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English), PIPPI LONGSTOCKING ON BOARD  (1969) (Ingar Nilsson) (Dubbed In Hird), WONDERWALL  (1968)  (Jack MacGowran & Jane Winters), THE MAGNET (1950)  (Stephen Murray & Kay Walsh), THE MAIN CHANCE   (1964)  (Gregoire Aslan & Edward De Sousa), THE MAN BETWEEN (1953) (James Mason & Claire Bloom), THE MAN IS NEWS (1938) (Alastair Sim & Garry Marsh), THE MAN WHO LOVED REDHEADS (1955) (Moira Shearer & John Harrison), ALL NEAT IN BLACK STOCKINGS   (Susan George), ALMOST ANGELS (1962) (Vincent Winter & Sean Scully), ALTERNATIVE 3 (1977)  (Tim Brindon & Carol Hazell), ALWAYS A BRIDE (1953)  (Peggy Cummins & Terence Morgan), AMANDA KNOX MURDER ON TRIAL IN ITALY) (2011) (Hayden Panettiere), AMAZING MR BLUNDEN (THE) (1972) (Laurence Naismith & Lynne

rare movies, deleted movies, mvie classics, never released movies, you name it it's here. Birkin), WORK IS A FOUR LETTER WORD   (David Warner & Cilla Riselle), THE SLEEPING CARDINAL  (1931)  (Arthur Wontner & Ian Fleming), THE SONG YOU GAVE ME (1933)  (Bebe Daniels & Victor Shaw), FIRE OVER ENGLAND (1937) (Laurence Olivier & Flora Robson), FIRE RAISERS (1934) (Leslie Banks & Anne Grey), FIVE CAME BACK (1939)   (Chester Morris & Lucille Gauge), MURDER ON DIAMOND ROW (1937) (Alastair Sim & Edmund Lowe), MURDER ON FLIGHT 502 (1975) Robert Stack & Sonny Bono), MURDER ON THE BLACKBOARD (1934) (James Gleason & Edna May O’Shea), OUT OF THE FOG (1962) (David Sumner & Susan Travers), OUT OF THE PAST (1947)  (Robert Mitchum & Jane Greer), OUTBREAK (1995)  (Dustin Hoffman & Morgan freeman), OUTCAST OF THE ISLANDS (1952) (Ralph Richardson & Robert

Merrick), WALKING MY BABY BACK HOME (1953) (Donald O’Connor & Janet Denham), BLUE SUEDE SHOES (Bill Haley & The Comets), BLUE VEIL (1951)  (Charles Laughton & Jane Wyman), BODY DOUBLE (1984)  (Craig Wasson & Melanie Griffith), BOEING BOEING (1965) (Tony Curtis & Jerry Lewis), BOFORS GUN (THE) (1968) (David Warner & Ian Holm), BOMB IN THE HIGH STREET (THE) (1961)  (Ronald Howard), BOMBSHELL (1933) (Jean Harlow & Lee Tracy), BOND STREET (1948) (Jean Kent & Hazel Court), BORN TO DANCE (1936) (Eleanor Powell & James Stewart), BRAIN MACHINE (THE) (1955)  (Mawell Reed), BRANDY FOR THE PARSON (Kenneth More & Charles Hawtry), BREAK (THE) (1963) (Tony Britton & William Lucas), BREAK IN THE CIRCLE (1955) (Forrest Tucker & Marius Goring), BREAK OUT (1959)  (Lee Patterson & Hazel Court), BREAKAWAY (1955) (Honor Blackman & Michael Balfour), BREAKING OF BUMBO   (1971)   (Richard Warwick & Joanne Lumley), BRIGHTON ROCK (1947) (Richard Attenborough), BROKEN HORSESHOE (THE) (1953)  (Robert beatty & Elizabeth Bentley), PAUL TEMPLE TRIUMPHS        (John

Oliver), MURDER ON THE BRIDLE PATH (1936) (James Gleason & Helen Set in the rural south of the United States, a bereaved war widow learns to to put aside her bitterness and grief as she grows to love a young orphan boy and the dog that belonged to her ... See full summary », Hard times came for Carraclough family and they are forced to sell their dog to the rich Duke of Rudling (Nigel Bruce). Vincent), CHALLENGE TO LASSIE (1949) (Edmund Gwenn & Donald Crisp), CHALLENGER (1990)  (Karen Allen & Barry Bostwick), CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (1950) (Basil Radford & Bernard Miles), CHARGE AT FEATHER RIVER (1953)  (Guy Madison & Frank Rutherford), DADS ARMY (1969)   (Arthur Lowe & John LeMesurier), DANCE HALL (1950) (Jane Hylton & Diana Dors), DANCERS (1987) (Mikhail BaryShnikov, Alessandra Ferri), DANCING WITH CRIME    (Richard Attenborough), DANGER BY MY SIDE (1962)  (Anthony Oliver), DANGER HAS TWO FACES (1968) (Robert Lansing & Dana Wynter), DANGER LIST (1957)  (Honor Blackman & Philip Friend)  (Short), DANGER ON THE AIR (1938) (Lee J Cobb & Donald Woods), DANGEROUS CARGO (1954) (Susan Stephen & Jack Watling), DANGEROUS DAYS OF KIOWA JONES (THE) (1966) (Robert Horton), DANGEROUS MOONLIGHT (1941)  (Anton Walbrook & Sally Gray), DARE I WEEP DARE I MOURN (1966) (James Mason & Hugh Lassie is trying to find her way home.

