list of shark attacks

Victim:     Eric Tarantino, age 27 (male) Shark type: Link & video, December 28, 2014 Actions:    nearby beaches closed. :    Lifeguard with red flag wetsuit color: n/a In the aftermath of the attack, beaches around Buzzards Bay were deserted and swimming came to a halt along much of the Massachusetts coast, the newspaper reported. [MAP] Non-fatal and unprovoked 3 Adrien Dubosc, age 28, was bodyboarding with friends in the off-limits area near 11 a.m. when he was mauled by the shark. Non-fatal and unprovoked 21 Shark type unknown. Non-fatal and unprovoked 3 Bitten in upper torso area. [MAP] near Right Point at Fishery Bay, South Australia, Australia. Lacerations from hip to right shoulder through a wetsuit. Surfboard color: white, with black decals. Fatal and unprovoked 4, Total Unprovoked 12 August 1, 2014 Shark type: Unknown, but at least 8-foot range (2.4 meters) or greater.

Shark type: Bull shark, 6 meters Article: Vero Beach, Florida, U.S.A. Links:    n/a, When:    Tuesday, October 23, 2012 It is possible that he drowned before being consumed. Victim taken to hospital, and died a few days later. :    Victim interviewed in hospital. Time of Day:      ~??:? wetsuit color: n/a Signs were posted. Victim:     Karin Stei, age 47 (female)

When:    Saturday, March 31, 2012 Franzman was attacked at approximately 8:15 a.m. while swimming in 15–20 feet (4.6–6.1 m) of water 75 yards (69 m) off Avila Pier, Marcher disappeared while surfing at Velzyland, the, Fry was killed while diving for abalone with a friend in 15–20 feet (4.6–6.1 m) of water 150 feet (46 m) from shore off, Daigle was killed while swimming with a friend on boogie boards about 200 yards (180 m) off a beach in. Stilbaai, Western Cape province, South Africa Near 5 p.m., while victim surfed with others in large swell, was attacked by a shark.

June 10, 2014 Injury or Fatality:    Fatal. Color of surfboard:     white shortboard Select an item in the list below to view a summary of incidents in that country.

Shark type: 4 meters length. Just before 9 a.m., 65-year-old Thomas Smiley from California was attacked by a shark while swimming about 60 yards off Ka’anapali Beach. Non-fatal and unprovoked 3 Shark type: likely juvenile Great White, 1.8 meters length (5.9 ft.), July 31, 2015 Victim is at hospital in serious condition.

Victim swam to a nearby SUP surfer for help. Body recovered. Where:     article The Black Cat's owner, Hubert Fisher, jumped into his dinghy and, with the help of the other swimmer, Walter Stiles of Boston, got the boy aboard and took him to the beach. Matt Lee, age 32, was bodyboarding with friends near 10 a.m. Actions:    n/a Time of Day:      ~1240h local time The surfboard was undamaged, Fanning had no injuries, and was even calm enough to give a quick interview. Victim is in hospital recovering. The surf contest was suspended for the day. Article: ... Dad 'punched' shark ... May 25, 2019 Shark type: likely Great White Fatal and unprovoked 17, Total Unprovoked 27 Surfer swam to shore. 20-year old woman. Photos or Videos? victim in critical condition. Knocked overboard and killed by a shark near Fernandina Beach. Fix was killed while surf fishing in waist-deep water at Andy Bowie Park, Kametami was swept out to sea while picking, Gibson was attacked at about 1:30 p.m. roughly 33 yards (30 m) from shore while attempting to swim across, This victim lost at sea when his boat capsized in the waters between the Hawaiian islands of, Swept out to sea by strong surf, Reathaford was bodyboarding at, While adrift after the yacht he was in caught on fire and sank, Horne was killed by a shark in the, Carter was killed by a school of small sharks while swimming in the Back River on the southern end of, Conger died from blood loss after being attacked by sharks when her fishing boat sank off the coast of, Nakaima was presumed to have been killed while scuba diving for, This victim disappeared while fishing from shore at, Garletts disappeared while scuba diving and spearfishing at a depth of 60–80 feet (18–24 m) in murky, choppy water at, A catamaran Wapniarski was riding on had capsized the night before off of, Boren was attacked on December 19 while surfing alone at South, He was caught in a tropical storm along with John Lippoth, Meg Cooney, Brad Cavanagh, and, Conger was attacked at 8:30 a.m. while free-diving for abalone with a friend, Chris Rehm, 33, in 15 feet (4.6 m) of water about 164 yards (150 m) from shore near Pigeon Point, between, This victim was presumed to have been killed by a shark in the, Chandler was fishing from the rocky shore at, Kennedy was presumed to have been killed by a shark while swimming out to an anchored sailboat near, This victim's 21-foot (6.4 m) powerboat capsized in turbulent water off the coast of, Martin was killed while snorkeling around Shell Island near, Tamara McAllister, 24, Roy Jeffrey Stoddard, 24, McAllister was killed while kayaking off the coast of, This victim was scuba diving with a partner at a depth of 27 feet (8.2 m), about 750 feet (230 m) from shore near the, Tanaka was scuba diving and spearing parrotfish with his partner, Jake Hernandez, at a depth of 40 feet (12 m), about 600 feet (180 m) from the shore. during surfing contest. Where:     After the attack, fellow surfers removed victim from water. Kāʻanapali, Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A. Pointe au Sel, Reunion Island :    n/a

