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It is really difficult to attach, graphics is also at a very high level. Please be aware that some articles may contain major spoilers for the game. iOS/iPhone/iPad/iPod touch through Apple App Store/iTunes. Unfortunately, the gems are a premium currency in this game, so if you want to have more, you have to spend real money or use My Cafe cheats to help you get extra gems. Yes they appear in random times and never forgets which level you fired them. Once the order is ready, touch the customer again and click "here is your order". You are mistaken. Other employees may have other skills and you can check by clicking on them. Ann is ready to upgrade but won't!é_Wiki?oldid=13847. So as you can see, typical cooking or rather baking is not very much here. Beginnings can be difficult, and at the start you can only afford a fridge and a coffee maker, but as the game progresses and climbs to higher levels, your goals will change and you will have to work very hard to continue climbing the ladder. Unlike other cooking games, here you have to deal with guest service, create new recipes and manage your premises. Glad to know the post helped you. An Internet connection is required to play.

Kevin is working as a postman who makes his first appearance in My Cafe at level 10. This comment has been removed by the author. Adsense starting Vignette ads on desktop – What and How will it be? They will only attend to customers seated on tables. Manage time properly to operate your own worldwide restaurant chain! I just purchased the employee who gives cardamom as a daily gift and I have just upgraded her to level one so I should get one spice daily but when does it show up and does it show up in your spice box cuz I’m not seeing it yet. Be the first to know about new recipes and features of this recipes list page! The game is available only for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad) and download links can be found on the "downloads" page in the top menu. Enjoy guys and just wanna say that this game is soooo addictive! Help!!! The only drawback of this game is the premium recipes for which you have to spend the gems. My Cafe hack for Android / iOS and links to download game from Google Play / Apple App Store. My cafe dog lover Nicole story : Updata 2020.9.1, My Cafe Bill Trivia questions and answers.

This will show you thee Occupation, level and experience of the employee. Kevin is working as a postman who makes his first appearance in My Cafe at level 10. It is up to you who to hire, though employees with unique skills cost lots of gold to hire and sometimes even diamonds. They are Barista's & Server's. What should I do? / My Cafe Recipes And Stories Cheats - Get Diamonds & Money . At level five they give two loot bags, and they give three at level ten. The experience the staff gains is wrong is not about the money you collect from the at the ratio 1:10 is more like they gain 1 exp point per costumer and that is really annoying cause it takes a long long time to gain exp for e.g. Have a look on our new post: Then go to the ground floor and you will see the door to go basement near the big coffee machine. Note: Some story titles are not official. Rewards distribution 50/50 Enter amount of earned trophies and finished tasks by each township member, to define their rewards for the festival.

Maybe start with a short description and then go to the tips and My Cafe Recipes and Stories cheats. In addition, you can hire servers that will help Ann serve customers when you will not be playing. Each style has sever… Make the tea with Star anise, cinnamon, lemon & caramel. My Cafe — Restaurant game is a popular simulation and management game created by Melsoft Games. I have the same problem before, it took multiple clicks before the upgrade button works, now it's normal. The best source of information about this game. which staff gives cardamom? "How to hire good workers" - this is a very common question for every organization in this world. Unfortunately, there is no version for Windows Phone or Windows Mobile, but PC players can run the game on Windows 10, 8.1, 8 or 7 using an android emulator such as bluestacks. My Café Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I promise to send you only this kind of news.

In this video I tell about-how to earn more experience-how to move from one level to another-how to avoid lost profit-what happened to storiesDon't miss!All recipes can be found here: on town here: more about My Café: Recipes \u0026 Stories: App Store: Play:•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••More information about the game:English FAQРусский FAQñol FAQ FAQçais FAQ•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••Thank you for watching, guys, I hope you liked this video about My Café: Recipes \u0026 Stories!Please feel free to ask your questions in the comments!More of the Olga:INSTAGRAM: @lapshinaki_EN


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