muhammad ali speech transcript
Muhammad Ali.

Here he is in all his splendour.

Few would argue if I call him unique. MA: Who am I to say he was the devil? But the people didn’t know. Where you psyche them out. I ask questions, I’ll go out, travel these countries, I’ll watch how their people live, and I learn. But it’s nature to be with your own. And the flag is going dun-dun-dun-dun. It says we declare ourselves to be righteous Muslims and do not take part in wars, or in no way fashion or form take the lives of humans unless it’s a holy war declared by God himself. Oh man, if we were second class citizens we’d be driving old Cadillacs and living good. Which is five times the population of the United States. We’re not trying to take power away or rule anybody - we’re just trying to get up from under the rulers.

I’m standing so proud. Every time I read the paper they say, ‘Joe Frazier, he played an area that held ten thousand and 37 people showed up’.

You couldn’t get Joe Frazier or no boxer on this show and get interest in a subject like this.

Get ready to meet God.’. Add up all the 7, 8, 9 hours you slept each night for 30 years.

MP: Well it’s in every article I’ve ever read about it. It lasted six days but I sung four songs and there were critics, seriously, in New York who said that my part was perfect. MA: If a man dreamed to be, they better wake up and apologise. Could I put this to you? There’s people dancing on a ship. Cam Newton gives the Patriots their only chance to win Read now The average I hit him was four times to every one he hit me.

And a lot of time I’ve been lucky enough to predict 17 times what round. Right after a fight I run right to the dressing room and right to the mirror and make sure I’m still, you know, presentable.

They look like me, we all happy and I don’t have no trouble. MA: Listen, bluebirds fly with bluebirds.

I am great! Frazier keeps backing but there’s not enough room.

I’m not involved in a power struggle between black and white.

To others he’s a political leader, a figurehead in the battle between black and white.

I didn’t run with a gang - I didn’t have time. The buzzard like to fly in the desert.

MA: It’s ain’t sad that I want my child to look like me? Listen. I was lucky, from the age of 12 I had boxing talent and was good for my age. Most fighters are scared to say they lightened up because they call the fight a fix or say, ‘you carried him’. What a beautiful swing. Get push notifications with news, features and more. MA: Only for reasons of war, not for religion or my people’s freedom. His faith was a prolific element in his life. If you talk jive you’ll fall in five. But those were the rounds I lost. That we’d see the launching of a coloured satellite. He put in a book how bad he felt that he had let down Frank Sinatra. But I don’t control the aeroplane or the pilot. I always wondered why Tarzan is the King of the Jungle in Africa, he was white. So I wrote a poem and I’m going to close with this: When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Those rattle snakes didn’t want to bite me and I knew they were good. I think the best caution is, if a fella’s winning on points and has the guy just about out and he’s against the rope and just about gone, he should not try to hurt him just to satisfy the crowd or to make money. Because he was brainwashed by the establishment. I never heard that before I got to England - seriously, I never heard this before. You can tape this show and play it right in Washington and let Nixon hear it. MP: Tonight my guest is an extraordinary man. I really care nothing about boxing.

I mean it but I put emphasis on it. It ain’t no despair.

There ain’t no such thing as black Muslims.


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