Withers), PIPPI LONGSTOCKING  (1969)  (Inger Nilsson) (Dubbed In Johnson), THIS IS MY STREET (1964)  (Ian Hendry & June Ritchie), THIS IS NOT AN EXIT (2000) (Rachel Weisz), THIS LAND IS MINE (1943) (Charles Laughton & Maureen O’Hara), THIS SPORTING LIFE (1963) (Richard Harris & Rachel Roberts), THIS YEARS BLONDE (1980) (Lloyd Bridges & Constance Sheridan), DICK BARTON SPECIAL AGENT   (Don Stannard), DICK BARTON STRIKES BACK   (Don Stannard), DIE SCREAMING MARIANNE (1971) (Susan George & Barry Evans), DILEMMA (1962) (Patricia Burke & Robert Dean), DIRTY WORK (1934) (Gordon Harker & Ralph Lynn), DISHONOUR BRIGHT (1936) (Tom Walls & Cecil Parker), DIVORCE OF LADY X (1938) (Ralph Richardson & Merle Oberon), DO YOU KNOW THIS VOICE (1964) (Dan Duryea & Gwen Watford), DOCTOR WHO THE MOVIE (1996)  (Paul McGann), DOCTOR’S DILEMMA (1958)  (Dirk Bogarde & Alistair Sim), DON’T GIVE UP THE SHIP (1959) (Jerry Lewis & Diana Spence), DON’T JUST LIE THERE SAY SOMETHING (1970) (Leslie Phillips & Brian We start off on this page with OLD TIME MOVIES WORLDWIDE then at the top, above the great Lucille Balls head you will see the grey header with the sub categories, just click on the title you want to view ie: OLD TIME CLIFFHANGER MOVIE SERIALS and it will take you to that page OR Just click below on the Movie section below you are interested in. Kohner), GENTLEMEN PREFER BLONDES   (Marilyn Monroe), GEORGE AND MILDRED   (Brian Murphy & Yootha Joyce), GERT AND DAISIES WEEKEND (1941) (Elsie & Doris Waters), GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL   (Dave Clark Five), GHOST IN THE NOON DAY SUN (1973) (Peter sellers & Spike Helen Slater, Director: Due to a high volume of active users and service overload, we had to low down the quality of video streaming. Redgrave), CAPRICE (1967) (Doris Day & Richard Harris), CAPTAIN AMERICA (1979) (Reb Brown & Len Birman), CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 (1980) (Reb Brown & Len Birman), CAPTAIN BOYCOTT (1947) (Stewart Granger & Kathleen Ryan), CAPTAIN HORATIO HORNBLOWER RN  (1951)  (Gregory peck & Virginia Derr), SHADOW (THE) - THE SHADOW RETURNS   (Kane Richmond), SHADOW (THE) - THE SHADOW STRIKES   (Rod La Rocque), SHADOW (THE) (1933) (Felix Aylmer & Henry Kendall), SHADOW OF A MAN (1956) (Paul Carpenter & Rona Anderson), SHADOW OF THE CAT (1961) (Conrad Phillips & Barbara Shelley), SHADOW ON THE WALL (1950) (Ann Sothern & Zachary Scott), SHADOWS ON THE STAIRS (1941)  (Freda Inescourt & Paul Subs), AIRPORT (1970) (Burt Lancaster & Dean Martin), AIRPORT 1975 (1974)  (Charlton Heston & Karen Black), AIRPORT 77  (1977)  (Jack Lemmon & Lee Grant), AIRPORT 79 – THE CONCORDE (1979)  (Alain Delon & Susan Geeson), DOUBLE BUNK (1961) (Ian Carmichael & Sid James), DOUBLE CONFESSION (1950) (Derek Farr & Peter Lorre), DOUBLE, DOUBLE TOIL AND TROUBLE (Olsen Twins), DR BLOODS COFFIN (1961)  (Kieron Moore & Hazel Court), DR CRIPPEN (1964) (Donald Pleasance & Coral Brown), DR FISCHER OF GENEVA (1985) (James Mason), DR MORELLE - CASE OF THE MISSING HEIRESS (Valentine Dyall), DR SYN THE SCARECROW OF ROMNEY MARSH (1963) (Pat McGoohan), DR. BLOOD’S COFFIN (1961) (Kieron Moore & Hazel Court), DUAL ALIBI (1946) (Herbert Lom & Phyllis Dixey), DUBLIN NIGHTMARE (1958) (William Sylvester & Marla Landi), DUKE IS TOPS (THE)   (Lena Horne & Ralph Cooper), DURANT AFFAIR (THE)  (1962)   (Jane Griffiths & Conrad Hawtrey), GREAT GAME (1953) (Thora Hird & Diana Dors), GREAT ROCK N’ROLL SWINDLE   (Malcolm McClaren), GREAT VAN ROBBERY (1959) (Denis Shaw & Kay Callard), GREEN COCKATOO (THE) (1937) (John Mills & Bruce Seton), GREEN HELMET (THE)  (1961)  (Bill Travers), GREEN MAN (THE) (1956) (Alastair Sim & George Cole), GREEN SCARF (THE) (1954)  (Michael Redgrave & Ann Todd), GREENGAGE SUMMER (1961) (Kenneth More & Susannah York), GUILT IS MY SHADOW (1950) (Patrick Holt & Elizabeth Sellars), GUNS OF SAN SEBASTIAN (1968) (Anthony Quinn & Charles Oh no! Moore), A MONTH IN THE COUNTRY (1987)   (Colin Firth), A NEW LEAF (1971) (Walter Mathau & Elaine May), A NIGHT IN HEAVEN (1983)  (Leslie Ann Warren & Christopher Welles), TRUE AS A TURTLE (1957) (John Gregson & Cecil Parker), TRUNK CRIME (1939) (Manning Whiley & Barbara Everest), TRUTH ABOUT SPRING (THE) (1965) (Hayley Mills & John Mills), TURN THE KEY SOFTLY (1953) (Terence Morgan & Joan Collins), TWENTY QUESTIONS MURDER MYSTERY (1950) (Robert Beatty), TWENTY THREE PACES TO BAKER STREET (1956)  (Van Johnson & Vera James), LADY GODIVA RIDES AGAIN (1951) (Diana Dors), LADY IN CEMENT (THE) (1968) (Frank Sinatra), LADY IN THE DEATH HOUSE (1944)  (Jean Parker & George Mayo), FLANNAGAN BOY (THE) (1953) (Barbara Payton & Sid James), FLANNELFOOT (1953) (Ronald Howard & Mary Germaine), FLASHPOINT    ( 1984) (Kris Kristofferson & Treat Williams), FLAW (THE) (1955) (John Bentley & Donald Houston), FLIGHT FROM VIENNA (1956) (John Bentley & Theodore Bikel), FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX (THE) (1965) (James Stewart & Richard Mason), THIEF  (1981)  (James Caan & Tuesday Weld), THINGS HAPPEN AT NIGHT (1947) (Gordon Harker & Alfred Price), KING AND COUNTRY (1964)  (Dirk Bogarde &Leo McKern), KING ARTHUR WAS A GENTLEMAN (Arthur Askey), KING OF THE WIND (1990) (Richard Harris, Glenda Jackson), KINGS RHAPSODY (1955) (Anna Neagle & Errol Flynn), KISS ME GOODBYE (1982)   (Sally Field & James              (CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS Tricked into buying Lassie, a collie afraid of water, he sets about teaching her to swim. (CFF), SECRET OF THE LOCH (THE) (1934) (Semour Hicks & Nancy

