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The two have also built a family together, having three daughters. Daniel Bryan asked for her hand in marriage and without hesitation, she said yes to him in 2014. Another star who has made a name for herself in Total Divas, the show considers “Natalya” indispensable due to her turbulent personal life. Sadly, the way that relationship ended was a tragedy impossible to compare with mere divorce. After another two failed marriages, Flair most recently tied the knot with his fifth wife Wendy Barlow in 2018. Although Hart has already had two failed marriages, things look a lot more hopeful with Stephanie by his side. The big man, also known as Paul Donald Wight II, married for the second time on February 11, 2002 and the two lovers have two children together. These days Dustin is happier than ever alongside Ta-rel Roche. Rey has multiple tattoos of Angie on his body. High school or college sweethearts are becoming a rarer thing as time goes on. As the charismatic host of Good Eats, Iron Chef ... Noteabley is a food site. Raw 2011 (Raw, SmackDown, Legends, DLC)", "BCW Women's Championship « Titles Database « CAGEMATCH - The Internet Wrestling Database", "A Look at the EWF Hall of Fame's Inaugural Class", "I'm @F2F_Wrestling Women's Champion in Barbados baby! Other - Spouse. Paula wrote on Twitter, “Acknowledging someone after they’ve passed away doesn’t make up for how [bad] you were to them while they were alive.!”. The couple had two children, Megan and David, and divorced in 1983 as Flair’s career was taking off in a huge way. Fans underestimated just how special Mark Henry is. But it would prove to be a wrestling match made in heaven when Lee and Punk eventually locked horns. [40] After the match, Melina and Nitro, as part of the storyline, attacked Mercury, blaming him for the loss. Interestingly, the couple did not date before they got married. Without a doubt, Al Snow was one of the most eccentric personalities to ever enter the ring. The other half of the notorious Bella Twins, Brie, also tied the knot with a professional wrestler. Sadly, the couple’s eldest daughter was murdered in 2003 by her boyfriend. [98], On June 19, 2015, after a three-year hiatus, Melina returned to the independent circuit at Maryland Championship Wrestling's Ladies Night event as the enforcer in the MCW Women's Championship main event match between Amber Rodriguez and Mickie James; Melina turned heel by attacking James during the match before being attacked by referee Lisa Marie Varon, after which James won the title. However, without his wife and four kids, the wrestler may not have achieved those things. We’re not surprised one bit that Jack Swagger fell head over heels for Catalina Hager. Since that fateful encounter, they got married in 2001 and had a baby daughter together. Although she is now retired, Maryse is happy to just kick back at ringside and cheer on her husband. One of the poster boys of WWE’s biggest rivals, WCW, Goldberg was a force to be reckoned with in his heyday. This eccentric wrestler, who has applied gold and black makeup throughout his career, was famously married to another WWE personality back in the 90s, Terri Runnels.


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