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The Eternal Mothra prop behind the scenes.

The Mothra Leo imago prop was reused for Rebirth of Mothra II. Determined to avenge her, Leo cocooned himself and emerged in his more powerful imago form, then engaged in a rematch with Desghidorah, defeating him and successfully sealing him back in his tomb. He now has a slightly longer body of 25 meters where he was 24 meters in length previously[1][2], a less bulky body, thinner legs, and backward-facing antennae.

Unable to combat Dagahra in his element, Leo was overwhelmed by a swarm of Barem and awaited his opponents' killing blow.

The larval Mothra Leo was with his dying mother inside of a cave when a meteor crashed, which turned out to be Hedorah. Mothra Leo is achieved if the user raises a Mothra Grub and then gives it perfect care, including filling the Justice meter and filling the hearts frequently. Leo differs from Mothra as he is commonly labelled as a male. Armor Mothra transforms into Eternal Mothra. Additionally, his spray unleashed multicolored electrical aftershock. This is similar to how tha antennae of male and female moths differ in real life (thus debunking the. Leo's wings are replaced with four fins, and he also gains fins on his tail. Episodes 1, 6-7, 9, 11, 21, 39-41, 46-50, 64, 72, 78-79, 83, 102, 111-113, 119, 125, 127, 137-138, 140-141, 144, 150, 152, 153-156, 161-163, 165-168, 190, 192-193, 215, 217, 228, 233, 251-252, and 255-256. The son of Mothra, Leo defended his younger sister Baby Mothra from hostile monsters such as Battra, and fought alongside Godzilla and his allies to defend the island. Leo then left and formed a cocoon.


Armor Mothra's carapace is incredibly strong, allowing him to shrug off the same attacks from. Rainbow Mothra firing his Cross Heat Laser: Rainbow. In addition, a new prop was created for Leo's Aqua Mothra form. Cretaceous Ghidorah regrew from the tail, and arrived in the present only a day later. His great bulk of a body is commonly used to his advantage in battle to slam into opponents (both in larva and adult form), and his surprising levels of strength can help him to drag and even lift monsters. Light Speed Mothra in Rebirth of Mothra III. Yet, when the toxic one retreated below the waves, Rainbow Mothra followed suit and dove under the water, transforming himself into his new aqua form, Aqua Mothra (アクアモスラ,   Akua Mosura), and finishing off Dagahra. However, whereas Mothra vs. Bagan ended with the adult Mothra dying after successfully sealing Bagan away, the new film would have the adult Mothra die during the middle of the film only for her larva to take her place for the final battle against Desghidorah. In his larval form, Leo looks very similar to Mothra's larval form from Godzilla vs. Mothra, however he is lighter in color. He can also travel through water at 130 km/h.

As this form never fought another monster, his other abilities are unknown.

[5] Two English variations of this name, Exceled Mothra and Excelled Mothra, are used in All Toho Monsters Pictorial Book. Leo then went on to replenish the land destroyed by Desghidorah, releasing a powder that sped up the growth of Hokkaido's flora. Leo desperately tried to save his mother, but to no avail. The egg hatches and the new Mothra, a male larva named Mothra Leo, goes to protect his mother, but sadly Mothra is mortally wounded by Desghidorah while Leo is still too weak to injure the dragon. Armor Mothra can transform into Eternal Mothra, Leo, New Mothra, Rainbow Mothra, Aqua Mothra, Light Speed Mothra, Armor Mothra, Eternal Mothra, Mothra's Son, Shogakukan, 2001, ゴジラ1954-1999超全集 (てれびくんデラックス) , ISBN-10: 4091014704, Koudansha, 2016, 決定版 ゴジラ 大怪獣 パーフェクト超百科 (テレビマガジンデラックス), ISBN-10: 4063048470.

After some time, Leo emerged as a swarm of multicolored butterflies which merged into one giant insect. Rebirth of Mothra III The English spelling "Mothra Leo" is used for the character in the 2019 mobile game Godzilla Defense Force. Rainbow Mothra was transformed into Light Speed Mothra (光速モード・モスラ,   Kōsoku Mōdo Mosura, lit. After a long battle, the two managed to escape, though by that point, Mothra had been badly wounded, and she collapsed into the sea. Rainbow Mothra is able to release rainbow powder from his wings which can reflect energy attacks as well as weaken and cause pain to his opponent. Concept art for the new Rainbow Mothra design gave it various different color schemes and a more streamlined appearance, while the finished prop had more pronounced white fur with the rainbow colors on its wings replaced with a blue and orange color scheme.

Showing 95 comments. Nickname(s) Mothra Leo is the son of Mothra and the main protagonist in the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy. The Armor Mothra prop is prepared for filming of the final fight scene with King Ghidorah. John R. Moot and Alan G. Thoday were credited for "Mothra Fur Production," and Makiko Akimoto and Kenichi Kuwajima were credited for "Mothra Mecha Production." Leo then retreated to a remote island where he cocooned himself against a 10,000 year old tree. Capable of transforming into either Rainbow Mothra or Light Speed Mothra.

With his foe defeated, Rainbow Mothra then flew off into the horizon and thus, the world is once again safe.

