medusa joust build 2020
We have to consider his Support in this case...his, Her Aurora Blade helps with her early clear immensely, but you or your Support can turn the minions on her by taking one of the hits as they travel through the minions. I know plenty of those people and Gabi isn't the happiest guy around for sure.

But it's NOT a requirement. No, I'm not a stoner.

This was a premium anticheat I was planning to sell, but things happened and code sucked so I recoded. The high power from Trans, combined with high crit chance and burst potential when comboing with. I'm 5 games into qualifiers this season (about the same as what I did last season, never completed it). Think this would be decent. I'm not saying Evil isn't welcome to show it in his "standard" build. Wish he could heal a bit! Please verify that you are not a bot to cast your vote. This Mary Jane has abilities that enhance or otherwise complement her hotboxing capability. Upgrade increases duration to 10 seconds, and provides a 15% damage reduction buff for 5 seconds.

yes, that's what your items guide says... which is due for an update. He's a CC maniac. In dangerous situations, you'll usually want to withhold Lacerate to use as a possible escape (or chase if the enemy is on the run). Hey,first of all your guide is great,really helped me improve with Medusa a lot.Yet i have a question, (i have tested it and it doesnt seem so bad)what do you think about Soul Eater on Medusa?This would be replacing your life steal item it gives slightly less AD, more mana (if you are going for a poke or teamfight build) and the cdr is good. In an Arena setting, you don't have to worry about winning lane, taking down objectives, etc.

The Fatal Snake (Conquest / Standard ADC), The Transcendent Snake (Conquest Mid / Alt ADC Build). Social … (Don’t you think it’s delaying for too long?)

Her late game is when her power comes fully online, especially when comboing with abilities, to provide huge burst potential against squishy targets. Late-game when Viper Shot and attack speed is high (and especially with crit items), the burst potential is amazing. Alright...let's see. I'll say average for now, but it could be good depending on how aggressive you like to play. She can be easy to poke with. I appreciate any and all comments, suggestions, etc. That's Medusa. There is only one whose hair is made of slithering serpents, only one with skin of scales, and only one whose very gaze can turn man, beast, or God to stone. It'd be great if you're able to stick around SMITEFire =), Hey your making it sound like its work dude!.Although toxicity is a thing,sometimes its part of the fun.Dont let some autist ruin your fun dude, and besides you can take everything witha grain of salt sometimes they are right some times they are wrong but acknowledging that and knowing why fkat out makes you a better player, just tell yourself "its ok,even if i lose, becouse ill climb and he wont" never tell yourself you suck unless its in the heat of the moment you gotta know how good you are becouse you do stuff most people dont even think about it, also PICK A ROLL dont play filler i see you scroll from ad to sup to mid a lot, dont get me wrong variety is good but you should try and master 1 or 2 roles and then take that knoledge to other lanes becouse if you dont you will be wasting time in getting good at a character or a lane instead of getting good at the game.Other than that, i also like playing with friends.


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