nai caste surnames in punjab

All that changed when Pakistan was formed and even more so under Zia ul haq. @Shoaib: Good point. Nai Sikh well Known as ” Raja Sikh ” is a caste in Punjab.People Belonging to this caste are called Rajas( King ) in Punjab.

Same tribal groupings, that is caste. It is true that every Indian Muhajir who has moved to Pakistan likes to say he is a "Syed" but I know that most people in Punjab just ignore such talk since they know it to be false. Same dance. There is another side of the story to the Mukhtar Mai case, according to which, the gang rape of Mukhtar's brother and that of Mai never took place.

We are all Muslims and Pakistanis. According to minority judgment of Supreme Court, Mukhtaran Mai was gang raped for her brother’s caste crime. Even the Sufi religion most popular in the subcontinent is basically identical to the Bhakti tradition that stated in India 2000 years ago in Tamil nadu in the deep south. I am sure you must have read the famous book of HA rose and Sir . This is a big differnece between is and Indians. Issues of caste superiority noticed in the follow-up blogs. So tribe system is a good thing if sense of superiority could be removed and everyone could be considered equal as tribes could work like your extended family. A humans nature is made up of a combination of these gunas. I dont think man last year in East punjab city of jalendhar one sikh precher got murdered the reason behind was he is not jatt and also sikh dont want low caste hindus to converts to sikhism they well come only from certain families in punjabi hindus to become It relates to Urdu language too. I'm surprised to see the comments from Muslim Pakistanis (presumably forward Caste)- and this is 21st century - supporting and justifying caste system.

Unless otherwise stated, all content is Here is hoping that those that do read your writings do so with their eyes and minds open to what I would call our shared history with our larger Hindu neighbour - It bursts our bubble so frequently blown about us being cleaner, superior, prettier (!! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. For example, the authors point out that a Rajput or Brahmin marrying a woman of lower caste will often loose his status. Sir you are utterly wrong. @Ajmal sahab @Shehzad Ali Zaidi.. To me Arabisation of Pakistan is something like Buddhimisation of India during Ashoka the great. Sat Sri akal.

(April 2019) (Learn how and when to remove this template message) I know that my relatives in the Punjab couldn't care less about what clan one comes from since it doesn't matter anymore. Many Rajputs mingled into Jats; some Bahmans got involved in business and became Khatris. However, more than religion, I have a very strong feeling about my caste. A tribe have nothing to do with religion. ( Log Out / My mom confirmed their Indian caste name was “Nai”. There seems to be lot of misinformation among Pakistanis about caste system. Being a Hindu Jat, I tend to feel closer to Muslim and Sikh Jats and look at their achievements as mine. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. She was raped by 1 man repeatedly over several days and then kicked out to humiliated her. a sikh and read history or go to u tube to see speeches From what I've read the Nai's had an interesting place on the social ladder. I think the author is mixing up castes and clans / tribes. The book is written in Gur mikhi or English or Urdu Hindi??? The new generation in Pakistani cities have no clue about the caste system.

This article was a mere explanation of some excerpts of one book who analyzed those people according to his own thinking and nothing else. Surnames – Salopal , Kalsi , Jassi , Jassy , … But caste is no more important in "big cities" (Lahore, Islamabad, ...) through the majority of Punjab (Seraiki areas and Potohar plateau) are still heavily concerned, which makes the majority of the Muslim Punjabis still caste-aware. Also what a pity that he actually first divided people according to Religion and then Divided Sikhs into certain tribes and Muslims into others and this is sheer ignorance and nothing else. Exorcists-cum-witch doctors from their own community are called on. Racial and linguistic ethnicity is age old and it takes commensurating time to transform. Some people in comments rightly pointed out the difference here.

The Nai, like most other Hindus, hold a variety of scriptures in awe either as words of gods and goddesses or divinely inspired utterances. i do not know either the editorial staff upload it or not but one thing i need to mention here. of late leader of khalistan movment. I wuold say there is no care about so called "castes" in Pakistan wherever I go in any part of Pakistan. for ajmal sarkar, one thing is most important and that is who promoted that caste system, who made it part of modern state craft, it were gazetteers and Britishers who made it part and parcel. One person getting killed does not reflect on society. We welcome all who wants to become Sikhs but we are not a missionary faith. I don't know the reason, but caste creates some sort of affinity straight away, even if religion is different. Sir still there are many discrepancies in this article. Before partition caste loyalties were more important than religious ones. Hina Rabbani Khar is another Pakistan Jat who is so popular in the sub-continent and I feel more emotionally closer to her than even our own Foreign Minister Mr Krishna. So in short, they were low on the Indian social scale but were essential in many customs and practices from birth to death.

