knr hockey meaning

Where do you think the 62 came from?

I’ve read less on other mechanisms simply because fewer papers fell before my gaze.

It’s just someone’s idea of a short list – a stage along the way from the vastness of possible proxies (eg all trees) to a set you can actually analyse. What we can to do is estimate it, in this case by regressing proxy vs. instrumented temperature for the reference period for which temperature is known.

Wegman did not modify orientation either in his 4.4. Wiki says:

*In fact, linear sensitivity (in proxies such as tree ring widths & coral delta_O18) doesn’t even exist, except as a model with which to analyze!

A simple synthetic experiment would suffice. The value of the offset would appear to be downplayed by Esper in the article linked below. In Gergis the authors state: “The Australasia (Aus2k) working group is examining the Indo–Pacific region consisting of the landmasses of Australia, New Zealand, the Indonesian archipelago and the neighbouring islands of the Pacific Ocean… In this study, Australasia is defined as the land and ocean areas of the Indo–Pacific and Southern Oceans bounded by 110E–180E, 0–50 S.” This is an important definition by way of the proxy selections made in Gergis – as I intend to point out later in this post. It is somewhat disappointing to find this specious claim (which we usually find originating from industry-funded climate disinformation websites) appearing in this forum.”. so that u = a/g = 0.61/9.8 = 0.0622.

Nick you are absolutely correct. I guess Nick Stokes has never worked on clinical trials.

I have no desire to engage you on the fact you willfully ignore an issue then express confusion over the issue.

I don’t know what has disturbed Brandon with proxy sign.

The authors so do not seem to explain why they think testing high pass filtered data is a better test than low pass or unfiltered data. The noise and lack of corrrelation with each other outside the period of the temperature record means, when averaged, that the proxies will tend to more of less cancel each other out, thus creating the flat shaft representing the “historical temperatures”. The meaning of the KNR is also explained earlier. Slowly Revealing My Cards If you really want to know the Correct Answer, you have to find a solution to the screening problem. The problem is, of course, that the found signals may look like nothing in the instrumental record. Gagging on “baby food statistics”? A 500 year old piece from a beam in an old cathedral for instance: where was the tree taken from? So why use a correlation measure to begin with? She did that with white noise post-1960 and got a HS post-1960. You need to know that liquid expands uniformly over a range of temperatures in a range of environments before you can start replicating (and with trees it’s a lot more complex). They all seem to have either divergence with thermometer data, or at minimum, divergence with other proxy data that otherwise passed the authors filtering process. I read the exchange at RC and found it amusing. But talking about trees not women, I would make sure I had a good robust physiological model first.

If it’s so obviously wrong to select on the basis of ability to calibrate, then why weren’t they rejecting the procedure?


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