klr 650 off road tires
From Michelin. Aggressive tread knobs for bite in the dirt. An innovative tread pattern with blocks and curved grooves, based on the Dakar-winning Desert Race tire, provides real off-road performance especially in soft terrain and challenging conditions. Completely slick, soft compound tire provides the largest possible contact patch to the road. Special tire for riders who are equally at home on tarmac and off-road, one of the best 50/50 tires made today. Simply pick your style of riding 80/20 or 50/50 and the charts below will help you make your decision easier. Would seems to make sense to purchase a more dirt oreinted bike in the first place. Of course, not. Quick warm-up and good grip when cold thanks to a specially developed tread compound. This is a genuine Kawasaki TIRES for a KLR650 1995 Off road. They have gotten me to places that I really didn't think would go. Our portable 12v compressor is perfect for any tool kit.

This Slime Medium Tire Tackle Kit is perfect for your ADV tool kit. The Delrin securing thumb screw insures no scratches to your rims. Features include: Kenda's Dual-Sport tire designed for the 80% on-road, 20% off-road crowd. It took some research, but I found that the OE Dunlops are 70/30 dual sport tires; or, 70% on-road and 30% off-road. The Bead Buddy holds the tire bead down in the drop center of the rim during tire changes making changes as easy as possible. Best KLR 650 80/20 Use Dual Sport Tires. If you purchase a 2-pack motorcycle package you will enjoy FREE Ride-On LED Smart Cap Roadside Assistance (for public roads only). I will probably be using it mostly on the road so I want tires that will grip the road and hold up (wear) well. Front tubes fits 120/70 and 120/60 tires. With the motorcyclist in mind, they've designed a "4 in 1 multi-tool" that uses pre-vulcanized repair strings and packs into a sheath measuring a mere 130 x 68 x 50mm, that's small enough to fit in your pocket. Provides predictable handling on wet and dry roads, Positive handling properties with additional mileage performance, All sizes designed for front or rear fitment, Tread pattern yields traction in hard terrain, Built-in rugged tread blocks feature Staggered Step design, a step-down feature to provide rigidity in the contact patch to enhance stability and handling, Wrap-around lugs on the tire's edge to protect the tire from sharp rocks and provides additional off-road traction, New compounds to deliver the perfect balance between road and off-road performance with focus on delivering class leading mileage performance, Deep grooves excel in wet weather conditions, Fits popular large and small displacement machines including the Honda Africa Twin, Suzuki V-Strom, BMW GS models, KTM 1290/1290S, 790R/790S, Yamaha Tenere, T7, and Triumph 800/1200 models, Aggressive tread pattern with drop lug construction, Reinforced side knobs for cornering stability, RainGrip technology provides outstanding wet-weather grip and short tire warm-up times, High stability and low kickback from 0° steel belted construction, Innovative knob design offers excellent off-road bite, Wont be shredded on the highway like full knobbies, DOT approved,4-ply tire 80% on road 20% off road, Tube Type tire and S rated (max speed of 112 mph), Unique combination of street and off-road grip provides maximum performance, Strong and durable Nylon four-ply construction, The advanced compound design gives better stability, cornering traction and braking control, Tube type tire H-rated (max speed of 130 mph), Won't be shredded on the highway like full knobbies, DOT approved, 4-ply tire 90% on road, 10% offroad, All GP-1's are Tube type tires and P rated (max speed of 94 mph), Great for adventure touring bikes ridden exclusively on the road, Stop shorter in the wet vs. the leading competitive sport touring tires, 2 Compound Technology with all-new silica-charged rubber compounds for excellent grip from 23°F to 113°F, Enhanced tread patterns for optimum grip at all lean angles, These tires are black wall, all tubeless and V-rated (max speed of 149 mph), 27.0 x 7.0 x 19 Front - CD3 (soft) compound, 27.5 x 7.5 x 19 Rear - CD3 (soft) compound, 27.5 x 7.5 x 19 Rear - CD5 (med) compound, 17" tube works with 120,130 and 140 metric tires or 4.50 to 5.10 inch size tires, 18" tube works with 100 to 130 metric or 4.00 to 5.10 inch size tires, 19" tube works with 100 to110 metric or 4.00 to 4.60 inch size tires, 21" tube works with 80 to 100 metric or 3.00 to 3.50 inch size tires, 17" tube works with 110/90, 120/80, 120/90 (4.00 to 4.25) tires, 18" X 3.75 tube works with 110/90, 120/80, 120/90 (3.75 to 4.25) tires, 18" X 5.10 tube works with 110/90, 120/90, 130/80, 130/90 (4.00 to 5.10) tires, 19" tube works with 100/90, 110/90 (3.60 to 4.10) tires, 21" tube works with 90/90, 90/100 (2.75 to 3.00) tires, Large display, readings are shown to 0.1 psi, Screwdriver-style reamer and plugger tools, Stainless Steel tip, won't break or bend like the old brass tip, Ribbed head for positive grip and easy core removal, Core tip threads into handle to protect tip from damage, Includes spare valve core in handle for easy trail side repairs, Tapered handle ends to make tip removal easier with gloved hands and the non-square edge doesn't damage tool bags, Knurled aluminum handle for additional grip, Heavy duty industrial material construction, Slip pockets to keep those loose parts and tools close by, Reinforced center panel to set your hub onto, Folds flat for easy storage within your luggage, Constructed of strong, heat-treated vanadium steel, Spoon design decreases the chance of tube pinch, 10" long tire iron with coated rubber handle.


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