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share. Alfred then entered and asked why Uhtred was there. He also learned that Gisela was waiting for him at the nunnery of Epchester, but, soon after, she was captured by Eadred, who intended to marry her by proxy to Aelfric by Brother Aidan.

Uhtred then returned to Droitwich, embracing Finan and Osferth. Ealdwulf the Smith then rushed out to join Uhtred, having lost his wife to disease and his son to drowning, and the trio then returned to Ragnar's side.
The next day, Alfred decided to leave Athelney to rally more of Wessex's loyal soldiers for a defining battle against the Danes, although both Queen Ealhswith and Ealdorman Wulfhere were skeptical of the possibility of victory. Eadith - now told to leave Aethelflaed's court to save Aethelflaed's reputation - decided to join Uhtred's party for safe passage. Ragnar ultimately arranged for Ravn to sell Uhtred to him instead, and Ragnar said that Aelfric would have to deal with him now; an intimidated Alferic allowed for Uhtred to be in Ragnar's care, and returned to Bebbanburg empty-handed. Uhtred was smuggled into the city in a circus cart, although he knew that he might be executed if caught in Winchester. r/Chiraqology, a subreddit to discuss drill music and Chicago gang culture. Uhtred told Beocca that he had to kill Ragnar's murderer with Ragnar's (Thyra's) blood, but he did not know who the murderer was. Uhtred had Leofric buried with the honors of an ealdorman, while he had Iseult cremated with a pagan funeral pyre. A wounded Uhtred challenged Sigefrid to battle, and he fought against Sigefrid with a shield alone.

After Sihtric presented Edward's sons Aelfweard and Aethelstan from the city gates and told Edward that he could choose to save one if he retreated, Uhtred decided to trade himself instead, knowing that the Danes wanted him dead, especially Brida. Before she left, Skade said that she belonged to Uhtred. As the Anglo-Saxon army returned to Winchester, Uhtred decided to head to Coccham with his retinue, as he could not stand the whispering court. The man told Uhtred that he would one day become King of Mercia and a King over Kings, and that Sigefrid and Eric were attacking London, before collapsing and apparently dying. Ubbe demanded Odda's surrender, knowing that his army was weak after reading Storri's runes. Sable told Uhtred that Aethelred was after the heart of Saint Oswald (which was in Northumbria), and, that once he reunited Oswald's body, Mercia would be returned to greatness. In Stefan Heym's 1973 "The King David Report", the East German writer's wry depiction of a court historian writing an "authorized" history of King David's reign, a chapter is devoted to the protagonist's interview with Tamar – who is described as having gone insane as a result of her traumatic experience.
Aethelred expressed his doubts that Wessex would have great numbers, but Uhtred said that the Danes would take everything from Mercia. Aethelwold then told Uhtred that both of them were usurped by their uncles and were similar, but Uhtred said that Aethelwold did not belong with the Danes.

They did not find her there, and Uhtred deduced that she must have gone on to Chester, as she would have arrived at Wenloca first. While Uhtred trained the soldiers at Wilton, Brida grew sick and unhappy, and she had a miscarriage in the forest; Uhtred later found her bleeding and discovered this, having not known that she had been pregnant. That night, he privately met with Aethelflaed, and he briefly kissed her before she walked off, showing her lack of romantic interest in Uhtred. Uhtred then asked about the Danish army, and, when Beocca told him that they intended to attack in the spring as usual, Uhtred decided to head to Readingum to warn the Anglo-Saxons there, ignoring Beocca's advice to be cautious. Uhtred then warned Hastein that, after Wessex's fall, the sword-Danes would fight each other for the spoils. Uhtred visited Skade that night, and she said that Wessex would become just another song, and that the Danes would rule. Uhtred remembered Offa from Dunholm as Aethelwold's man, and Offa confessed that Aethelwold had sent Offa to kill him. Aethelwold then told Uhtred that they were the same, apparent traitors to Wessex, but for good cause. He then told his companions that he needed to find Skade, although Finan warned that she was guarded by 2,000 Danes or more. Beocca promised to be by Uhtred's side, and he said that his father would be proud of the younger Uhtred, just as he was. While Uhtred spoke with Aethelflaed, he noticed armed men approaching, and they hid, intending to fight.

