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Merlin was even beginning to give in to the thought that maybe their witness was witless. "Never mind," he choked out. Arthur snatched the pitcher away from him.

Arthur, however, skid into the adjacent hall, continuing to pursue the woman while the others caught up. I just learned Gaius is a much better liar than you are. What was it you wanted earlier? With that, the knights collectively determined that it was best to return to Camelot at this time, not only for Merlin's sake, but for Arthur's too. And it amazed Arthur how willing his friend was to push through this depression. Although, Merlin would have left Ealdor anyways. He just knows that every time he steps in there, he feels more like himself. “The Fomorroh will suck the life force out of you. Why bother? Neither Merlin nor Arthur would budge, and as they relived Merlin’s life over and over and over again in various different orders and sequences, their souls became more and more knotted and snarled together. I do not make any profit from this story and the plot is purely fiction. He'd gone to talk to him. “She, milord,” he clarified, “seemed to be pulling smoke out from the earth, saying strange words, like she were talking to it.”.

The room had become incredibly cold, causing Merlin to jitter. What am I seeing?”. Arthur was in an eager mood to thrash his servant about, having to just recently deal with a rather irritant awakening, performed by the unusually bothered servant. He would have thought they'd drink together. Merlin made sure they were ready for almost everything. . But his whole body still longed to be in Merlin’s mind again, it was no longer under his will. He seemed as if he were admitting off a strange glow. Gaius walked up to the door where Merlin was standing and put an arm around his shoulders, with the other highlighting his workbench. I don't own Merlin. Until you want something. Arthur was brought all the way back to Merlin’s childhood at times to see other’s feast upon Merlin’s misery, pushing him down, rattling him up, and kicking him until his limbs were numb and his chest was throbbing. But it was probably more of a "Yes, you idiot. ", Merlin was clearly uncomfortable with the subject of Gaius lying so soon after the kidnapping incident. While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Isn’t that enough to frighten an unarmed healer?”. This time, Merlin let out a small yelp. And so, decided to just be honest with him. "Sorry." He lay on his side and pressed his hand to his head, trying desperately to numb the pain. Finally on her heels, the sorceress led them down a long, straight hall, seemingly with no end. "Surprised at your dear uncle's treachery?". And just as the vision died, he thought he saw a dragon through Merlin’s eyes. Where's Merlin?" He used to do the supermarket shop alone because Merlin refused to come, claiming it was boring and so was Arthur (he'd still let … Your review has been posted. Please!”, Arthur’s big, blue eyes were open wide as he glared back at his friend. "Merlin, you're bleeding.

He could feel the rough metal grinding against his skin, scraping the flesh away from bone. Arthur took a few slow steps forward, not knowing how big the room might be.

Their discussions went unheard by Merlin, who spent most of the ride home trying to diagnose his own problem. Arthur wanted less than anything to drive himself into Merlin’s mind, even deeper than he had been so far. Arthur stumbled back away from Merlin, shaking like a leaf in a cold breeze.

Several moments later, Gaius walked in, meeting a dazed pair of friends with eyes drooping from tiredness. He couldn't. It is in mine.”. “No one is to know about me. “You’re awake!” Gaius said cheerfully. Alerted of her pursuers’ presence, she ran.

"I believe he said something about the tavern, sire.". The man growled and kicked him in the face, resulting in a sickening crack as Merlin's nose snapped. Gwaine asked. “Thank you,” he had whispered. She was glaring back at Merlin as she went. Oh, right. You don't even notice that Elyan would have gone after Gwen by now if she didn't keep sending him letters begging him to stay. He stared into the dark for a moment, panting desperately. The dagger was wrenched from his mangled hand and the tip forced into his forearm, a few inches above his sore wrist. Everything Arthur had ever said about magic being evil had struck Merlin like a knife to the gut, but he’d still follow him to the ends of the earth. No one was. "Thank you. His knees had given way and he sprawled out on the grass like a ragdoll. However, whatever magic that had him entranced, compelled him to gently place his thumbs on Merlin’s temples.

There they were, frozen and unmoving, Arthur and Merlin staring into each other’s eyes, gazes locked. The two of them locked eyes and seemed to have an entire conversation within just that one look. “Arthur, stop. Together we could've ruled the world.” Arthur’s mind went racing, wondering who and why anyone would say something like that to Merlin. They took effect soon.

His head was lolled on his chest and his body limp. Gwen, on the other hand, was still outside, confused as ever. "Princess, he was hit hard over the head.

For the first time in a year, Arthur laughed. He could feel the rough metal grinding against his skin, scraping the flesh away from bone. It was quiet and fierce, and it ignited instincts in Arthur's mind that wanted nothing more than for him to run. Arthur stepped closer with shaking legs, his friend slowly coming into view. Merlin left. “No, milord, I fear not! She wore a gray cloak that draped over her shoulders hiding her body from view. Another twig snapped and Arthur became sure that there was someone hiding behind the trees. "Thanks, princess." ", Arthur resisted the urge to smack him.

“Helva was just ambushed by Morgana’s men not three days ago,” Arthur told her.

