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Krell commended the character for not prioritizing the relationship when "more important things were at stake", but felt Asami "should know better than to take Mako back for a second time.

The Legend of Korra (2012–2014) Awards. Joshua St Clair is an editorial assistant at Men's Health Magazine. Because of this ability, he gained much respect in Zaofu, until he was discovered to be a mole for the Red Lotus after they failed to kidnap Avatar Korra.

After both being captured by Earth Kingdom forces,[40] they work as a team to escape from the Earth Kingdom airship where they were being held captive, resulting in the airship crashing into a desert.

Aiwei is a gay character from The Legend of Korra. Ami Mandelman. While not much could match Nickelodeon’s first Four Nation journey—the original Avatar: The Last Airbender, featuring the 3-book saga of Aang, Sokka, and Katara—the network’s follow-up series, The Legend of Korra, (from the same team of Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino), gave it a good shot. Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro. He wondered what they believed could not be adding up and asserted Hong Li's guilt because of the evidence. The series' final scene, indicating the beginning of a romantic relationship between Asami and the female lead character, Korra, was unprecedented in its representation of LGBT persons in western children's television.[3][4][5]. Official Sites

https://avatar.fandom.com/wiki/Aiwei?oldid=2832139. Club referred to as "stone cold". Korra and Asami are stranded in the Si Wong Desert. The Legend of Korra (TV Series 2012–2014) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. ", "The Legend of Korra Cast and Creators Talk Book Two", "The 20 Best Characters From The Avatar Universe", "Some Industrialist Engineer Inventors run off with Avatars", "Strange Horizons Reviews: The Legend of Korra, Season 1", "Forgiveness Isn't Easy: Asami and Hiroshi in Book Four", "Asami Sato: Not just a Background Character", "The Legend of Korra and Mixed Message Feminism", "The Legend of Korra: "The Voice in the Night" Review", "Why 'The Legend of Korra' is (Still) a Feminist's Headache", "Why The Hate For Legend of Korra's Mako", "13 Ways to Make Legend of Korra's Third Season Amazing", "The Legend of Korra Series Finale Review: New Beginnings", "The Legend of Korra: "The Aftermath" Review", "The Legend of Korra: "Day of the Colossus" Review", "The Legend Of Korra: "Day Of The Colossus"/"The Last Stand, "The Legend of Korra achieved more in under a minute than most shows do in their lifetime", "How Turf Wars Part 2 Continues Korra and Asami's Relationship", "Korra leaves a lasting legacy of love and equality", "35 LGBT Characters Who Redefined Family TV", "The 100 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last 10 Years: #41-60", "Korrasami Bends 'The Legend of Korra' In All The Wrong Ways", "Did Nickelodeon's Legend of Korra just confirm a lesbian love story? After being apprehended and while imprisoned alongside the others, she is freed by Bumi and accepts Korra's request to fly her father Tonraq so he can seek treatment for his injuries. Konietzko wrote that Asami's resemblance to the character Lust from the 2009 anime series Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood was coincidental, as he had not seen the series at the time of Asami's design in 2010. Asami takes the brothers and Korra to a racetrack to watch the test-driving of the Satomobiles. Aiwei was the first and only known person who is neither the Avatar nor a Beifong to use seismic sense. Fighting styles

She questions Bolin about it and presses the evasive earthbender about his brother, who he reveals previously shared a kiss with Korra. There, he had to report to the airbender for the failed kidnapping attempt of Korra at Zaofu. Here's where you've heard the principle cast of Korra before.

Seychelle Gabriel on the DVD commentary for, "How a Nickelodeon Cartoon Became One of the Most Powerful, Subversive Shows of 2014", "THE LEGEND OF KORRA: IGN EDITORS REACT TO THE ENDING AND KORRASAMI", "15 Of Pop Culture's Most Controversial Ships", "The Legend Of Korra: 20 Surprising Facts You Didn't Know About Asami", "Bryan Konietzko's June 2012 Tumblr post", "Separated at Draft: Asami Sato and Kate Kane", Transcript for 104 - The Voice in the Night, "Trailer Analysis: 'The Legend of Korra' "Book Four: Balance, "Review: The Legend of Korra: "After All These Years, "More are cast in M. Night Shyamalan's Last Airbender", "Noodles, Republic City, & Bolin's Undying Love: Legend of Korra Cast Interview", "THE LEGEND OF KORRA CAST AND CREATORS TALK BOOK TWO", "These Actors Need to Be in a Live-Action Legend of Korra Movie! External Reviews Vanity Fair praised the writers for taking "a tired dynamic between two women and turn[ing] it into something fresh and exciting,"[66] while Polygon wrote that by portraying Korra and Asami as bisexual, the series even avoided the error of assuming sexual orientation to be a strict divide between "gay" and "straight". |

