mongoose insertmany ignore duplicates

Looks like it is not possible at the moment.

To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Or should I change anything on the server side? Would Earth fireworks work on the Moon or on Mars? Does every open orientable even-dimensional smooth manifold admit an almost complex structure?

The query is as follows −, Display all documents from a collection with the help of find() method.

According to that last paste, there is already a document with _id "1234567890_2" in the example.1234567890_ACCOUNT_2016-04-14_2016-04-27 collection at the time you're calling insertMany().Is that correct? if i use an upsert i cannot perform a batch insert. He wants a bulk insert that does not fail when one record fails.

How is it possible for a company that has never made money to have positive equity? You should not get into a situation where you want to insert things you want to put stuff into a database and then just don't care what and how much was written to it. @vkarpov15 2 Copy link Quote reply Collaborator Author vkarpov15 commented Nov 16, 2016. MongoDB: v4.0.2. If you create an index on the UID of the tweets, that should be really fast. I don't want to inadvertently ignore other errors.

If you have your array of documents already in memory in your python script, why not insert them by iterating through them, and simply catch the ones that fail on insertion due to the unique index? Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and So, my use case is that I can have users trying to insert duplicates and the database should silently ignore the insert if a record already exists. @vkarpov15 2 Copy link Quote reply Collaborator Author vkarpov15 commented Nov 16, 2016.

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by error(). I need to ignore duplicate inserts when using insert_many with pymongo, where the duplicates are based on the index. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you agree to our terms of service, privacy policy and cookie policy. insert or ignore multiple documents in mongoDB,,,,, Podcast 283: Cleaning up the cloud to help fight climate change, Query for documents where array size is greater than 1. How do I ignore the specific "duplicate key" error? (node). Mongo DB documents are stored as B tree, bulk insert is driver specific. insert_many mongoDB and how to ignore duplicate inserts in a session transaction, Python mongodb error with email as unique key, Leetcode longest substring without repeating characters. I'm worried that finding them by ID first would be more expensive for reads (more strain on Mongo) than just transmitting the data over the wire and letting Mongo determine duplicate during write.

Hi @williamdang.Thanks for the great repro script!

The option is up to you whether to try .. except and essentially "ignore" the duplicate key error, or if you really don't want to like with that, then use "upserts" instead. Asking for help, clarification, or responding to other answers. Inserting Documents into MongoDB and ignore the duplicate documents, Collection insert multiple - ensure uniqueness.

This is because DuplicatedKey is only checked after the data write, and the convention is abort the WiredTiger Storage Engine transaction. Can I afford to take this job's high-deductible health care plan? Instead of insert shouldn't you use upsert?

What are all fantastic creatures on The Nile mosaic of Palestrina? Is there any options to chang the behavior when inserting a duplicate key record? You can just sort do this: Having something like await Tweet.insertMany(tweets, { ordered: false, *silent: true* }) would work better. due to duplicate IDs). How is it possible that a