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Review #2224869 is a subjective opinion of poster. Very slow, they say up to 25Mbps, but actual is around 4Mbps, as it is satellite the latency is terrible and makes doing any browsing, gaming, voice communication, or working incredibly slow to the point of being next to unusable.

It's like driving two different types of cars, both are fast cars, buy one handles quicker than the other, best way I can describe it. I can keep up with the latest happenings in America through honest and reputable sources not covered or often overlooked by or through the typical television media. I am thankful for VIASAT and all of the opportunities of quality it has brought my way. We are processing your message.

10 reviews for ViaSat, 1.0 stars: 'I've been haggling with Viasat for 3 weeks. Just wish there was no data cap and it was a little cheaper for what you get.

I'm sure they'll charge me for not returning equipment. DO NOT USE VIASET. You can't watch movies etc. It barely ever works. After a lot of research, I subscribed with a well-known VPN service for the first time.

I hate to be so dramatic, but we are all so sick of it. I’m having to get onto children about not using internet so we can use it some other time. Our review policy is simple: be helpful, be relevant, and be specific. He was totally unwilling to offer to assist in any way.

No one called.

Keep in mind, many of these reviews were collected before the 2018 launch of increases speed and unlimited data plans.

Worst company I've ever had the misfortune to deal with. I just don’t understand why satellite is so much higher than cable and there has to be a contract.

Only break in service is during extreme weather, well I knew that was part of the territory anyway. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our We moved into an area that doesn’t have access to any other internet providers, and had no choice but to get Viasat. I am a Priority Care customer which means I pay a little extra so that when I do need a tech, it won't cost me an arm and a leg or maybe none at all. November 16, 2018. We are stuck until this area is allowed another provider. March 06, 2019. Tried 2 more times with same result. Companies pay us to be accredited or when you click a link, call a number or fill a form on our site. I called them to ask how, and could they help, was there anything they could do…the foreign customer service rep was so unhelpful. The only problem is the ping and then it would be amazing. They actually explained everything to my satisfaction. For us, it has been far better than dial-up or hot spots. It’s great for watching YouTube and browsing but definitely not for gaming. Through my ISP I can research vintage products of interest made in W. Germany, Spain and throughout the world. I did a test and uninstalled the VPN, and my data usage came back to the typical normal. August 22, 2016.

At least 90% of ViaSat subscribers could have faster speeds with a better NIC, even as an add-on device (PCI, PCIe, USB). They'll take your money if they don't deliver service, and they'll take your money when you no longer want their service. I lost 2/3 of my monthly data allowance, eaten up by the VPN, each month for two months. As of 2020, we've collected 8,863 ratings of Viasat Internet from current customers. However, once you go over your data limit of 40GB (lowest option), they randomly cut you off to prioritize people who have not gone over priority. People use and misuse the internet, not seeming to prioritize even about their own security. I'm over limit because I want to watch Orange is the New Black. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. It meets all my internet needs except streaming.

August 19, 2015. Horrible horrible company, dont sign up with them, they take hundreds of dollars out of your checking account. I avoided satellite for many years but the newer birds they have in the sky are getting it done pretty well.

It's unlimited until it reaches a point (which is exactly NOT the definition of unlimited), and then you will be prioritized behind customers who have not gone over their data cap, or in other words, your service will be slowed down to the point of unusable because you reached your data cap. User's recommendation: GET A CELL BOOSTER. Those looking for fast download speeds and more than enough data can find it with Viasat, which was previously known as Exede before deciding to change its name. I get a decent speed but nothing compared to fiber while within my 100GB of data limit but once I go over, it is like having no internet at all. If you are looking for internet never do Viasat. Review #2212403 is a subjective opinion of poster. April 21, 2020. He spent the entire phone call listening to me rant and saying he understood. I didn't even have a chance to call Viasat to ask because they called me and said that they noticed our connection was running slow.

We burn through our monthly allowance (10 GB) within a week, then have unusable speed for remainder of month. There is a lot that research does not uncover, left up to be discovered by the actual experience. Liberty Pass is a good option for a no-internet area. Honestly, I wouldn't use ViaSat again at this point unless I absolutely had to.

Annette Morton on I'd recommend to anyone with no other options. Since this service is via satellite, I expected problems when there is bad weather but I certainly did not expect this. October 26, 2016, I am with excede through Dish and MBPs are limited to 10 @ $50 a mo, can buy 5 more mbps at $20!

September 17, 2019. to watch a 60 minute show. Amber Roberts on

The supervisor was supposed to call me in half an hour. If you are a heavy streamer, you would need to upgrade basic package to avoid monthly cap.

Their service as far as fast internet works great but customer service and company policy is the worst I have ever seen with ANY company,., It is frustrating but I refuse to pay another month until I speak live with a company representative that has the authority to help me. The service is essentially the same, although they upgraded their satellite in 2018 to allow quasi-unlimited plans. They charged us over 500 for service we never received. November 15, 2019. She didn't want to put a supervisor on phone. Review #2248371 is a subjective opinion of poster. May 06, 2019.

Randy on Keep looking, don’t even think about going with Viasat. When I signed up, I reviewed the policies, rules and all information about this ISP service: They are spelled out to the letter. Curtis Wilson on I can't afford that much. I have been with Exede for 18 months and overall I am very satisfied, typical with satellite internet is it is very expensive, 10 Mbps goes fast at $60.00 a month. Once she did he argued about not calling for service. I do not understand this. I’m going above 600 ping constantly. What happened?

September 23, 2019. Viasat Internet Review and Prices U.S. News 360 Reviews takes an unbiased approach to our recommendations. January 12, 2016. Jim Ter Borg on

I’m very disappointed with their service. It was just too slow and we were going through data like water. YouTube or Netflix is out of the question. Ours is extremely spotty at best and doesn't work at all most of the time. She would not let me speak. Also the plan is $69 for 12 GB and you can't stream with that small amount. The latter happened to me. Promised better service soon with/when new satellite are added but never happened. The system works very well always online and fast speeds, the only thing is the price compared to Unlimited cell phone service, it's expensive. June 13, 2016, Kelly on I am currently looking for another provider. Karen Lewis on We argued we would not be allowed saying that amount which the guy harassed me over and over saying I had to pay it.

on Bill Reynolds on Any current customer of Viasat or Exede can leave a review using the “write a review” button above. Sign up for our email newsletter, Magnified, where we uncover surprising truths, go behind the scenes of our reviews, and arm you with great dinner party conversation.

All Rights Reserved. Case# 0778****, If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter, Very good service i am getting on the internet, Customer service has been consistently inadequate, Phone service gives wrong number and skippy. Worse internet I’ve ever seen. Faster than DSL, unlimited service, that is what they claim. To see if broadband, Internet from Viasat Internet (formerly Exede), Viasat Internet (formerly Exede) customer service. January 04, 2019. So in the long run don’t get it. The first time I called and spoke to someone, they said we had a $13 early term cancellation charge but it was cancelled and we were all set. John on If you have their largest package (which we do), you "cannot buy more data because you can not buy more of something that is unlimited". We’ve had to get hotspots just so they can complete school work.

November 18, 2017, John on

Thanks, job well done! We were going through 25 mgb in one and half to two weeks, and we weren't home half the time.


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