Home page online Young), TOUCH AND GO  (1955)   (Jack Hawkins & Margaret Johnston), TOUCHEZ PAS AU GRISBI (1954) (Jean Gabin & Rene Dary), TOWER OF TERROR (1941) (Wilfrid Lawson &Michael Drayton), ARMOURED CAR ROBBERY (THE) (Charles McGraw), ARSENAL STADIUM MYSTERY (THE) (Leslie Banks), ARTISTS AND MODELS (1955) (Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis), ASSASSIN FOR HIRE (1951)  (Sydney Tafler & Ronald Hamilton), A TIME FOR KILLING (1967) (Glen Ford & Inger Stevens), A TOUCH OF THE SUN (1956) (Frankie Howerd), A VERY PRIVATE AFFAIR (1962) (Brigitte Bardot), A WINDOW IN LONDON (1940) (Michael Redgrave & Sally Gray), A YANK IN ERMINE (1955) (Peter Thompson & Noelle Middleton), ABOMINABLE DR PHIBES (THE) (Vincent Price), ABSENT MINDED PROFESSOR (1961) (Fred MacMurray), ACCIDENT (1967)  (Dirk Bogarde & Stanley Baker), ACCOUNT RENDERED (1957)  (Honor Blackman), ACCURSED (THE) (1957) (Donald Wolfit & Anton Diffring), ACE OF SPADES (THE) (1935) (Michael Hogan & Dorothy Boyd), ADMIRAL CRICHTON (1957) (Kenneth More & Cecil Parker), ADVENTURES IN DINOSAUR CITY (1992) (Tony Doyle) (Subs), ADVENTURES OF CAPTAIN FABIAN (1951)  (Errol Flynn), ADVENTURES OF GREYFRIARS BOBBY   (James Cosmo), ADVENTURES OF PC 49 - A CASE FOR PC 49 (Brian Reece), ADVENTURES OF PC 49 - CASE OF THE GUARDIAN ANGEL (Hugh Latimer), ADVENTURES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES SMARTER BROTHER (1975) (Gene


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