last two summers stanford essay

Stanford’s undergraduate application requires 7 short answer questions and 3 longer essays. They are quirky and interesting and have read and watched and listened to more in the last year than what’s been assigned in school, plastered on billboards, or on the Top 40. To help you understand each of the prompts better, I’ve outlined all of them, the do’s and don’ts for your responses, and additional tips for answering the. You might be in it for Stanford’s unique majors such as “Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law” or “Music, Science, and Technology.” Or you might want to pursue activism through participation in student organizations like "Transgender Task Force" or "Promoting Women’s Health and Human Rights." Many of these questions leave me pondering deeper implications. Dive deeper into the why’s and how’s of the way your excitement increases at the thought of the topic. It’s also a good idea to throw in facts about you that you’d actually want your roommate to know. To address what matters to you, even cliché-sounding topics can be workable if you have tangible reasons behind them. Reflect on an idea or experience that makes you genuinely excited about learning. Lab experiment? Try not to waste space with a lead-in sentence like, “For the last two summers, I have mainly spent my time doing…” because that already uses up 12 of your precious 50 allotted words. It also advises staying away from things like politics (i.e., don’t indicate which party or ideology you tend to support, even through jokes or minor references, since you don’t want to step on any toes). In this prompt, Stanford asks applicants to directly address what is most important to themselves. I explored online math lectures and bookstores to extend my learning. You could write about looking forward to exploring your creative side at Stanford through everything from taking art studio classes to designing crafty secret snowflake feats. I resolved to begin creating my own legacy. Read the top 147 college essays that worked at Stanford and more. What did you say? I love Sandra Bullock movies.

Remember, while you only have 100-250 words, you should still tell a story and make the reader care about your own learning journey. If you are still really stuck on determining what matters to you, try thinking about the sentiment that. Do not write about experiences you wouldn't tell your Math teacher about. They have publicized that this move is “intended as a small step in reducing the outsized emphasis placed on the admission rates at U.S. colleges and universities.”, Other defining aspects include its status as the second largest campus in the world with over. If you’re a top student excited by the combination of academic challenges and pleasant California weather, you probably have your heart set on applying to Stanford University. are looking forward to it, not just an explanation of what it is or why it’s awesome (generic reasons why anyone would look forward to it won’t stand out). Warning!!! If you have space, you might be able to dedicate a sentence or two to how you would use your education and work towards a resolution. You feel very precious about your birthday, and once even planned your own surprise party. To pick an activity, think about the one that taught you the most, changed your perspective, or is most unique. - "Nurturing Kitties", Intellectual Vitality Essay - "Technology consulting", Intellectual – "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", Books - Euclid's Elements, Love & Misadventure, Annotated Mona Lisa, The Catcher in the Rye, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Selected Poems (by TS Eliot), Authors - F Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, Oscar Wilde, Films - The Social Network, Up, A Brilliant Madness, Inception, Artists - Hieronymus Bosch, James Whistler, Edgar Degas, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Website(s) - Tumblr, Humans of New York, Coursera, MIT Open Courseware. Theory of Knowledge teaches of knowledge’s paradox: The more we know, the more we don’t. You could write about topics like gender parity, ageing populations, skills development, or global warming, but be careful since those topics have the potential to become trite depending on how you address them. Creating a conceit here can prove effective if it still highlights important aspects of an underlying message. Perhaps there’s a tradition or a program in which you’re looking forward to participating. For example, you could focus on something like the meaningfulness of colored chalk (writing that feeling the increased grip when your hands are covered in the rainbow powder is like feeling the increased grip while handling stress when you express your artistic side) or microwave easy mac (symbolizing how important efficiency is in your life and how you thrive off getting tasks done quickly) or any other interesting, obscure object you can come up with. Is there a family member you love spending time with more than others?

Think about why you really want to attend. For each question, first choose a word that will be central to your answer. I’m one to stay up all night to chat over coffee and pastries.

The WHY is typically the most important part of all essays, and particularly so in this instance. If you think you want to try out for comedy troupes, or if you just love watching funny performances, you could write about looking forward to regular shows from talented student groups like the SIMPS (Stanford’s improv comedy group). It would be so fun if you joined! If there’s something you haven’t been able to express in other parts of your application, this is your space. Good applicants should show in their essays that they can write well and that they are intelligent with diverse interests and skills. Prompt 1: The Stanford community is deeply curious and driven to learn in and out of the classroom. When reading the application and essays, admissions officers consider your potential to succeed academically, your commitment to expanding your intellectual horizons, and whether you’ve participated in a few extracurricular activities with exceptional depth. While it may be tempting to list all complex and weighty works of literature — War and Peace, for example — but if it’s not actually true, the admissions committee is likely to see through that. While the instinct here would be to use many adjectives to describe yourself, adjectives actually say very little, because they are subjective measures of interpretation of an experience.

You should attempt to balance the list with some intellectual passions, but make sure they’re genuine. - The admissions officers don’t have all day to go through your application considering they have 49,000 to read. that you consume in your spare time with accuracy and intense detail in a sentence or two. The relationship between position, velocity, and acceleration through derivatives and integrals tied everything together in a way that made so much sense it gave me chills. If you imagine how your Stanford alumni interview might play out, what topics do you hope to steer towards? Essay Questions (100-250 words) The first level of the filter is, of course, academic standing. Who introduced you to the encounter you had that made you excited? Name one thing you are looking forward to experiencing at Stanford. Putting together just a few key aspects of your personality and typical habits with more coherent elaboration on each and topping it off with a “Love, your future roomie” holds the potential to become an engaging essay as well. - "My Father", What matters most to you, and why? For example, if you want to indicate your interest in the techy Silicon Valley, you could write about witnessing the process Hewlett and Packard went through starting their business from their garage because you loved tinkering through your own projects throughout high school. Keep in mind that trying to write about multiple aspects of the activity will be difficult with only 50 words, and it can result in simply reiterating what will already be on your activities list. Physical practice - dance, sports, alone or in a group? Are you excited to bring new ideas to Stanford’s philosophy organization, the Dualist? Say also something you did that relates to your intended field of study, whether reading or working or volunteering. Creating a conceit here can prove effective if it, If you create incentives for yourself to work on your Stanford University essays early and choose topics that you genuinely care about, then you will end up devoting much more time to them, resulting in, . For example, several students asked me what it means to describe the farmhands in Of Mice and Men as “romantic” characters. If you are a good writer and can use this as an additional opportunity to showcase your writing, go ahead and write an essay - as long as you answer the prompt.


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