monarch chrysalis problems

It is now 6:00

I place one near every milkweed plant and it helps a lot to get rid of them.

I just wanted to tell you that I have a butterfly that can't fly either. His favorite food was the honey water. Is this something that others have experienced? They pump that fluid into their wings to push them out. I don’t know what to do with it. My (outdoor) caterpillars are all dying. I’ve had caterpillars  hanging by a single strand of silk. The mantis had the monarch in its grasp. Is there any hope at this point, or will the Monarch perish inside the chrysalis? I'd be worried about other things being in the plant that might also get to them.

Monarch caterpillar looks as if it has scars (not bruises in three spots on it's body.

I've added a branch to the tank and they climb on it and use it to get to the top screen and hang at night.

It is September and I have 3 chrysalis that turned black 15 days after forming yet are still black for 34 days later.

For about 24 hours after emerging from their chrysalis, the Monarch will appear lethargic.

They twitch here and there. The other one just lays there. I have a monarch caterpillar on the outside of the pot n it's been there 4 2 days . Tip 2: Nervous about falling chrysalides? Often this will happen at night or in early morning. One fell and I'm certain it's not doing well. It is fairly difficult to handle her without hurting her feet which attach to everything. My caterpillar started making its chrysalis two days ago.

It is important not to touch their wings at this stage because they are still drying and can be damaged.

And only 1 of its legs are working. 3rd smaller one hardly moved at all for like a day, so I thought he was molting. The microfiber cloth can be hung up or layed on the cage floor by a mesh wall: People are sometimes horrified to find that chrysalises have been eaten by their cage mates. I checked again this morning and he was on his back.

. I am trying to identify a live black 1 1/2-2” insect in a bin of yard waste.

I've also had one with a split proboscis that I had to eventually (heartbreakingly, using the freezer method) euthanize.

Although the plants are in moist and full sun. The other day someone (I think me) stepped on a caterpillar (RIP) and yesterday my dog killed a butterfly that I hadn’t released yet (RIP). When I left for work this morning there were 7 that emerged from their chrysalises. A female I have had for almost three weeks has been eating and enjoying the sun in a habitat inside our house, but can't fly. Best Wishes. I found a couple of eggs and a small Caterpillar on my plumeria plants. They all seemed healthy otherwise and flew off. I have my milkweed plants in the house.

(Ophryocystis elektroscirrha).

It is a darkish brown but in the light it is somewhat transparent and you can see the wings on both sides.

We have a monarch chrysalis on the side of your house which has been fun to watch. Should I winter them inside? Is it dead? After 4 hours they seem to have no issues. Hello my name is Denise I have a monarch caterpillar n it's on the outside of the pot 4 2 days n it's just sitting there what's going on. Thank you. 24 hours later, it was back on the roof finally prepared to enter the next stage of the monarch life cycle. Have you heard of this? Hi, our monarch chrysalis’ have been clear/black for 4 days and are in a mesh enclosure. There is no damage at all to its wings. Hello :-) one of our monarchs keeps falling off the leafs would you know why? Or is it natural? They were all healthy, but from about 10 of them, a small amount of orangish-brown fluid droplets fell down as they were emerging from the chrysalis. Hours, then I tried to get the clear part off. What happened to it? They were tagged.

Usually the caterpillar will form it's chrysalis in 24-36 hours after getting into the 'J' position. Tap water plus dish soap? Haven’t had it happen again and I’ve released 50 butterflies as of today. I personally love it.

Is it ok?

We helped him back up to the top of the mesh cage,but he clearly had a damaged wing.

I found a caterpillar attaching to the ground to form a chrysalis and brought it inside with some of the dirt underneath it. Thank you for your help!! I have been raising monarchs for 3 years and only saw this happen once before (last year). Kinda sounds to me like it was molting. Don’t worry, they take days sometimes to form their chrysalis’ and stay still for a day or more depending upon the weather and time of year...Good luck! I know this isn't much to on go especially without a picture.

One film I watched on the computer talked about rinsing the eggs and leaves in a milk bleach bath. It looked like the caterpillar was a goner as well, so I just brought it into the house to die. After much research and consulting with some experts, I believe she was injured as a baby by other cats and she suffered quite a bit of damage to her abdomen but she cannot fly so I've been taking care of her.

Now it’s not moving at all. They don’t move for a day or more and shed their old skin. One of my monarchs has emerged from its chrysalis without a proboscis and missing a leg.

I also had the Chalcid Wasps(first time I 've seen those) infecting some. Best of luck! He has splotches in his stripes but only the black stripes!  Use a clean microfiber cloth (no chemicals) instead and hook the cremaster (black stem) to it. Hi I had a butterfly fall from his chrysalis last year. Watch a video of Rich Lund he has great knowledge about raising Monarchs. September 2019 Curious how your lad turned out.

If it hasn't died already, yes, you could freeze it.

Thank you. Don’t be.

It’s legs are still attached to the leaf. Oh, that makes me so sad :-( Ok, thank you very much for the reply, I appreciate it. well, the one on my window seems to have flown away and the remaining chrysalis skin (?) I did have it and 3 other smaller caterpillars housed with a larger one but none of the other small ones have any similar markings and as far as I know they have had plenty of access to fresh food ever day (refill once in the morning and before bed), so no reason for the larger one to accidentally "munch" on the caterpillar in question.

I was heart broken. This is my first year raising monarchs, and I realize I have a lot to learn. For variety, we decided to send away for one of those Painted Lady caterpillar kits.

He has wandered since The Monarch will generally be in the pupae (chrysalis) stage for 9-14 days. I’m having the same issue of paleness in the faces of maybe 2/100 of my caterpillars here in Florida as well! I have a theory to why this might be happening to some…, If you’re raising with waterless leaf or stem cuttings, they dry out quickly and the caterpillars will wander away to find fresh milkweed. My goal this year is 100.

Maybe you could try that as well as the oranges! New to raising butterflies! Maybe just the skin? My daughter noticed a suspicious white spot on it's back. 95% of the wild caterpillars are infected. ... An improperly placed silk strand can prevent the caterpillar cuticle from moving upward and off of the chrysalis.

While struggling to get away, both went crashing down to the bottom of the metal cage.

Donna Jo....absolutely normal. Maybe another type of milkweed doesn’t have the parasite. Undersized caterpillars are less common with the super-sized migration generation. Thank-you. This smaller tower was to overwinter an Eastern Black Swallowtail on an enclosed porch.


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