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What the cult wants from their captive is for her to speak - to torture her so extremely that she sees the secret that waits after death and can relate it to the cult. Parents Guide. And whether or not the viewer believes she does see something on the other side of the death, the film makes it clear that she has transcended the limitations of the human body.

For the cult’s other victims (explicitly chosen because they are women), the horror of simply being women. In most films, bodily harm and violence seems to be the natural but senseless order of things, but in Martyrs, suffering is given a noble, almost spiritual purpose worth celebrating. | Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Brutally abused, imprisoned, and traumatised since childhood, young Lucie escapes from her captors and befriends Anna: another injured soul at the orphanage. Her queerness, manifest in her devotion to Lucie, is even what brought her to this state. They claimed to be a philosophical society aimed to create martyrs and discover the truth behind the afterlife. It’s probably no surprise, then, that I gravitate more toward films like Martyrs than popular queer media. It’s no coincidence that when we first see the Belfond family, they seem like a perfect, wholesome heteronormative family. The dungeon she’s held in is part of a house belonging to the couple who once tortured Lucie.

The people attending her remark on her considerable resilience, noting that she is still alive. This movie is easily my favorite film that we’ve watched the entire semester and a new entry to add to my list of all-time favorites. Change ). [News] Don't Forget Shudder Drive-In Nights This Week.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The final stage of Anna’s martyrdom, although being unfathomably inhumane, hits us with a unique insight about the horror film process and of transcendence as well. Under those circumstances, what is the dead family's secret?

Lucie (Jessie Pham), who has been missing for over a year, is found hysterical by the side of the road.

A young woman's quest for revenge against the people who kidnapped and tormented her as a child leads her and a friend, who is also a victim of child abuse, on a terrifying journey into a living hell of depravity.

Create a free website or blog at She disappears into an almost literal closet. It’s one of the most depressing films I’ve ever seen, and if we read it as a queer film (which it is), it offers no sense of validation or hope whatsoever. The women of queer history exist on the margins of queer society.

Perhaps the best French-Canadian film to be put in front of us at this side of the 21st century, Martyrs portrays the darkest depths of humanity and hurls us on a journey of melancholy, fear and revenge. Skipping the typical notion of the "martyr" as someone who dies for their beliefs, the film uses the etymological meaning: witness.

I did my PhD on captivity in horror films so that alone fascinates me, but in combination with her own queerness and those overlooked legacies of queer history, Anna’s captivity takes on new meaning. ( Log Out /  Trying to calm Lucie, Anna kisses her, but Lucie pulls away.

As these hauntingly persistent questions demand answers, before long, Anna will learn firsthand that some horrors require transcendence before salvation. Recap with Erin Callahan] S05E05 "The Tale of Prisoners Past", [Book Review] The Other Side Of The Closet Offers 8 Queer Frights, [Review] The Craft: Legacy Honors the Original with a 2020 Vision, [Review] Ten Minutes To Midnight Buried Itself In My Brain. And if you’re a queer gorehound, it’s immensely powerful. But (spoiler alert) the cult never knows what she sees, nor does the viewer. Her own imprisonment and torture occur deeper within the house, as one hidden space reveals another and another and another. But to queer women, it’s painfully recognizable. Nearly fifteen years later, convinced that she has finally found her fiendish tormentors, Lucie decimates an entire family, as horrible visions of an emaciated and deformed creature haunt her. Fifteen years after a horrifying experience of abduction and prolonged torture, Lucie embarks on a bloody quest for revenge against her oppressors. The combination of gory violence and religious vocabulary in Martyrs appealed to that part of me that will forever be negotiating my youth in a fire-and-brimstone town.

The queer storyline in Martyrs is short and possibly unrequited.

The house holds a great secret the Belfonds can never let be known, and Anna is abducted into that secret space. Although there is no evidence of sexual abuse, Lucie bears the signs of repeated injury and neglect. Ultimately, beneath all the brutality, the story shows the danger of the unspoken self.

The representations of queerness that were popular when I was a teenager were so unlike the lives available to the queer people there that they seemed like bad science fiction. What can we say about our experiences that lend power to them? Queer history shows us the importance of speakability (see: every early queer scholar ever). Extreme horror gets a bad rap even from some other horror fans, but it’s one of my favorite subgenres. Martyrs was always going to draw me in.

Here, at the end of her connection to the living world, it isn't physical pain she feels but the loss of the woman she loved, whose memory in that moment guides her to stop fighting and eventually become the martyr.

But when Lucie and Anna investigate further, they discover that they've only scratched the surface of an unspeakably vile secret organization.

I think that of all the torture scenes, the most terrifying and brutal one is when Anna gets flayed alive. It’s about the horror of simply existing: for Lucie, as an abuse victim. A now-skinless Anna is hung by a rack under hot lights.

The film begins with a young girl, Lucie, as she escapes from a disused abattoir where she has been imprisoned and physically abused for a lengthy period of time.

While there’s a rich history of queer men, many records of queer women that should be there simply aren’t.

The rebuffed kiss occurs in the smallest room of the house. Along with her childhood friend, Anna, who also suffered abuse, she quickly descends, without hope, into madness and her own delusions.

Welcome to Gayly Dreadful, your one stop shop for all things gay and dreadful and sometimes gayly dreadful. Visibility also has significance to the plot. Even though its result is Anna’s destruction, I see a queer reclamation in that moment.

Moreover, Anna’s body itself has been queered. Anna’s care for Lucie's corpse and another captive, Sarah, occurs within the privacy of the house's walls, and once the cult members find her there, she never has the opportunity to even try to escape outdoors. As Anna becomes a martyr, a “witness” to the truth that lies beyond life on earth, it appears as though something so profoundly beautiful can still emerge out of something tragic.

Later, once Lucie is dead, Anna’s mother expresses disapproval of Lucie, calling her a bad influence and a “pervert.” It’s the kind of relationship that straight critics and audiences often refuse to acknowledge as queer or overlook altogether.

Plot Keywords I grew up in a rural Appalachian community where religion permeated the landscape itself. What do others call us? The final stage of Anna’s martyrdom, although being unfathomably inhumane, hits us with a unique insight about the horror film process and of transcendence as well.

Trying to calm Lucie, Anna kisses her, but Lucie pulls away. I realized this when I got the opportunity to actually study queer history in college. ... Anna is taken to a surgeon and is flayed alive. Extreme horror, when done well, has its own queer value. Martyrs features some truly sickening gory scenes and inhumane torture sequences, yet managing to same something quite beautiful about the strength of the human spirit and the afterlife. But for me, it’s been a cathartic way of confronting trauma and fear - of the world around me, of myself.

For Anna, as queer. As part of her torture, her captors depersonalize her, remaining silent and seeing her only when feeding and beating her. |

There’s no uplifting love story in this gory 2008 New French Extremity film, no victorious Final Girl, no sense that wrongs have at least been righted. It speaks what normally isn’t spoken and reveals what isn’t normally seen. I’m glad we ended this class with a film that exceeded my expectations. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Tosha Rach is a writer, academic, and occasional performance artist currently living in New York. Queer people have historically been told they should not or do not exist, yet we exist, and we keep existing. Horror in general lends itself to queerness due to its fascination with otherness and alienation.

Is Anna destined to be a glorious martyr? is a trusted favorite for tourists visiting Italy. Martyrs is a masterfully executed artistic expression with an ending that leaves us wondering, “What happens next?” The answer, I believe, is a mystery that we can only find out once we get there.


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