king song s18

Electric Scrambler and Light Electric Motorcycle concept, Concept Z – The Electric Street Tracker Designed to Accelerate. The world's first eBike Conversion Kit, V11 is Inmotion newest 50 Km/h electric unicycle with 70 mm suspension. Electric Motorcycle Pocket Rocket by Sol Motors from Germany, Sur Ron LIGHT BEE homologated version IN EUROPE, SUR RON POWER SYSTEMS for DIY and electric motorcycle companies, Check out the new Ninebot ONE Z electric unicycle price, DIY ONEWHEEL Electric Skateboard from Poland, 130kph Sexy electric motorcycle built by Taiwan Master, Open Source Axial Hub Motor For Electric Cars And Motorcycles, DIY Onewheel for only 150$ – Chinese hoverboard hardware, Cool as Ice electric motorcycle DIY build, Harley Davidson new 2019. March 12, 2019, 5:45 pm, by Monthly Payments With Klarna Available At Checkout. April 24, 2020, 3:14 pm, We invented, built and started deliveries of new way of e-motion on Snow – EV Bobsla. Max speed of 50km/h (Factory alarm settings: Level 1– 18km sound alarm Level 2– 19km sound alarm Level 3– Sound alarm with tiltback), Smart BMS with balance and protect overshoot/ over discharge/ overcurrent/ short circuit/ overheating function, support monitoring the battery conditions via KingSong APP, Charger Voltage  Input AC 80~240 V ,output DC 84V、2.5A, ” Using a variable lever the wheel has dampening travel distance of 100mm which is transferred to the rear spring suspension with a travel distance of 57mm.” – THIS IS IMPORTANT. The newly redesigned King Song app is compatible with both iOS and Android. The S18 has a unique high-beam/low-beam headlight, that dips when there’s an oncoming light source. We are deeply involved in working with the best supplier to offer exceptional & unique products to our customers. This newest edition to the King Song EUC line up has a sports bike inspired design with its aerodynamic air intake system and aggressive curvature design.

by the King Song representative or sellers.

All other factors being equal, the V11 should yield an addition 12 miles of range. WE ARE IN LOVE!

This newest edition to the King Song EUC line up has a sports bike inspired design with its aerodynamic air intake system and aggressive curvature design.

Unlimited eBike Kit.

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MOSFETS are attached to the aluminum body frame of the wheel for better heat dissipation.

KS-S18 is the first King Song wheel with its own built-in suspension that’s adjustable from on/off to different pressurization. Unlimited Balance of €1700 to be paid close to the arrival of the shipment.

More, by Only 2 days ago there was a presentation of new full suspension electric unicycle INMOTION V11. there are unique features found on both models; for instance, the V11 has an integrated folding stand, to keep the Wheel upright; while the S18 will be shipping with a fanless 2.5A/84v charger as standard equipment. New King Song S18 Full Suspension Electric Unicycle, Only 2 days ago there was a presentation of new full suspension electric unicycle.

King Song S18. Max Load: 265lbs - higher payloads will generally decrease performance, Pedals: Large pedals with grip tape, 4-8” ground clearance, Tire: Extra large 18” diameter 3” wide tire.

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in this category, the King Song S18 has a clear advantage in being 11lb lighter than the V11.

Boxxbike Valkyrie comparison with KTM moto enduro.

try { $1,899.00. Our NEW favourite ELECTRIC UNICYCLE VLOGGER!

EvNerds Micromobility options are numerous these days, but e-unicycles offer capabilities and convenience like nothing else. The max load is 120 Kg!. ✔️Support from our experienced team in California. Press the space key then arrow keys to make a selection. Say goodbye to range anxiety. Control Board: High performance design - can reliably sustain 2000W. The Inmotion V11 was announced about a week before the King Song S18, so how do these two new suspension Wheels stack up against each other on paper?

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EUC company presented AIR SUSPENSION with 7 cm of travel. Customize your ride mode and pedal calibration, upgrade your firmware, and set your suspension settings just how you like them.

Then, just days later a separate company, KingSong introduced their EUC with suspension, the S18.

From the standpoint of efficiency, the Inmotion V11 appears to use the internal body space more efficiently. KS-S18 is the first King Song wheel with its own built-in suspension that’s adjustable from on/off to different pressurization. EvNerds if ( localStorage.getItem(skinItemId ) ) { Lights have 2 low beams and 2 high beams – a total of 4 headlights ( 2 x stronger than 16X) with light sensors!

Since King Song is using regular standard mountings for 100MM DNM SHOCK with 67mm travel, probably some modifications and different shocks could be used in the future!