Almost out of breath but the hope of finding Merlin swelling up in his chest, Arthur leaned forward, the woman’s cloak fluttering about his fingertips as he reached out to grab at them. If you proceed you have agreed that you are willing to see such content. Merlin wished he didn’t have to leave his childhood home. You will not be able to rest until it's done.

So it was with reason that Merlin snapped at his king when he complained about having to wake early that morning for training. “Or maybe it’s the giant ego that’s suddenly been aroused within you,” he had said, almost questioningly. But no, it couldn’t have been. "Why? The woman spun around. "Now, what's this about Merlin?"

“He mustn’t be bothered!” the woman denied, as she lifted her cloak and began to walk away. What business could they have so far within our borders?”. Get me a drink. Gaius and I are leaving.

He could hear Merlin’s thoughts of defeat, but then a bitter voice spoke. Merlin smiled and Arthur scoffed. “Please, let us—“ Merlin stopped. I'll stop when magic's legal in Camelot.". The murmurs tumbled from his mouth as he fell into the dark, painless pit of unconsciousness. Please consider turning it on! Merlin tried to read Gaius’ lips but couldn’t. I'm leaving. A collection of one-shots wherein Merlin's talents are revealed.

This worked on his friends, who became none the wiser after the hunting trip.

If you log in you can store your preference and never be asked again. He asked of Arthur, not caring that he was basically showing concern for a servant. Arthur could feel the ache in Merlin’s legs and feebleness of his body as he climbed up the spiral stairs to take cover on the roof. And people call me an idiot?

", Merlin waved a hand. “Please, Arthur,” Merlin pleaded. He could not use his magic.

He wanted to say something. Arthur was just getting ready to walk out of his room when Merlin barged in. He could feel Merlin’s muscles aching and easing into numbness.

“It’ll do you good,” Arthur said with a cheeky smile, but, before Arthur could insist on another round, he was interrupted by the warning bell.

The building was unsteady, the walls leaning in, threatening to collapse on top of them. He gestured the fact that he could mount the horse without help and did so under the careful watch of Arthur and Gwaine. His jaw dropped as he stood before his friend, bearing more scars than he had ever seen on any knight. He just grabbed his still muddy boots, shoved them on his feet, and ran. Arthur and the knights all readied their swords but they too were soon thrown back, conscious, but unable to move.

Post-reveal fic. I got hit over the head with a sword. "I'm a servant, Arthur. His side had begun to hurt again, not incredibly badly, but enough that Merlin was repulsed by the idea of lifting himself up. Your feelings got hurt, you made her leave, and now you miss her. “Well what?” Merlin rolled his eyes. If you accept cookies from our site and you choose "Proceed", you will not be asked again during this session (that is, until you close your browser). Why else would they come so close to the heart of Camelot, if not to find the king? This, of course, didn’t stop him from clattering up a conversation to annoy Arthur along the way. The manservant had been holding a jug of wine. Gwaine knew that Merlin was his friend and didn't care if he showed it.

Merlin’s horse trotted behind Arthur’s, the rider cautiously turning his head for signs of trouble.

. It itched like mad, but he couldn't exactly go running into town without a shirt, and a sense of panic he refused to acknowledge wouldn't let him backtrack to find his own. When the horses were readied and able and the sun began to peek over the horizon, Merlin fled to the kitchens to get Arthur’s breakfast, and then to his chambers to wake him up. 3: Acting- In order to draw out a renegade sorcerer, Merlin and Arthur must act out a ruse- where Merlin plays the part of a sorcerer. "Oh. Arthur could do nothing but let the feelings jet into him. "Of course not. “You saw a sorcerer?”, “That close? Eventually, after several attempts, having to use all their strength, Gwaine and Mordred tore Arthur and Merlin apart. Not now. A wince escaped his mouth as the wounds on his back stung.

Merlin closed his eyes; hoping, dreaming, wishing that someone would come to help him; someone would save him. Time flew by and the pain was coming and going in waves of heat, blood trickling down Merlin’s leg. Merlin’s eyes darted around at his helpless friends as the sorceress carried him away and out of sight. . His body still ached for passion, but his heart was wholly content. The knights were gaining on her and, just when they were about to reach out and grab her, she turned another corner.

Gwaine looked up at him, eyebrows scrunched together. There’s no need to explain yourself.”, A frail, toothy smile gained a place on Merlin’s face. Whispering words that felt like poison. The man gave the knife a sharp twist and Merlin's agonising shrieks worsened. Arthur reached down his hand and helped Merlin off the ground before they all hurried inside. It felt as though they had been torn apart, left a pile of flesh and bone on the floor, pain riveting through their bones in pangs of hot chills. Why not tell one of the knights?

But now they had to be quiet.

It was one thing for his father to dismiss him, for Morgana to turn, but Merlin - He couldn't.

Then I'm your friend. Please, Merlin, I need you, I trust you, please Merlin, please -, "Arthur. Work Search: Others. God, he must have been hit really hard. Be back soon. he slurred. "C'mon Merlin, mate," whispered Gwaine fiercely, pushing the whole of his weight down onto the protesting arm in his grasp. As they went deeper into the abandoned wreck, they began to notice more stability in the structure, straighter walls, stronger support, even a stable set of stairs.


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