Aiwei later found Team Avatar in his home, calling them out for trespassing and demanding an explanation. Red Lotus (formerly) Shiro Shinobi - Radio Broadcaster Because he often used seismic sense to detect truths and lies, Aiwei always made his rounds in the city barefooted. She was 7 when she was cast as Sally Draper. [74][75] Tyler Edwards of The Artifice called her "a great example of a formidable woman", citing her status as the only main character without bending abilities and her compensating by using her martial arts and technology in place of it. [50] As they prepare for a last-stand defensive effort, Asami tells her father she loves him, a sentiment he immediately returns. However, reception to her relationship with Korra was mostly positive.

Baker is probably best known as the voice of Klaus on American Dad! Also, when Asami reveals she has visited her father, Korra objects, asking if Asami really feels Hiroshi could be trusted. After Opal's departure for the Northern Air Temple, Aiwei secretly helped Zaheer and his gang infiltrate Zaofu through a secret passage in his house, yet the criminals failed to capture the Avatar. Asami becomes her day-to-day caretaker during the first phase of her recovery. [69] Although she is a non-bender, Asami is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat, a result of her father having her to be trained by the best self-defense teachers in Republic City from an early age after the death of her mother so that she would always be able to defend herself. Comments Add a Comment. She appears in FX's You're the Worst, and superfans of Entourage might remember her as TV producer Amy Miller. In response, Asami relates her own positive feelings for him and kisses him on the cheek, ending their romance on a good note. [84], The depiction of a romantic relationship between Asami and Korra in the show's final moments received widespread praise. "[91] Daniel Rodrigues-Martin of Geeks Under Grace agreed that the pairing was a detriment to the characters and story, opining that there was no foreshadowing of a romantic relationship between the two characters until the series' final moments.

Blum has hundreds of voice acting credits. Status Gabriel's first involvement in the Avatar franchise was portraying Yue in The Last Airbender. However, the character became so well liked by co-creators DiMartino and Konietzko that they rewrote her to be a friend to Korra, and ignorant of her father's Equalist activities. Instead, she develops a deeper friendship with Korra - so much so that the two become romantically involved in season four. Wells went pretty dark after voicing Meelo. We may earn a commission through links on our site. [93] Prior to the airing of the series finale, the two characters had drawn comparisons to Aang and Katara's relationship in Avatar: The Last Airbender. [27] Asami's mother is later revealed to have been murdered during a triad robbery of their mansion when she was six years old.

Showing all 27 wins and 41 nominations. User Ratings However, Varrick is later found to be committing acts of violence, fraud, and theft to entangle the Republic in the Water Tribe Civil War. Maurice LaMarche is the voice of Aiwei in The Legend of Korra. ER Doctor Analyzes Batman v. Superman Fight Scene.


Byrne, and freaking J.K. Simmons (look for his voice acting talents elsewhere as... the Yellow M&M) help fire breathe life into the series. [46] While Korra is absent, Asami meets with her jailed father, Hiroshi Sato. Who's That Guy in Episode 1 of 'The Mandalorian'? [41] Following an attack from the Red Lotus on the Northern Air Temple, Asami volunteers to watch over Korra's body when Korra visits the Spirit World in an attempt to contact the leader of the Red Lotus, Zaheer. [13] Asami is also seen during the first season wearing a suit whenever involved in actual combat, which she retains throughout the series and wears the most during the third season when journey with Team Avatar.

When Korra claimed that she and her three friends were the only ones to have arrived, Aiwei detected that she was lying. First appearance [83] The scene prior to his sacrifice, in which she realized he would soon be killed, was viewed as "heartbreaking".


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