list of app notification icons
When you read the message, it should dissappear. I am unsure of what the symbols on the wifi signal is Copyright 2020, Sensors Tech Forum. I thought it was Google nearby, but nearby was turned off. That should be NFC. Especially when using a new Android device, after Software updates or the installation of a new app, it's possible that you recognize new symbols or signs in the notification bar from which you don't know the meaning, yet. Bitte sagen sie mir wofür es steht! It says here that the icon image has expired. The new symbol is in the upper left corner of the uploaded picture.

Oh yea, check the above comments. 5 Anyone who wants to can participate. I’m using gionee F103 android phone I’m seeing an symbol close to the 4g upload download signal that’s unfamiliar to me and I’m unable to see the recent call list if I open the call button. It is to the left of my wifi signal and cell signal icons. This is the first time I hear of such Icon. I have data capabilities when the dot is present. I haven’t seen it on any lists yet unless I overlooked it. You can turn it off from your Data menu in Settings. – Ryan Conrad Feb 16 '15 at 21:26 Hi I was wondering what the icon is .on the left of the 45.

She restarted the phone and the icon was gone. You can see an example of what we mean in the image below, which shows Huawei's EMUI 8.0. Let me know if you find out.

It looks like a triangle with an upside down arrow inside. This will open a small menu where you can choose how you want to be notified by the app. If you press and hold down an icon, you will enter the settings for this function. the right. 3.Copy the generated upload link and send it in the comments.

I also can’t find it anywhere online. Hallo. The reason i am asking is because you could have had your phone accidentally connect to a Bluetooth or wireless mouse and this could be the indicator that a mouse is connected. ). If you are an Android noob coming from Apple or just bought a new mobile you might want to know the meaning of all the icons. How to do a simple calculation on VASP code? When you go into the internet, open a page or download a file, your network usage increases and this is the actual speed which is used, this is why it changes from 0 K/S to 160K/S (for example). The H, respectively stands for HSPDA or High-Speed Downlink Packet access – basically 3G, but a bit faster. I have a symbol that looks like a spider with a T inside it???!! I have a XIA OMI A2 Lite and in the status bar at the top is a DOT icon.

Try to do an update or restart your phone to default configuration from settings after backing up your files. Check your apps, it could be some trigger icon from an app. This icon is very similar to the Location icon and it means that the GPS technology on your device is turned on. On the left upper corner of my Samsun S7, when I make a call, at the right side of phone icon, for a short time appears a flower icon, something like a daisy. You can turn that off under settings if you lime. Hello, Malcolm. I can upload a screenshot if required. I have a screenshot of an icon but not sure how to upload it. Thank you. On the screenshot you can see the different symbols and notifications icons on your Android phone. This icon has a gradient color and cannot be edited.

Hello, Sonia, it is not easy to help with so little information, but from what it seems, this hand could mean that you have enabled or tinkered with Gestures for your smartphone. Behold the evil of manufacturer skins who deviate into the paths of confusion and self-prioritization over user choice and control. It appears to be a “history” symbol yet I don’t know of anything that supports that. As far as I know nothing is muted if that is what is says (too small to read). Hola, en las fotos me aparece 3 barritas en la parte inferior izquierda sobre la foto, que podrá ser? These small design changes can, unfortunately, create confusion. Please reload CAPTCHA. You can turn it off in the drop down menu. Social media platforms (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, etc), Select your favorite social network and share our icons with your contacts or friends, if you do not have these social networks copy the link and paste it in the one you use, If you have any other questions, please check the FAQ section. It is an open standard that is maintained by a nonprofit organization.

3 across and 3 down. Depuis hier des chiffres défilent dans la barre de notification de mon téléphone Honor 6X et je n’arrive pas a savoir ce que c’est. The Apps notifications menu will list your installed apps. Whilst these customizations don't fundamentally change the way the status and notification icons look or react, you can often find options that are exclusive to the software you are running. ColorOS 11 (Beta) Review: right up there with the best? An icon appeared today to the left of the Wi-Fi icon it looks like a keyboard. Anybody know what this means?