Light Speed Mode Mothra) and went back in time to kill King Ghidorah when he was weaker. When in flight, Light Speed Mothra is able to travel through time. Gender and flew away in peace.

Production Information

He defeated Cretaceous Ghidorah, but his tail was buried in the ground.

Mothra, while still in bad condition, flew towards Hedorah and fought him, but Hedorah brought the aging Mothra down.

After Mothra dies, Leo metamorphoses into an adult, then manages to kill Desghidorah.

As a larva, Mothra Leo sprays his opponents with a stream of silk launched from his mouth as a ranged attack to entrap or disorient an enemy.

His form Light Speed Mothra looks almost identical to Aqua Mothra, but is blurry due to its quick movement. Rainbow Mothra then transformed into Aqua Mothra and destroyed Dagahra.

This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Godzilla, Ultraman & Other Giant Monsters. It has been a very long time since someone posted here about the ROM trilogy, but this is a question I've been wondering about..... has Toho ever said that Mothra Leo is a male or female?

Leo then went on to replenish the land destroyed by Desghidorah, releasing a powder that sped up the growth of Hokkaido's flora. Rainbow Mothra can transform into Aqua Mothra. After transforming into Rainbow Mothra in Rebirth of Mothra II, Leo's wings change from orange and green in color to all of the colors of the rainbow. These references appear inside articles in the form of superscript numbers, which look like this: [1].

In the English dubs for the Rebirth of Mothra trilogy, Leo's gender was changed from film to film.

Light Speed Mothra can fly at a speed of 186,000 miles per second. Crossheat Laser Aqua: a trio of thin beams emitted from the gems on his forehead.

The name was finally used officially to refer to the character in the Toho DVD release for Rebirth of Mothra II, though it was spelled with an interpunct (モスラ・レオ).

Larval StageImago StageRainbow MothraAqua MothraLight Speed MothraArmor MothraEternal Mothra As Armor Mothra, Leo possesses a silvery armored shell around his body, with sharp jagged wings with different patterns. After some time, Leo emerged as a swarm of multicolored butterflies which merged into one giant insect. Leo then flew to Hokkaido to do battle with Desghidorah, and arrived in a flurry of laser and energy beams. Its body was constructed from latex while its fins were made of vinyl chloride so that they appeared transparent. Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, King Caesar, Anguirus, Godzilla Junior, Gorosaurus, Baragon, G-Force Mechagodzilla 2, M.O.G.U.E.R.A. In Rebirth of Mothra III, Rainbow Mothra's design changes. King Ghidorah was far too powerful a foe for Rainbow Mothra and nearly killed him. The demonic dragon could not stand against the power of the new Mothra and was soon defeated.

They are usually blue, though there is a powerful orange variant as well. Relationships Naoki Nieda, Keyoji Nagata, Tsutomu Watanabe, and Maki Kobayashi were all credited for "Mothra Modeling" in the film, but it was not specified for which forms they were responsible. 1 History 1.1 Rebirth of Mothra trilogy 1.2 Godzilla Island 2 Gallery 2.1 Images 3 Navigation In Rebirth of Mothra, Leo hatched out from an egg prematurely during a battle between his mother and a space monster calledDesghidorah, and immediately set off to help her. Despite his best attempts to help her, Leo could do nothing as he watched his mother sink into the depths. Leo attacked Dagahra and seemed to have the upper hand, until the battle was taken underwater. ‎. This allowed the prop to capture the realistic movement of an actual caterpillar.

The new more powerful Mothra would go on to become the primary focus of the subsequent two films of the trilogy. New props were created for Mothra Leo's final two forms, Armor Mothra and Eternal Mothra. Hedorah saw Leo's cocoon and went after it, but was distracted by Godzilla. Mothra Leo (新モスラ,   Shin Mosura, lit. This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 23:26. In addition to being able to fly at the speed of mach 15.5, as an adult, his wings can (and generally do) create gales which tear apart buildings and send other kaiju flying. Mothra Leo wakes at 8 AM, sleeps at 9 PM, and has a base weight of 60 tons. Capable of transforming into Eternal Mothra. He hatched prematurely during a battle between his mother and a monster called Desghidorah and, despite being hopelessly outmatched in his larval form, attacked his mother's aggressor. I think they have said Leo was a boy. New Mothra) is a giant divine moth kaiju who first appeared in the 1996 Toho film, Rebirth of Mothra. 4. Armor Mothra shrugs off King Ghidorah's attacks. ‎.

His form Light Speed Mothra looks almost identical to Aqua Mothra, but is blurry due to its quick movement.

The two fought, but Rainbow Mothra was quickly defeated. Masayuki Kurahashi was credited for "Mothra Mechanical Production" on the film, while Tadashi Ogawa, Kenji Haraguchi, Motohisa Nagano, Masakazu Mukai, and Hajime Inui were credited for "Mothra Modeling." Mothra Leo arrived to Mothra Leo has his own theme song, which he shares with Mothra. Mothra Leo possesses considerably more numerous abilities compared to his mother.

English-speaking fans began using this name to refer to Leo, and official English releases of the soundtrack used variations of this name, such as "Mothraleo" and "Mothra Reo."


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