mako shark weight

Even though great white sharks are bigger, speedy makos hold more allure for fishermen, according to Field and Stream, for these reasons : (2006) aged 258 shortfin mako specimens and recorded: Similar, validated age findings were made (median age at maturity in males 7–9 years, median age at maturity in females 19–21 years, longevity estimates 29 years and 28 years respectively) in New Zealand waters.[27]. [20], Its endothermic constitution partly accounts for its relatively great speed. [32] This mako is regularly blamed for attacks on humans and, due to its speed, power, and size, it is certainly capable of injuring and killing people. [26] Natanson et al. [12] However, this estimate was created using photos of the shark and not at the time of capture so this estimate must be taken with reasonable caution. The largest adults may approach 4.5 metres (14.8 feet) in length and exceed 500 kg (about 1,100 pounds) in weight. [4], "Mako shark" redirects here. "I would say it was at least 11ft and had an enormous girth. My guess would be that it weighed between 800lbs and 1,200lbs. Encyclopaedia Britannica's editors oversee subject areas in which they have extensive knowledge, whether from years of experience gained by working on that content or via study for an advanced degree.... …bite is extremely powerful; a mako shark (, …a line of ancient broad-toothed mako sharks—starting with. It has two dorsal fins but the second one is much smaller than the first one, as well as two pectoral fins shorter than the length of the head. Both species are easily identified due to their strange (and mean looking) teeth. [6][7] Richard Taylor's A leaf from the natural history of New Zealand (1848) is more elaborate: "Mako, the shark which has the tooth so highly prized by the Maoris". [26] Natanson et al. The current record for a rod-caught mako shark in UK waters stands at 500lbs and dates back to 1971. (2011), List of common commercial fish of Sri Lanka, "Maori language – a glossary of useful words from the language of the Maori New Zealand", FLMNH Ichthyology Department: Shortfin Mako, "1,323-pound shark caught off coast of Huntington Beach", "A Huge Shortfin Mako Isurus oxyrinchus rafinesque, 1810 (Chondrichthyes: Lamnidae) From the Waters of Marmaris, Turkey", "The Shark Gallery – Shortfin Mako Shark (, "Shortfin Mako sharks(Isurus oxyrinchus)", "Open Ocean: the Blue DesertShortfin Mako", "Food, Feeding Habits, and Estimates of Daily Ration of the Shortfin Mako (Isurus oxyrinchus ) in the Northwest Atlantic", "Shortfin Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus)",, "Monstrous mako shark hops on boat, gets itself stuck, dramatic video shows".

However, this species will not generally attack humans and does not seem to treat them as prey. As this would have meant killing the shark Rob decided against this and released it back into the sea. [14], Shortfin mako sharks consume 3% of their weight each day and take about 1.5–2.0 days to digest an average-sized meal. For example, the United Nations Fish Stock Agreement (UNFSA), demands countries to create conservation strategies and follow the International Plan of Action for the Conservation and Protection of sharks, recommending a continuous assessment of the status of the shark populations, which also includes the mako shark.


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