Waterman:     bodyboarder Killed by a shark while gathering fish stunned by dynamite in Mana, Kauai, Hawaii. German tourist loses arm in shark attack. Surfers swam to shore. Shark type: n/a Victim survived injuries and was released from hospital. Non-fatal and unprovoked 1 Photos or Videos? Using an old wooden door as a stretcher, neighbors carried the badly injured teen to a car and he was rushed to the hospital. Sand Spit Beach in Montana de Oro State Park, California, United States of America. Stratham Beach, Busselton, Western Australia, Australia Time of Day:     "afternoon" local time . Shark tore surfer's wetsuit near hip. Other comments:   Victim was snorkeling 229 meters (250 yards) offshore when bitten. Suspected Species of Shark:     unknown Kelton Beardall, age 15, finished a surf ride, and stepped off his board onto a shark. link with pictures. :     Victim:     Joshua Holley, age 28 (male) Oct. 7, 2013 Fort Macon State Park, North Carolina, U.S.A. Fatal and unprovoked 4, Total Unprovoked 6 March 30, 2016 Suspected Species of Shark:    Tiger Shark (4.6 m, or 15 ft. length) :    photo of victim on stretcher; video news report, bite-marks on surfboard. Shark bite was minor injury, but he suffered a heart attack afterwards and died 6 hours later … . Unknown, possibly Great White, Blue, or Oceanic White Tip. Abe McGrath, age 35. Ryan Boarman, age 24. Victim was conscious, driven by car to an ambulance, then taken to a Perth hospital. Waterman:     surfer Chris Blowes, age 26, was surfing 350 meters offshore near 10 a.m. Leg bitten off. Link1. Color of surfboard:     n/a When:    Wednesday, March 14, 2012 Photos or Videos? Tadashi Nakahara, male surfer, 41, attacked while sitting on surfboard offshore around 10h00. In its wreckage that later washed up, the remains of a man were found, partly eaten by sharks. Non-fatal and unprovoked 1 Links:    n/a, When:    Saturday, October 27, 2012 Swimmer was taken to shore, but could not be revived. Killed while fishing for red drum at Ocracoke Inlet, North Carolina. Fatal and unprovoked 24, Total Unprovoked 78 Photos or Videos? Shark type: unk Victim paddled to beach, where others put his legrope around his injury to slow the bleeding. Suspected Species of Shark:     unknown article, July 19, 2015 Snorkeler killed. Surfboard had bite marks. Jay Scrivner.

Victim:     Alexandre Rassica, age 22 (male) Sunrise/Sunset:     0547h local time :     Time of Day:      ~??:? Injury or Fatality:    Leg bitten. Cocos Island, Costa Rica Shark type: Great White Shark, 2.7 m length. Victim underwent surgery, and his arm was saved. December 31, 2017 Victim recovering in hospital. A large chunk of foam was taken from the midsection of her surfboard (34 cm / 13.5 in. Beach signs were posted.

This list shows selected shark attacks worldwide (most recent at top). Surfboard color: unknown wetsuit color: n/a [MAP] thigh injury, non-fatal.

Waterman:     beachgoer Shark type: White Shark. The shark bit him twice on left foot.

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Time of Day:      1540h local time Most shark attacks are on men According to Nat Geo Wild, 93 percent of shark attacks from 1580 to 2010 were on boys or men. Snorkel diving with a tour group, died after being bitten on both legs by a tiger shark. wetsuit color: n/a wetsuit color: black Kihei, Maui, Hawaii, U.S.A. Murky water, hazy skies. Non-fatal and unprovoked 4 . Non-fatal and unprovoked 16 Other comments:   No one witnessed attack.

This video Link1, November 23, 2013, 9:05am Waterman:     diver Falcon Beach near Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia Deep lacerations to lower thighs. Select an item in the list below to view a summary of incidents in that country. Links:    Surfer in Western Australia survives shark attack [news article], When:    Tuesday, July 31, 2012 0720h local time Photos or Videos? Shark also bit surfer's left hand. Non-fatal and unprovoked 2 Actions:    beach closed. Wedge Island, Western Australia, Australia On shore, people put a legrope around his leg to slow the bleeding. Suspected Species of Shark:     Great White Shark (4-5 m, or 14.8 ft. length) Suspected Species of Shark:     Tiger Shark (3 m, or 10 ft. length) He tried to fight off the shark, injuring his hands too.


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