JYROBALL electric unicycle is the next big thing! Oh and if you want to PRE-ORDER you can do it here in European webshop at MYEWHEEL, If you would like to know more about KS S18, check out King Song on Instagram, Facebook, and official website, Browse and manage your votes from your Member Profile Page, To use social login you have to agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website.Privacy and Terms, The Vision at Ed Motorcycles – An Electric street tracker with the Acceleration of a one liter sports bike,  the look and style of the flat tracker racer and the usability of a moped scooter.

In short, King Song’s S18 is intended as a comparatively short range ‘sport’ vehicle, with emphasis on being nimble & light, while the V11 offers a larger sized battery pack (the largest produced by Inmotion to date), which could be considered more a Cruiser.

All our S18’s come with the improved suspension system. The official source for King Song S18, 16X, 16XS, 18L, 18XL Electric Unicycles The S18 has a unique high-beam/low-beam headlight, that dips when there’s an oncoming light source. Choose your color of choice.

April 3, 2020, 3:25 pm, by Aluminum handle with robust construction means you can comfortably take your electric unicycle anywhere with you without needing to carry it, and it even has a built in sensor to automatically disengage the motor for those times you need to briefly lift your wheel over an obstacle or up a flight of stairs. We are very grateful for that and very happy that we will have two different suspension system on the market. _g1.setAttribute('srcset', _g1.getAttribute('data-srcset')); With a new upgraded 2200W motor and huge battery pack you can cruise comfortably for incredible distances with no range anxiety. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-inverted-img');

Update as of 6/10/2020: Second batch sold out. We present our second generation powertrains that convert any bike to electric in minutes.

Copyright 2017 | All Rights Reserved |. With an high-exposure design, you can look like you are from the future. Update as of 25/08/2020: First batch sold out. Charging port; Switch port; Light sensor port; USB discharge port, Rear light housing displays battery level, braking and turning signals all in one unit. Full speed unlocked after 10km. . Our philosophy has been to only offer products which we personally ride & own. With the extra large pedals and extra large tire, you can experience the smoothest ride yet. Each Wheel is fitted with XL >9″ grippy pedals & the lift for motor disengagement function. This sketch is one take on what a familiar, but electric, model could look like from the brand […] More, by What we do know is that both of these companies made new and incredible wheels and we should all be happy about it. We are pretty sure that this is not the same AIR-SPRING system used on Inmotion V11.

By the way: You can quote posts from other topics into this topic by using the small "+" button next to the quote function. Also knee and palm protection if needed. We recommend always wearing an helmet when riding unicycles. As with all King song models, the S18 also connects to a mobile app. 18 inch KingSong KingSong S18 The KingSong S18 is now available for orders with a 1-month delivery time. Create your post! Connectivity: Bluetooth for data transfer. Move in ultimate Style and Comfort featuring an on board Adjustable Suspension System”, This looks incredible!!!!! From its slick design to the top of the line features, we’ll go over everything the S18 has to offer, giving you a good idea of how the S18 will operate when it rolls out later this year…

Check out my full review of the King Song S18 here. . Who will love the King Song S18: Enthusiasts looking to get a sporty EUC that looks amazing and has a great suspension system will not be disappointed with the King Song S18. Our patented steering makes driving more fun with less resources. (Or turn them off!) KS S18 Electric Unicycle Technical Specifications New King Song 18 inch wheel will have 110 Km range with a 1110 Wh battery and 50 Km/h speed.

February 9, 2019, 7:32 pm, Trending The weight of EV is a way less than any other snowmobiles. Because you are sitting almost on snow – you perceive speed a way faster than it is. We do not know the price yet and how will KS S18 compete with Inmotion V11 in this case. May 7, 2019, 11:39 pm, by Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password.

There you can adjust ride settings and warning notifications. EvNerds Inmotion V11 ELECTRIC UNICYCLE with SUSPENSION?

Update as of 25/08/2020: First batch sold out. April 8, 2020, 1:21 am We have to test it, but we said before the Inmotion V11 presentation that we would like to see a linkage suspension. The founders of eWheels have been involved in this revolutionary technology since early 2014. .

12 large individual TO-247 imported MOSFETS support the 2200W motor power. EvNerds Only 2 days ago there was a presentation of new full suspension electric unicycle INMOTION V11. Compared to electric scooters and electric skateboards, King Song electric unicycles truly are King: ✔️Power: with over 2000W of power available beneath your toes, King Song high performance e-unicycles offer incredible torque and stability. UPDATE 8.04.2020.

Both manufacturers have set a firmware max set speed to 50kph/31mph. We have to test it, but we said before the Inmotion V11 presentation that we would like to see a linkage suspension. August 28, 2020, 6:13 pm, At Unlimited, we believe in the power of bicycles and expanding the potential of cycling. All our S18’s come with the improved suspension system.


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