Beocca then took Uhtred to meet Alfred, believing that the experience would be good for him, and Alfred asked Uhtred if he had been a good boy. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Uhtred was shocked to see Aethelwold with them, and he privately encountered him. He advised her against forming dreams of a life with Erik, but she sought to make a family with him; when Uhtred warned her that she could die in fire or by the sword, she said that she would die happily. The Danish leaders began to argue over the leadership of the army, but Uhtred recommended Ragnar, the only man everyone could trust, and they agreed. Uhtred offered Skade in place of Aethelflaed, saying that she had "seen" Alfred's death; Hastein agreed to the trade, and Hastein left with Skade, who restored Uhtred's curse before leaving. Alfred ordered his guards to find and kill Uhtred, and Uhtred knocked out several guards before running off. 808. When the Viking army charged into battle later that same day, they fell for the trap, with Cnut and several other cavalrymen being flung into the ditch by their falling horses. For five days, the brigands attacked local towns and villages in search of silver, but instead found that the towns were impoverished due to previous Viking raids. Uhtred angrily rebuked Asser, calling him a liar, and asking for Iseult to testify; however, Odda said that she was a pagan, and that her word was invalid. His father was a powerful nobleman who ruled the lands south of the Tweed and north of the Tyne, and he played the role of kingmaker in the struggles between King Osberht and Aella. When Ragnar asked Uhtred what he planned, he said that the army could never hold, as the army was made up of enemies bound by greed. However, when Uhtred spoke with Stiorra, she said that she was willing to go, as she had developed feelings for Sihtric and wanted to live among her mother's people and rediscover her Danish heritage. Uhtred pointed out that most of the young ealdormen had been slaughtered and that there were not many suitable candidates left, but Edward decided that he would find someone suitable. Uhtred was then cut out of the decision-making process for the attack, so he headed to the Two Cranes Inn instead. Brida later helped Uhtred survive an assassination attempt from Weland Godfredsson, who revealed to Uhtred that Aelfric had hired him to kill Uhtred.

Aethelflaed wished to hurry back to Tamworth and meet with the ealdormen about the succession, but Uhtred warned her that the roads were dangerous at night, while Aldhelm informed her that the ealdormen who had survived the massacre at Aylesbury blamed Aethelred for abandoning them and Edward for being too cowardly to come to their aid. Uhtred decided to give the large cross to the Church to settle his debt to Bishop Aelwold in Exeter (Aelwold also agreed to settle the wergild debt with Oswald's family), and he divided up the rest of the silver among his men. Alfred demanded to look at Skade, so Uhtred took him to the jail. Uhtred sent Pyrlig to Kingsclare to tell Aethelred of the situation, while he and the others headed to Winchester. Uhtred then reported to King Alfred that Sigefrid and Erik had a fleet and army at Beamfleot and had taken London. The next day, Thyra and Beocca arrived at Dunholm, and Ragnar had a happy reunion with Thyra. Before the other Vikings could harm Uhtred, the rest of the West Saxon army appeared and won the day. Secretly, Alfred ordered Steapa to kill Uhtred if he broke his oath to Alfred and focused on Bebbanburg.

Jarl Ulf objected to this, saying that the Northumbrians had no business in York, but Uhtred advised Guthred that York was wealthy, and Eadred told Guthred that the city needed to be cleansed of sinners; Guthred ultimately decided to march. 200 of Guthrum's raiders gathered down the Thames at Beamfleot, so Uhtred advised Alfred to send ships and men to Beamfleot; Alfred intended on maintaining the peace.

Iseult then guided Uhtred to another secred treasure, buried in a dungheap outside of the king's home; the men dug through it and found the large chest of silver.

During a private moment, Uhtred urged Alfred to call for soldiers to form an army for one last, defining battle. Brida explained that Storri had cursed her on the day when she took him hostage, Brida then told Uhtred that her love for him had passed, and that she would not hesitate to kill Uhtred on the battlefield, but they agreed to find the man who killed Ragnar. Steapa later released Uhtred from the dungeon, telling him that he was to be released at the Mercian border and watched as he left Wessex for good.

Uhtred was incensed that Alfred wanted him to swear an oath to his son Edward, too, as Uhtred did not want to owe his entirely life to the King of Wessex. Edward was resolved to launch a fire attack on Winchester, but Uhtred warned that this would burn out the heart of Wessex and kill innocents, and he demanded that they negotiate with Sihtric.

Young Uhtred decided that this was why Uhtred's men would always him, and decided that it was also why he, too, would follow his father. They then rode to Egbert's Stone, with Alfred halting the rest of his 400 men before the stone and peering over the hill. Uhtred speaking with Alfred before betraying him. Uhtred also asked for Gisela's hand in marriage to "make peace", making diplomatic jokes; however, haunted by Eadred's advice about Uhtred, Guthred took the jokes seriously. Hild then spoke with Uhtred, who felt that he had no place. This allowed for the Danes to harass the Saxons into initiating peace talks, and, during these talks, Uhtred chanced upon Beocca.


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