In the upper left corner, there is a triangle pointing to the right with a check mark inside it. It’s a circle with the arrow pointing around 1 o’clock position. Try factory resetting your phone. LG G8 - I have an icon that just starting showing up on the status bar. ik mijn drop screen naar brenden haal verschijnt er een nieuw icoon een batterij met een soort van recycle icoontje erin. Because I have few applications and I do not install any trash. What does it mean? I think that this icon may mean that you have received an sms message of some sort and have not read it yet. It basically means the Near Field Communication. I have a symbol on Android and cannot find it anywhere online. In the top left corner of the handset in the screenshot there is a number 3. Email icon. Let’s begin! At least this is a start, I myself had no luck when I contacted Kyocera back on January 3rd when the icon first appeared on my phone. Can you please upload an image and link it here so I can answer? Upgrade to save unlimited icons. Paste this link on the website where your app is available for download or in the description section of the platform or marketplace you’re using. How does one make these icons big enough to see? Me aparece un icono que dice HD en un cuadradito, What does this icon mean. I think that the Wi-Fi symbol with an S indicates the type of coverage involves. Das dritte von links oben im Status-bar!

What is the hand and dot notification mean? if I can’t upload image its an open circle with square bottom left corner, with two solid shapes inside circle, one about 1/3 of circle, bottom left, other about 1/4 of circle right edge. I hope the icon disappears by then. For more information, please read our Terms of Use before using the content. So, if you listen to music via Spotify or Google Play Music, the corresponding icon will be displayed permanently. Somebody knows what does it mean the circle in the screenshoot below in the status /notification bar? As far as I know, this could be related to a booking you have made for a hotel from an app and the app is aiming to notify you. Stack Exchange network consists of 176 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. All rights reserved. Can you tell what does it means of *stop left hand* icon shown on my notifications bar? cosa vuol dire? Hey Check your weather app from the time and date. I have a Galaxy J7 2016 and just noticed this icon recently. This means you can make HD voice/video calls over your (4G) LTE network without any 3rd party apps. This icon means that your TTY accessibility is switched on. source: Have you ever seen a notification or an icon that you just can't figure out the meaning of? Can anyone tell me what the square next to the wifi is? i have a lg k51 icon thats a phone handset facing up with a half circle above it and i cant see what written in the middle but its on in notification bar on right hand side next to wifi singnal cant find it anywhere please help. No one at Verizon or Kyocera knows either. This icon means that you can save on your data usage by going into the data settings on your device. Hello. The Android Icons List The Plus in a Circle Icon. Hi. The free images are pixel perfect to fit your design and available in both png and vector. The Android robot logo is a trademark of Google Inc. Android is a trademark of Google Inc. Android Enthusiasts Stack Exchange works best with JavaScript enabled, Start here for a quick overview of the site, Detailed answers to any questions you might have, Discuss the workings and policies of this site, Learn more about Stack Overflow the company, Learn more about hiring developers or posting ads with us.

Download over 7,429 icons of notification in SVG, PSD, PNG, EPS format or as webfonts. It appears more often when the phone is in sleep mode for a long time, but sometimes when I use it. This icon aims to tell you that you have successfully made a screenshot on the screen of your phone by pressing a key combination. Insert the attribution line close to where you're using the resource. I have a Galaxy S7 and just noticed this icon recently. I am not sure, but this is for people with listening problems and could be related to some sort of mode that is for deaf people. I am curious to know what this little icon means. The picture of icons indicates the status of your Android smartphone: Android Status bar Symbols and Notification icons, Motorola Razr – Display and Notification icons Guide, Nokia Lumia 620 – Notification bar icon Guide for Windows Phone 8, Error “This identity cannot be opened with this version of Outlook” in Outlook 2011. Huawei has its EMUI, Oppo has ColorOS and OnePlus uses its OxygenOS. This allows you to enable and disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other options. Android System Icons List (Top Screen) – What Do They Mean? Thank you. This is also known as "single sign on".

It can be hard to make sense of all the symbols even for novice users. Please! Even linking to the other questions that relate to specific icons. Dynamic Notification lets you check your notifications without even unlocking your smartphone. (BT – bluetooth). Ik have a downloadsymbol with next to it a red dot. Could you provide the source in your answer? Huawei P20 Pro is showing an icon that looks like a speedometer. If you see this icon, do not worry – you are not in a call. Hi, i uploaded a screenshot of an unfamiliar icon. For each notification, an app icon is displayed, in addition to the icons for various system statuses. Hello, it seems as if this is the notification for low battery, but it might be something else.. I have not seen this icon, but i do believe that it could be because of an application you might have installed. I am not sure this is what you are looking for but I found this: This includes all material action icons in Lollipop.


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