from the island. 19. No. “You could be a 2 out of 10,” she says. Rachel and Omar hosted "Getting Intimate", where members of each couple stood at opposite ends of the pool and were asked questions about their partner. 08/23 Hannah and Jon, Omar and Rachel, and Jess and Josh remained with each other, whilst Jordan chose Zoe, Luis chose Danielle, and Chris W chose Lauren. The public get to vote for their favorite islander and the boy and girl with the least votes will have to leave the island. ITV2 Josh and Jess have a conversation in the kitchen and Josh tells everyone a different story than what actually happened, so they will all get angry with her.

Day 33: Fourth Re-Coupling(Boys Choice)-Jon & Hannah(Stayed together). ITV2 Jon was paired with Hannah, Chris was paired with Danielle, Omar and Rachel paired up, Josh and Lauren coupled up, whilst Jess paired herself with Jordan and Luis got with Zoe. Gender The winners were 26-year old Jessica Hayes and Max Morley.

Day 11:Second Re-coupling (Boys Choice)- Jon & Hannah(Stayed Together). Season 1 Ben Porter • Chris Baxter • Chris Williamson • John Alberti • Jon Clark • Jordan Ring • Josh Ritchie • Luis Morrison • Max Morley • Omar Sultani • Tony Alberti • Travis Almond. By Emily Sheridan for MailOnline.


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