most popular anime characters

Jul 12, 2016. His backstory with Pairo and the Phantom Troupe was very well done and utterly heartbreaking. Ahh Kawakami Gensai! Kind hearted, humor, never gives up EVER, defeats guys 10X stronger than himself, saved Earth many times except of course Majin Buu and GT doesn't count, and always test the waters of his enemy's transformations which is ballsy but hey he's a confident dude.

These traits make him more realistic a character than anyone else.Many people like Itachi's character more than Kakashi's. As if those aren’t enough, Alucard has an army of demon dogs at the ready that can tear nearly any enemy it shreds in an extremely painful instant. Goku. Since the beginning he has been the most interesting character. Yu suite has always been such a relate-able and lovable character oh my god! He graduates early from the academy and due to "reasons", he sees his squadmates die in front of him, therefore, unlocking his Sharingan at a young age. other anime fans just like you. A bad-ass with a big heart. With so much combat focused content in anime, it’s no surprise that debates about which character is stronger than another are a staple of the fandom. Light starts out as a semi-likable High School Prodigy who befriends a Shinigami (Japanese god of death) and acquires an artifact called the Death Note that lets him kill people if he knows their name and face. I like the idea of his friendship with Goten, one of my all-time cute characters!

He takes the entire world hostage and threatens to destroy it unless a group of troubled children are able to end him before the end of an academic year. Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi starts off as a delinquent who passes in a car accident and by the end of Yu Yu Hakusho becomes a nigh-unstoppable half-demon who is feared by demons all across the spirit world. His voice actress in the 2011 remake is great with emotion, and I capture his character so well that I laugh and cry with him. Inuyasha is the best character ever! I just wanted L to gain the upper hand on Light so badly. Using this ability, he can bring entire nations to ruin with a simple command that brings thousands of 50 meter tall Titans to action.

They've been making this show for 21 years and still, Luffy hasn't found the One Piece. After transforming into a half Ghoul and training his body, he’s able to destroy entire cities easily and command legions of monstrous beasts that can transform others into Ghouls. Over the course of Tokyo Ghoul, Ken Kaneki goes from a timid bookworm to a figure of worship known as the One-Eyed King. To top it off, he had to murder his entire clan, besides Sasuke because he loved him too much to kill him. Vegeta, the prince of all saiyans, is the best character of all time. He learned his versatile magic from his adoptive dragon father, Igneel, and is able to push his body past his natural limits by consuming material embedded with magic. tbh, I dunno how to desc/explain this (Strongest Humanity Soldier) but I can say almost for everyone saying that he's that really badass, fast, beyblade like that but I also could say the same thing like peoples says. Just watch it! He is pretty funny too, his interactions with other characters like Rukia, Toushiro, Renji and Byakuya never fail to amuse me. Sorry but Kakashi should be number 1. If you buy something through this post, IGN may get a share of the sale. The anime is badass, funny, (I found it a little bit sad) and definitely one of my favourites. Contrary to what most perceive he is actually highly intelligent. He shouldered the hatred that Sasuke held towards him for killing the clan as well. Levi is the hidden 4th main character. FMA: Brotherhood is probably my all-time favourite, so naturally Ed is going to be up there for me. Surprisingly one of the later animes I've watched and I was impressed. Sorry sorry I couldn't help myself! There's a sort of humour to him as well. Then he becomes leader put in jail by the government he set up, before busting out and turning into an absolute badass who defeats an interdementional threat.

He defended his village at the cost of his fame and pleasure. The world's best anime's one of the best character including yagami light . He is the most badass character in Naruto and he has a great character development that makes you say wow. He shows that no matter what, you need to move ahead and stop feeding on people's praise and what they think of you. Then he started a new life as a Rurouni Kenshin Himura and created another legend with this name until he can't use sword.

I didn't know what he would be like so I thought of Naruto. Functionally immortal at the beginning of the series due to the number of souls inside of him, and then literally immortal by the end of it, Alucard cannot be ended. Lelouch is very successful. He will see victory even in his passing, though, as he has a small but lethal bomb implanted in his chest that will obliterate whoever manages to end him and poison anyone who manages to survive the blast. He grew so much over the anime! And seriously, who wouldn't want a rubber body? ". The space cowboy.

You're not killing Levi, nobody is. Samuel L. Jackson stars as "Afro" the solitary samurai on a quest to avenge the wrongful death of his father. While anime can tell a broad range of stories and the affordances of animation allow anime to tackle just about every genre of fiction, combat-focused anime usually in the shounen category tend to be some of the most popular and commercially successful anime around. But then Nia dies and for the last few seconds we're shown he has just become another nameless digger by the end, forgotten by the world. Although he has no mystical powers to speak of, he stands at the absolute peak of humanity and could emerge victorious from nearly any battle against even the most powerful foes.

Be sure to vote for your own personal favorites, add any characters that might be missing and, of course, rerank this list of greatest anime characters in any order you want. He starts from a nice determined boy into a vengeful man. He's such a sweet, lovable boy! Anime. (Which I also sits like that when I was a little) the way he shows his laziness side is also very funny but all he sense was tedious of all things around him. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. He is a legend. He's similar to Naruto, very determined and passionate, but on a more intense level of hatred (towards the titans) that is pretty unique in a male lead character.I think his character design is underrated.

Anime Top 100 Most Popular.

Wonderfully written character. Praised for its originality, characters, tone, and over-the-top incredulity, JoJo remains an anime staple going into the 2020s. But I really like this anime. Even with the upcoming Jump Force game and countless crossover specials, these debates are likely to go on for as long as new anime air every season. A lot of people seem to hate Ichigo.

As a character, he is vastly out-classed by characters like Ueki or Luffy, who despite being similar to Goku, retain their identities and flaws.

The Most Messed Up Moments in the Comic Book Version of ‘The Boys’, Daily Deals: Preorder Cyberpunk 2077 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, or PC and Save 17% Off, The Best Anime Fanfiction Where the Hero Is a Villain, Black Friday 2020: What to Deals to Expect for PS4 and PS5, Harrison Ford Mourns the Passing of Sir Sean Connery, John Boyega Had "Honest Conversations" With Disney Over Racist Star Wars Backlash, Michael Bay Explains How Sean Connery Stood Up to Disney While Making The Rock, The Mandalorian: 14 Essential Ahsoka Stories Before Her Rumored Season 2 Debut, Every Cancelled and Ending TV Show Announced in 2020, The Biggest Games Launching in Novemvber and Beyond, Things Ghost of Tsushima Doesn't Tell You. Based on over 100K votes from anime fans around the world. Get the details on MyAnimeList, the largest online anime and manga database in the world! He was falsely accused of harboring enemies of the state because they knew how much of a threat he was if they ever had to face him.He was such a great swordsman that the sword police could not take him even outnumbering him and they were forced to use a line of gunmen to shoot him in the back as he fought off the sword corps.He did not have red hair nor a cross shape scar but was short and thin for a man, he was however noted as a man whom honored all those he killed and was a very VERY excellent hitokiri. He is great at solving problems and has used his rubber ability to maximum scientific capacity so much so that it impresses his enimies and no one else would have thought of it.

He is impossible to relate to as he is so above us.

"Don't have a go at me I know he says it a bit differently in the manga but in the anime it sounds cooler, Ok I'm just gonna say what I think because there would not be a point of this if I couldn't both kirito and eren yeager are badass both are cute both care both have seen things no one could imagine even in there wildest dreams when it comes to strength it's a t6ie when its determination it's a tie but when it comes to smarts it goes to kirito when it comes to getting what they want its eren when it comes to well cuteness sorry but kirito is more cuter eren is in second place for cutest.


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