However, I was just wondering about the caste Nai (barber) I know lots of amritdhaari nai sikhs and they are all nice people How does this caste rank compares to other castes in punjabi culture? ), braver, generous and purer than our hindu compatriots and somehow contain more "Arab-esque" than "Indian" heritage.. Interesting conversation I had about this topic a few days ago as I was listening Sartaj's, song. Also I think that you never lived in Punjab and analyzed the situation in a very clumsy manner. Sikh surnames and the castes to which they belong: Punjabi Culture: 17: Sep 7, 2017: U: common surnames in different castes: Punjabi Culture: 0: Jul 28, 2016: Do Castes or Sub Castes Make Any Sense these days! Nai's werent just responsible for personal hygiene but also were used as match makers for families, they also had other roles during births, marriages and funerals. I’ve seen “barbers” as a caste on recruitment rolls in World War I as non combatant followers. The Asharf and Ansar system of North Indian Muslims also has no existence here. It really shows the electoral politics of frm Nawaz to Shahbaz to Elahi to Monis...caste go hand in hand! He evidenced it to prove that areas including present Pakistan and N India were influenced by the caste system which is affiliated to the prejudice and violence. According to author Tribes and Caste are like one thing and in fact they are not. It was a exception and not a rule. I guess it is the way the societies in the South asia evolved and not by religious practices.

Allah u Akber. NEW Cruisair PMA1000 Seawater Pump - 1000 GPH @ 3', 115/60 Hz. It happened the other way round too. There is another term concocted by the haves against have nots that is "namak haram".

( Log Out /  To remain united as Pakistanis, we must refrain from saying or writing I/we am/are Awan, Alvi, Chaudhry, Bhatti, Raja, Arain, Gujjar, Qaisrani; Muhajir, Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Balochi; Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Parsi.

Historically, Castes were to donate social status and were interchangable and there was always room to move upwards or downgrade. even so-called intellectuals who praised the book Punjabi Taliban did so because in the book author tries to mention madrassas of south Punjab. its in Anatolian language Tanoli Sb Fantastic article...! Same is likely to happen with Pakistani Islam. Nai's werent just responsible for personal hygiene but also were used as match makers for families, they also had other roles during births, marriages and funerals. Author has reviewed the book Vichhore da Dagh by Mr. Babra. it is a sorry state of affairs. Salopal , Kalsi , Jassi , Jassy , Dhami , Katri , Bhangu , Mann , Lakhi . There were deeds that would increase ones rank in the caste system and there were deeds otherwise. KUFRI, Valley Soon Sakesar Change ). Sajid Mahmood Caste seems to dominate religious and national boundaries. Just other day I came to know that Faiz Ahmed Faiz was a Jat. Sooner or later Pakistan will return to same version of liberal Islam. The internet's home for all things Sikhi! Apparently the Nai caste is low on the social hierarchy but they were quite integrated into the day to day rituals, customs and practices of all castes, even with the brahmins. Punjabi Culture: 10: Oct 26, 2009 Abbetson on the topic where the learnerd authors have shed light on the issue of Caste and tribes. Actorism, not feminism: Iman Ali's remarks over pay disparity cause uproar, Man kills himself as an 'offering to God for getting a job', Before I come to the subject of sheer prejudice and violence woven into the, fabric of our languages — Urdu and others, caste divisions, prejudices, discriminations and politics is to affirm our national trend to deny historical and social reality. And yes as some comments above show, the Mastoi are not a caste but a Baluch tribe. Jatts are mostly discussed. Caste system is more like a religious thing and nothing to do with Tribes of older times and Caste is associated with Hinduism where they were divided into Brahman ( The Upper Most) , Khastri ( Warrior Class), Waish( Farmers) and Shooders ( The lowest). Wahabism does not suit Pakistani temperament.

It is deplorable but I have been to gurudwaras of lower castes without problems. redistributed or derived from. It is pertinent to mention here that before hoisting flag of a political party at our homes, we must hoist our National Flag to keep our spirits high and show our enemies that WE ARE UNITED without any discrimination. Now, all of sudden, Pakistanis became Arabs, we inserted inscrutable Arabic words into our language, outlawed dance, bombed Sufi shrines, ate way more meat than we ever have, grew beards, banished the sari, hid under a hijab, and became the center of all things Islamic and violent. Jat is a Tribe name and not some social class. The Varna system of North India has no existence at all in Punjab and Sindh. Thank you Ajmal Sahib for reminding us all ............. that is not to say that sometimes human beings don't break out of the bonds of these divisions and prejudices - they do ............ great souls ............. but they are exceptions and not the rule. Salam, Ajmal saab.Another brilliant piece. One can become a brahmin from a shudra caste by change in their gunas which are again divided into 3 ie Rajas, Tamas and Sattva.


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