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Rolex has provided less and less support for vintage Rolex watches recently. “He said, ‘don’t do anything or I’ll kill you.’ So why do anything?” the host asked Lance. But carrying a gun should compel you to take responsibility for it. They failed and it closed. It is a bit shocking to know that Lance has not been involved in any love relations till date nor even has he ever been rumored about in this case. Each of us must make that decision when that time comes. Now, I have to make a mental decision to be a victim of his mercy… Or exercise my right to self defense and fight back. He was born on April 24, 1988 at Brooklyn, New York. Lance Thomas is an American basketball player by profession. View Our Collection: We Restore ROLEX & Omega We have been in the vintage watch business since 1973. During multiple incidents Thomas was forced to defend his life with deadly force. My life is too precious for that.”. He knew he wasn’t fast and he knew a gun was leveled right on him.

Other shopkeepers were arming up as gang violence escalated precipitously in the early 1990s. From 1989 to 1992, Los Angeles watch merchant Lance Thomas was involved in four shootouts with armed robbers.

Lance Thomas. The reality of an entire future generation of idiot gangsters with nothing to lose were on his front doorstep, threatening himself, his business, and his customers with deadly violence. He returned fire and killed the armed robber. The problem is that there’s only one Lance and an unending stream of fresh fools.

That choice can be as simply as praying for mercy from an assailant or taking the chance that we may lose our lives fighting. Lance was quick to point out that this line of thinking is trash. Train how you intend to fight and give yourself the very best opportunity for success. However, California’s violent gangs would insure that Thomas’s life would never be the same again. His relationship status is single. He is very happy in his single life where his full concentration is focused towards the making of his career. After that, he confided to Justice Files, he started training with pistols extensively. We all must choose whether or not we will be victims. While Lance didn’t look forward to the next attempt, business owners in the area were quick to cheer when they saw he survived and the other guys didn’t.

It’s a hard choice.”. Two watched the door and two entered into the store itself.

The robber survived the incident and went on to serve five measly years in prison while his accomplice managed to escape. Jodi Ar... Back in 1990, the Government seized the Mustang Ranch brothel in Nevada for tax evasion and, as required by law, tried to run it. He led the school to two Prep A Division New Jersey State title while he was playing for Dannu Hurley, former Seton Hall point guard and brother of former Duke point guard, Bobby Hurley. There were too many ‘what if’s. Lance Thomas 11111 Jefferson Blvd. Training at a gym several times a week and working through gun fighting techniques related to any possible scenario in his store helped him prepare a comprehensive plan to maximize his chances of success. Playerswiki He is the son of Lily Irvin Thomas who is a head manager at Ford plant at New Jersey however; the name of his father has not been disclosed till date.

which makes him add more to his personality and has the weight of 102 kg. Apart from her, there are no other women that are connected with him personally. He was shot three times in the shoulder and once through the neck but managed to kill both robbers.

No Lie Was Off Limits to the Late Sarah Brady in Her Quest to Disarm Law-Abiding Americans. Do not assume a “one size fits all” approach will work for your own personal defense. He plays in the position of forward during his games.

Obama Administration Uses Lies And Scare Tactics T... Great Video Primer On Our Right To Keep And Carry ... Chicago Police Stand Up Against Mayor Daley’s Olym... Former IL Gov Rod Blagojevich Has Been Indicted! “It would have been up to him, wouldn’t it? It was beginning to be apparent that the lightning wasn’t random and there was something attracting dumb fools to keep trying. By this time, though, Lance concedes that “they weren’t quick enough.”. It [the bullet] didn’t sever my spinal column and it didn’t cut my jugular, so a band-aid sufficied and I was back at work the next day.”. Lance was just one of many shopkeeps on the frontlines of honest law-abiding citizens stuck in the DMZ of gangland, USA.


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