lyretail molly pregnant

The top and bottom of the fin narrow into points which trail behind the rest of the fish. If any of the fry did not survive, then make use of a net to remove it from the fish tank. Transfer the fry few at a time so that you do not overcrowd the trap. The best way to keep mollies is in a group as they are very social.

Hi! In a tank that is too big, the fry have difficulty locating their food.

And usually a day or 2 before (in my experience) the mom will start to hide and act very territorial.

When should you put a pregnant molly in a breeding box on a ten gallon tank... My molly fish is pregnant when will she give birth? Add a simple sponge filter or any other appropriate filtration for the size of your tank. White balloon molly gave birth to 8 fry, with my Male dalmatian lyretail.

What other fish can mollies peacefully live with? So being on top of their schedule is important. First, you should make use of your breeding trap and then transfer the fry a few at a time to your normal tank. Mollies give birth to live babies. When I notice this behavior I add one of the small, but not smallest, terra cotta posts (I swear, I love these things:P) and tip it on its side. Keep an eye on the fry in your fish tank. Is my white molly pregnant or just fat?? Different finnage altogether.... the male looks like a sailfin maybe. Habitat and Tank Conditions. This will be a little hard to notice if you have black mollies. Feed the fry several times a day and always give them a pinch of food.

Let us know!

This will isolate the mother fish from her fry and keep her within the box.

Live food such as brine shrimp, tubifex and bloodworm are also good additions to their meal plan. As the male matures the Anal fin develops into a structure for reproduction called the Gonopodium. You should also provide the fish tank with ample lighting, stones, and snags, etc. Another balloon belly molly, is she pregnant?

Babies? they have been swimming around together, and the male was kinda poking at her belly, i was wondering is she is pregnant, and how many babies will be born? Carefully observe the progress of your fry. When my mollies are about to pop, I throw in 3 or 4 of the smallest pots, upside down. If that is not available, you can also use high-quality flake food that is ground into a powder as well as baby brine shrimp.

The warmer the water, the shorter the gestation will be. If anyone of the fry seems to be under stress, then move it back into the nursery tank and allow it to adapt before moving it again into the larger tank. I cant tell from that shot.

It can be 6 weeks, it can be 8 weeks. For successful breeding, it is important to keep one male with multiple females.

what a beautiful looking molly, I think she might be pregnant, but as Joni says, its hard to tell from that angle. If you plan on raising the molly babies to adulthood, then you will have to choose from a couple of options to prevent the female molly from eating the newly born fry. The fry grow very rapidly and will eagerly accept fine flake food.

Other popular mollies include the Dalmatian, Balloon, Red, White and Orange. It doesn't seem right to me to keep a fish confined to a small box for a long time. My fish don’t know there’s food in the tank. When you want to move the fry into the larger tank, just submerge the breeding trap into the water of the large tank and open the door. Hi! I cant tell from that shot. The breeding scenario is really affected by the male to female ratio of your fish tank.

I found this by googling lyretail molly fish.

My platy has been 'pregnant' for about 35 days. Does the tank size affect the growth of the molly fry? Thank you,she´s very beautiful Okej, she will probably be pregnant soon with males in the tank Are these two different types of mollys? A swollen belly and dark line at the underside of the molly are sure told signs that your molly is pregnant.

Do I need an air pump? If she drops a big batch of fry, many of them will be eaten. If you want to keep the mother molly with its fry, then opt for a larger tank. And most people seems to say their gestation is 4 weeks, but Ive noticed with my mollies it seems to be closer to 6 weeks. At that point, the fry will be as big as the mouth of the adult molly fish. The behavior of the molly fish changes if it is kept in a small overcrowded tank.

Mollies are actually one of the most popular and loved fish species among aquamarine enthusiasts. Been like this almost 3-4 weeks. Should I use a bubbler or an air stone? Mollies are actually very messy and they are constantly moving around and eating. But it ranges from anywhere between 2 and 60. Use a net to collect the leftover food.

Another thing you can do is make your own filter modification. The 3rd fish in the background, is that a platy? When you reach home, do not immediately empty the fry carrying bag into your fish tank.

The number of fry is variable due to the size differences in the species, but in larger females can number well over one hundred. If you want most of the babies to survive, the best cover Ive found is a mix of fine live plants like hornwort and java moss (its fairly cheap), and to add those little terracotta pots to your tank. This will be easier for the fry to eat.

Female Lyretail Mollies have a rounded caudal fin (anal fin), and they also have a pregnancy spot. The more decorations and plants you have in your aquarium, the safer the molly will feel. I love Molly, I gave them up as I just struggle with overpopulation, my issue not theirs. I like plants because a female will often times hide in them when giving birth and it will allow for near instant cover for the fry. When they are getting close to giving birth, they will "Box Out" Meaning their bellies will take on a more flat appearance. Keep a close eye on them and mark your calendar when you see signs on pregnancy. You may need about 5 watts for every gallon of water in your fish tank. They are the same size, Yes. If you want to save the fry, I recommend getting some plants (fake or real) that are short and tightly packed together. Mollies are known to stay civil with other fish. You can easily purchase suitable food in local pet stores which are prepared especially for the fry. Do not squeeze the bag to push the fry out and do not dump the bag into the water of the large fish tank. There should be enough room for the fry to freely move around. Please tell is my molly fish is pregnant ?

Mollies are more comfortable in water that is a little warm.

The majority of the mollies kept in aquariums are short finned as they are easier to care for. If you want to direct your fry into the breeding tank then slowly allow the water flow from the plastic bag to the breeding trap to prevent any fry from going into the bigger aquarium.


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