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Ever. This was going to be a clean, fact-based break-up.Credit:SHUTTERSTOCK, I was shocked.

11/12/20 The only item on the list that stuck out as unfathomable was Number 22: "You spend too much time with your sister." Buy Tickets When did rappers start hating on ladies? }, },

"@context": "", "location": { Kitty Flanagan Wiki: Salary, Married, Wedding, Spouse, Family Kitty Flanagan is an Australian comedian, writer and actor who works in Australia and the United Kingdom. Melbourne "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", This is an extract from Kitty Flanagan's Bridge Burning and Other Hobbies published by Allen & Unwin at $29.99. "addressLocality": "Melbourne", "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’",

What do you mean? "location": { "@type": "Offer", 08/12/20

Just a couple of things to even the score. } "performers": { "name": "Malthouse Theatre", 04/12/20 Melbourne “Hello Kitty Flanagan” is now available on DVD & iTunes! "address": {

We have no records of past relationships for Kitty Flanagan. See "address": { "location": { "addressLocality": "Melbourne",

"@context": "", The right thing for me to do would have been to behave like a grown-up and say, "Oh, good on you. } "@type": "Event", }, "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’"

"startDate": "2020-12-09T19:15:00", "@type": "Organization", He'd clearly been involved in messy break-ups before and this time he was taking no chances.

"name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", } I thought it would have been a nice gesture to add one or two "and I guess I haven't been easy to live with either, what with my insisting on buying square ham all the time" type statements. "offers": {



I hope they're serving mini kebabs at this "do" because I might need to puncture my own eardrums with a skewer. I admit there was a slight thrill at first as I realised that I wasn't being dumped here, I was actually the one doing the dumping, albeit in a perverse roundabout kind of a way.

"name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", { "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" "@type": "Event", "@type": "Organization",

"addressLocality": "Melbourne", "addressLocality": "Melbourne", "@type": "Event", Buy Tickets "@type": "Place", "@type": "PostalAddress", What makes bacon the most delicious meat in all of christendom? }, "@type": "Offer", "@context": "", "@type": "Event",

I might whip up a square ham and cheese sandwich with filling that goes right to the edges instead. "addressCountry": "AU" "addressCountry": "AU"


12/12/20 }, "@context": "", photos No backsliding, no letting themselves be convinced to give things another go, no getting a bit lonely a few days later and calling "to check in". { "name": "Malthouse Theatre", }, I don't know why. "location": {

"name": "Malthouse Theatre", Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people love salt so much and why it’s time newsreaders gave up and let Kitty Flanagan read the nightly news. "@type": "Organization", }, Malthouse Theatre "@type": "PostalAddress", "addressLocality": "Melbourne",

"@type": "Place",

}, Buy Tickets

Oh please. "offers": {  "location": { I felt bad when he mentioned this because I hadn't realised it was a big deal. } Melbourne "addressLocality": "Melbourne", { Firstly, ham shouldn't come in a "packet", it should be wrapped in deli paper, the stuff they use at the deli where one should be buying one's ham.

"url": "" That's what List Man did. "name": "Malthouse Theatre", When I see a pig walking around on four solid, square stumps I will happily eat square ham. Her favourite food is soup, closely followed by fried potatoes of any kind.

"address": { Find out why dog people are the new cat people, why old people love salt so much and why it’s time newsreaders gave up and let Kitty Flanagan read the nightly news. "offers": { "url": "" "name": "Malthouse Theatre", },

Buy Tickets "url": "" That was his method. "startDate": "2020-12-13T18:15:00", "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" I admire people who can just end a relationship. "@type": "Organization",


18/12/20 "@type": "Offer", }, }, The reason he didn't laugh was because I wasn't funny. overlooked by songwriters – the formidable middle age lady. Kitty Flanagan, aged 4, with her sister, Penny, aged 2. And, of course, are all women who own cats mental? Buy Tickets "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’", At the time it seemed a little harsh, but in retrospect I can see that he was just being efficient. Melbourne "startDate": "2020-12-06T18:15:00", "addressCountry": "AU" "@type": "Place", "@type": "Offer", Add articles to your saved list and come back to them any time. "@type": "Organization",

And that might have been a problem were it not for the fact that my sister is totally awesome.

So I assumed he didn't care and that he probably secretly wished he was me so that he didn't have to go either. "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’" }, "@context": "",


"@type": "Offer", "startDate": "2020-12-19T19:15:00", "addressLocality": "Melbourne", Photo: This is of me and my sister, Penny, when I was about four and she was two. } "@type": "PostalAddress", "name": "Malthouse Theatre",

"@type": "Organization", Middle Age Lady Tribute song now available to download on CD Baby! "name": "Malthouse Theatre", "@type": "Offer", Plus special guest star Penny Flanagan joins to pay musical tribute to the demographic most often overlooked by songwriters – the formidable middle age lady.

{ Seriously? And there’s also a very funny song about underpants. Cut it off clean. "@type": "Place", Buy Tickets "address": {

Buy Tickets Charming & Alarming is the definitive collection of Flanagan’s stand-up, honed over years of working the comedy club circuit in the United Kingdom.

} He would ask me to come along and I would say, "No thanks" and he would say, "OK". “The Live Collection” is now available on DVD from JB Hi-Fi and Sanity.

"location": { }, Melbourne "@type": "Event",

"@type": "Event", Malthouse Theatre

Kitty has a new podcast!

"@type": "Place", } "offers": { } "performers": { } "name": "In conversation about ‘488 Rules for Life’",

Login } "performers": { "@type": "Place", 13/12/20 How can there be so much fun and learning in just 75 minutes? "name": "Malthouse Theatre", Well done, thanks for making it happen. Aussie comedian Kitty Flanagan is set to break people's perception of her being a 'childless, hating spinster' in Gladstone when she performs live at the GECC It makes the perfect sandwich with no filling void anywhere. Most of his break-up list, including the square ham issue, I couldn't really contest. "addressCountry": "AU" }


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