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The company mainly focuses on funds related to global events. SO lets have balance not US self interest. He said 2 other things, a month ago I might add, that funds for defense have depleted by 70% in 3months from June 1st.

DLS. If you live in HKG pls write me to [email protected] if you like to chat and exchange ideas. My 2 cents as data without a trading connection is like going to college-its almost worthless. Can't get it to play on either an iPad or an iPhone. :)) some political remarks of him better be put off. @CS: If I understand this correctly, does this mean that they can use the whole $426B to support? The pivot on N. Korea has been impressive and if anyone thinks that did not put immense pressure on China, they are ignoring reality. The above is latest release from HKMA regarding latest foreign currency assets. Just reading some of the comment below and people are saying negative things because there are no trade ideas. Sour grapes much? And have another 18months to go before I consider leaving HK. Outside of music, Gass makes sporadic appearances as an actor; his appearances include the films … It may not change your mind, but please give Mr. Bass the courtesy of listening first. How does China's setup of an oil-for-RMB contract, and their importation of large quantities of gold (where the quantities are intentionally hidden by running through Hong Kong and other methods), affect Kyle's thesis? Emailing Milton. Dear RV team being able to play these videos streaming in the background on an apple device or better yet do picture in picture in the background would be super chill. In the ’80s, one friend says, she’d host two lunches a week.

I disagree with Grant . It comes across that the US is happy to dish out to gain advantages but when others respond with similar actions, then it cries foul. This story has been shared 100,033 times. Some of the documentaries and television series are listed below: As of November 2020, Kyle Bass has gathered a net worth of $3 billion as of 2020. He’ll make sure he’ll keep her in the life he brought her into.”. Love watching Kyle break down his process and how he collects and interprets data, always a thrill.

For a proper view on China you can only look around and make best guess. They are usually based in Asia, not the US. Then the US in the late 1800's behaved like China today.

under the leRS, while specific exchange Fund assets have been designated for the Backing portfolio, all exchange Fund assets are available to support the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate. This is just simple human nature.

DLS. As importantly, Mercedes will remain the Queen Bee of New York society, by now firmly installed through her decades of philanthropy. Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager who is also the founder of the independent firm named ‘Hayman Capital Management.’ He is a man of hard work and dedication and has shown efficient performance in ‘Prudential Securities.’ He is also renowned for successfully predicting the bet against the subprime mortgage crisis, which happened in the United States and purchased credit swaps. This interview comes across as being too politically biased for me to place any weight on what is actually being said. “I mean, when I say they’re the top, it’s probably because he’s very, very rich.”. DLS, Maybe someone got the exchange rate wrong and took a number that's actually USD and thought it was HKD... lol. He completed his graduation in BBA Finance with a major in real estate. The downside is that it increases the risk of a hot war. If there's say a 50% deval in the Yuan v USD, how much of that carries through to the chinese equities priced in USD? Mercedes Kellogg Bass (née Tavacoli Diba) was born in Iran to a well-off, politically connected family. I believe Kyle May be right not perfect but right.

Likewise. i am not sure how he got to the $11bn FX reserves.. seen no reports to this at all??

Thats one for trading ideas, no? What type? Mnuchin’s definitely has conflicts there, The Kyle Bass video will not play but all other videos work fine. Short AUD could be a good proxy for a trade idea. Thanks. “She had seen a $28,000 jewelry ensemble and wanted it,” Hays says. ‘I want to be rich,’ ” she said. The excess reserves is kind of their war chest that they have to defend their peg. His primary source of income is from the hedge fund based organization. America puts tens of millions of people into re-education camps too. Sometimes closing the browser helps; other times I restart the computer to reset. Seems to be the common press narrative that Kyle is articulating. If your ideas turn out wrong then you can take full responsibility for your mistakes and learn by them instead of blaming someone else. So what happened? But out-of-favour assets may still o…. Raoul: "I get that... its more to understand the causes of the move to the top of the band." I think Bass has brought up real issues while side stepping root causes and problems in our system. Agreed on the « timing » issue. While I agree with you that Kyle could use a little courtesy with respect to the Chinese, ie calling Xi Winnie the Pooh per the cartoon meme.

Rather, enter China and its gold to save the day, for a price, namely the global reserve FX and financial hegemony over the world. Military espionage? The question that appears in these comments quite frequently is "Kyle Bass has bet against China in the past and lost, what's different now?" He is also known as an influential figure in the critic of the Communist Party of China and their related politics. Friends say Sid was always drawn to forceful women with strong personalities, usually ceding his ground; if Anne wanted to live as one of Tom Wolfe’s vaunted Social X-Rays, so be it. Kyle Bass’s age is 51 years old as of today’s date 30th October 2020 having been born on 7 September 1969. Bass video will not play. It seems he's been on RV and other places forever pontificating this story. He nailed 07-08 GFC by seeing something that 99.9% of the world missed. This is a good example of "my enemy's enemy is my friend" as Mr. Bass does not hesitate to show he is not a supporter of the president. I dont know any financial types socially.

Though, he is 1.7 m tall, he weighs about 70 kg. This reflects his views that private debt from the financial crisis has been shifted onto public balance sheets since 2008.

“Sid’s sphere of social connections expanded with her — it was Lord Rothschild-this, Duke-so-and-so that,” says Columbia. Kyle is a man of immense hard work and dedication, and his way of working displays the efforts he has put in the company to make it a success.

Kyle’s other full-length plays include Baldwin vs. Buckley: The Faith of Our Fathers, Tender Rain, Bleecker Street, and Separated, a piece of documentary theatre about the student military veterans at Syracuse University which was presented at Syracuse Stage and at the Paley Center in New York. Mansion of Woodlands lawyer, socialite now listed for nearly half its original listing price, The most expensive Houston homes sold in 2016, Fauci warns of COVID-19 surge, offers blunt assessment of Trump's response, A White mob unleashed the worst Election Day violence in U.S. history in Florida a century ago, President points to shake-up, win or lose. Anybody else working and living in Hong Kong? Come on! We better not mix up politics moral and investment here. What about Triffin's dilemma? This continued full-court press may finally bring about a major decline in the value of the Yuan, but it will certainly cause major disruptions in the FX markets.

one of the preeminent thinkers in the hedge fund community" I think some humility is due, search on [kyle bass nickels] for details. It didn't. Is it just an unfeasible task to replace the dollar as the commodities denominator? Why would they kill their number one customer - the US consumer market? That's TEN time more gold than the US and more than the rest of the world, combined.

Extremely compelling arguments...but I'm left confused in that I was under the impression that the Chinese were the biggest holders of US debt....could they not just repatriate it and actually cause the US a few issues? Kyle Bass is an American hedge fund manager who is popularly known as the founder of the company Hayman Capital Management where he served as the principal as well. A person that makes himself something from nothing, or with little or no advantage to start in life, knows something about himself that someone who has held high station, in part or whole by birth, can never possess. disappointed.


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