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Skills are divided by Job, Class (Warrior, Magician, Bowman, Thief, Pirate), and Shared Skills. Opening the V Matrix. This system will allow you to customize your skills so that you can choose what skills to work on. Once the enhanced Node reaches 100% EXP, you can upgrade it to the next Rank. However, the reason the Maple World is the happy place it is today, is due to the efforts of six selfless heroes who fought the Black Mage, sealed him away, and brought peace and prosperity to the Maple World. Close. © 2020 NEXON Korea Corporation and NEXON America Inc. All Rights Reserved, Player Link & Media. Note that the Special Node will also last 7 days. You can disassemble Nodes of your choice via Nodecrafting, creating Node Shards which can then be used to craft new Nodes and Nodestones. Double clicking a node inside your active V matrix slots will unequip the node and likewise double clicking the nodes in your V inventory will equip the node. So an ideal setup would be two nodes with those three said skills. The tests are as follows: Once you complete the tests of each goddess, you will have an Arcane Stone from each one. Equip Nodes on the V Matrix to obtain 5th Job skills. ( Log Out /  To enhance a Boost Node, the top skill on the trio must be identical to one that you want to use to enhance the skill (for example, if you have a node with Song of Heaven, Trifling Wind III, and Storm Bringer (in order), you can use any node that has Song of Heaven as the top skill to enhance it.). When you complete the 5th job advancement, you will now receive the new 5th job skill as well. V Matrix. 2. This will also you to level each individual node up to Level 30 (giving a total of Level 60 between 2 Boost Nodes). The concept behind skill nodes and special nodes are quite simple so I will be focusing on enhancement nodes for this guide. 103 votes, 54 comments. ( Log Out /  Brandish Perform a double attack on enemies in front of you. You can find a Node's current Rank by the number above and the number of stars below the Node icon, and a Node's current EXP can be found by clicking on it inside the V Matrix. Nodes can be obtained by opening node stones that drop from all monsters in arcane river. As shown above, the same three skills are enhanced except the main skill is different, the first node has blade clone as the main skill, while the second has phantom blow. To disassemble a node, talk to a Node Master, and you can disassemble any nodes you do not need, and you will receive Node Shards based on the type of nodes. With these shards, you can craft a node of your choose, or a Nodestone for 35 shards. A dual blade wants to max out their phantom blow, asura, and hidden blade for bossing. Swordman – Warrior 1st Job Skills. To disassemble useless nodes or to craft a desired node, you can talk to the node masters in either vanishing journey or chu chu island. User account menu. You can only enhance Skill Nodes and Boost Nodes. It is all up to you how to max out your skills. First, he will have you defeat 10 Happy Erdas without any Arcane Power (dealing 10% damage due to the lack of Arcane Power) to show you how tough the enemies are. Press J to jump to the feed.

Instinctual Combo skill node . and Decent Holy Symbol skill node. I am currently using: Burning Soul Blade skill node.

That wraps up the guide on the V matrix! ( Log Out /  Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Most classes will have 3 or more skills they want to level up so ideally you would want all 3 skills in a node to be useful. For the sake of this guide, I’m going to use Dual Blades as an example. Enhance Nodes to increase the skill level. Special Nodes can only be equipped on 1 slot within the V Matrix. Once you equip Boost Nodes, skills that correspond to Boost Nodes get enhanced. What this means is you want two sets of skills at level 25 so they add up to 50, or 3 sets at level 16/17, but you want to optimize your V matrix slots.

The V Matrix is what all classes in game work with regarding 5th job Advancement. An excessively detailed … 103. A total of 3 skills make up a single Boost Node. The V Matrix is what all classes in game work with regarding 5th job Advancement. Speed infusion increases attack speed and erda nova can bind monsters and makes both of them very useful at bossing. Rankings.

Node stones will more likely give skills for your class but does occasionally give out useless nodes. Special skill nodes expire after a week and usually are not useful enough to include in the V matrix. Bellocan. The V matrix is a skill system obtained after completing the 5th job advancement. You can view the activation requirement/effects on the tooltip. The amounts are as follows: The Boost Node you craft will be based on the top skill that you are trying to upgrade. 2 years ago. However, the problem lies in that you can only have one main skill node active at one time. The Rank of a Skill Node determines the level of the obtained skill. Class nodes:These are any nodes that are specific to your class; all of the class specific skills are incredibly strong and usually very useful. I have some recommendation for skill nodes if you are just starting out. Once you have achieved this, you will pass the Temple Keeper's test, and send you back to the Memory Keeper. ( Log Out /  You can select multiple Skills to equip on the V Matrix Slots. V Matrix Summary: Obtain Nodes through Nodestones. MapleStory Wiki ... V Matrix: A deck system on which you can manage the 5th Job skills. Ex: If a Rank 2 Skill Node is equipped, then the subsequent Skill will be Lv. When the node levels up, all three skills will receive the damage buff. Once you reach Level 200, the Memory Keeper will contact you to see if you're ready to attempt the 5th Job Advancement. There has been evil in the past, most noticeably the evil Black Mage. You can only fill up one stone at a time. For each stone you fill, you will be given a Goddess EXP Potion, granting you an additional 500,000,000 EXP each as a reward for filling up each stone. You must have have a minimum of 100 Star Force, as well as a minimum of 10 Stars on your weapon. The disassembled nodes will turn into node shards which you can use to craft your own nodes. EXP is gained by consuming a Node of the same type as the target node to enhance it.

It is quite a unique skill system in that you can add and customize your own skill window and replace them as needed. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. At levels 20 and 40, your skills will also gain special effects such as +crit rate or +targets hit (shown below). It is quite a unique skill system in that you can add and customize your own skill window and replace them as needed. Finally, the Memory Keeper will teach you about Arcane Power, which is needed to damage enemies in the area created by the Black Mage with the Erda's power, Arcane River. You can obtain Nodestones from any monster in the Arcane River region, as well as from other players or in special events. 76.6k members in the Maplestory community. Archived. You can view the skill to enhance on the tooltip. There are three types of Nodes based on their characteristics: Skill Nodes, Boost Nodes, and Special Nodes. Characters who have advanced to their 5th Job Advancement will be able to utilize the V Matrix system, allowing them to equip Nodes on their V Matrix to obtain new skills or enhance specific skills, and even raise the power of those skills through Node enhancements! He will then lend you a plain Arcane Symbol that cannot level up, but will be acceptable for the time being as you help Kao out in the first area, Vanishing Journey... To learn more about Arcane Symbols, visit this page. Players start with four unlocked V matrix slots and as they level up from 200, every 5 levels will open up a new slot. Nodes that are initially obtained from Nodestones are Rank 1 and have 0 EXP. The V matrix is a skill system obtained after completing the 5th job advancement. MapleStory Hero Video. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. You can equip Nodestones by dragging them to a Node or double-clicking on them, and they can be removed by double-clicking on them.

Enhance Nodes to increase the skill level. V matrix has three types of nodes. A popup will show up with all the available nodes you can use to enhance your skill. You can directly move to the information you want by searching it with [Ctrl + F]. Holy symbol increases exp and drop rate when training while rope lift increases mobility for classes without a vertical jump skill. Rope Lift skill node. He will allow you to access The Erda Flow, which tells you that the Black Mage is trying to harness the energy of the Erda. Log in sign up. The official Reddit community for the MMORPG MapleStory. Nodes can gain EXP to progress up to the next Rank. The Memory Keeper will tell you that you can fill up each Arcane Stone with 500,000,000 (500 million) EXP. So you would need skill nodes with the three exact same skills but with different main skills. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. The four skills listed above are all incredibly useful.


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