moms demand action m1 garand
Marc de Piolenc: Photo evidence proves, clear as day, that the Guardsmen were armed primarily with M1 Garands. If a picture is worth a thousand words, you should be skeptical about what this picture from "Moms Demand Action" has to say. Just that it’s technically not unconstitutional. In order to be effective, they have to reduce the number of guns in society by significant amounts. * Hello Kitty toy that blows bubbles Gee this is getting good.

The Ohio National Guard was issued M-1 Garands, not M-1 carbines.

And we will have reduced armed robberies committed with guns by some amount.

There might have been a few Carbines thrown in there, but the vast majority were Garands. They seem to me to be a bunch of independent actors trying to use this issue to further their own careers. I also don’t share the optimism that MDA, Brady Campaign, etc. The carbine cartridge is much weaker and is essentially a pistol cartridge on steroids – in fact, some pistols have been chanbered for it.

Try and enlist the help of the Fudds and RINOs. The problem with that is that people will blindly buy “Made in America”, even if the quality is poor or the price is exhorbant. Without a contrasting viewpoint, that had a long-lasting influence on my outlook on guns. Yet today, we are told that reintroducing these service rifles into the market would lead to an increase in crime and gun violence. The photo, the [Facebook] caption for which claims that it shows "hundreds" of anti-gun protesters, was taken a half-mile or so from the NRA Annual Meeting in Nashville. 1) Make gun-ownership undesirable to the general public (oh, your one of THOSE type of people) Bully retail establishments into banning the carry of guns in their stores, as a step toward making guns illegitimate in society, as the combination of trial lawyers, legislators, and the old media have done with cigarettes. Things don’t look promising; Extremist LA Democrat Ghost Gun Deleon just got sworn in as the 47th President pro Tempore of the California State Senate, at a Disney Concert Hall no less – Fantasia anyone? A serious challenge exists in the form of tens of millions of dollars that have been thrown into initiative processes such as the Washington state initiative I-594. A Professor there said that if the students had known that the soldiers had loaded weapons, they would not have pushed them as far as they did. As more law-abiding citizens are disarmed, more armed criminals will become more emboldened, and will commit more crime

They’ve destroyed the northeast and now seek greener pastures. This historic rifle was used in one of the most infamous, high-profile school shootings in the 20th century. This general program seemed to be working as planned until about 1994.

We could also make armed robbery illegal.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The demonstrators where throwing rocks, bottles, rail road spikes and etc, which are deadly weapons.

He graduated from Boston College, majoring in Political Science and minoring in Arabic Studies. “gun violence” and overall violent crime was cut in half. We think we have to obey “policy” and this is just bs. as well as furthering the ban list of imports by name that Bush started.

When gun control advocates talk about the United States’ history of mass shootings, they seldom include the Kent State Massacre. When the dust settled, four students were dead and another nine were wounded. If the disarmenters fail there after spending 10 times as much as Second Amendment supporters, they may fall back for another 20 years.

Although Chuck can run a bolt action pretty well, he of course loses the race to the semi-auto. Of course we should be alert to the gun grabbers but we should also laugh at them whenever we get the opportunity. If anything, the Kent State Massacre legitimizes the civilian ownership of comparable military style firearms. Even now, the Free State to which I moved is under invasion by northern liberals.


No. Soon, it will be flintlocks, and we all know how dangerous they are. * LEGO guns for Minifigures MDA is playing a very long game. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. There is an article somewhere on the internet about how the Brits took about 90 years (3 generations) wringing out civilian use of arms. Look at Great Britain, Canadaz and Austrailia for an example. Becker is right the best liar wins. Like the T3E2, the Model 1924 Garand Autoloading Rifle isn’t a true M1 Garand, but its place on this list needs no explanation. I remember seeing a picture of a “little hippy chick” putting a flower in the barrel of a Soldier’s M-14. Statists will blithely destroy their host and then move on to the next victim, completely unaware of the wake of destruction they leave in their path. I only heard that statement once.

Only after moving to a Free State did I learn how much propaganda and mythology had been foist upon me. Yes, I see thugs in the streets all the time carrying M1 Garand Rifles. The majority of the Constitution’s provisions (specifically in the area of limits on government power) have been undermined and disregarded quite thoroughly already.


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