kia sorento turbo problems

Side impact was still a problem, but rear crash ratings had improved greatly.

Not happy. Could not repeat problem.

The vehicle was not repaired and was towed to jim shorkey kia (located at 12900 us-30, irwin, PA 15642, (724) 241-0176) where it was diagnosed that the bearing rod inside the engine failed, and the engine needed to be replaced. I spent on 5grand for a rebuilt engine.

The dealer ship refused assistance as it is not part of the recall, though the same problem occurred with the engine. Dec. 2017 my engine seized. No engine warning light no oil lights ever came on. Kia Sorento 2008 Sarento 4dr  72000 miles, Check Engine Light comes on stays on then goes out. Still waiting for answer.

I then had the car towed to the local kia dealership. Four months later, I was driving on a highway, took an unpaved road and it suddenly stopped accelerating. Purchased a used 2015 kia Sorento from a used car lot on February 15, 2018. Routine maintenance was made to the vehicle. See But don’t forget its cousin, the Hyundai Santa Fe which is also a great vehicle. Steering problems proved to be one of the biggest issues with this model year, mostly related to alignment problems and the car wandering at highway speeds. Also please check out the other problems with my car is my handle in the back seat pulled off (I am not that strong) electrical system (oil light not coming on, cruise control knocks out while driving, volume control for radio randomly calls contacts) kia is a lemon but I don't have the money to repair a 2nd and probably 3rd engine. Oil was pouring out from under car as well as gearbox oil, Kia Sorento 2015 Kia Sorento auto 900 miles. Engine sounded funny and was vibrating upon driving on a duel carriageway then suddenly there was a bang and I felt something hit the chassis underneath. Pedal recovers when I let up and press pedal again.

5. they claimed this was due to the engine needing to be replaced with a smaller block (they don't make the 3. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! Any advise truly helps.

Oil was checked and although it had regular service, it registered low.

They determined it was covered by the extended warranty and they are putting in a new engine completely. This is incredibly frightening to be on a highway and the car turn off. Called Kia they said it wasn’t for that engine. Engine does not stall but stays at idle. I need to run the engine for a long time until it starts working.

© 2019 Cash Cars Buyer. Dealership unsure when new engine would be available. The diesel is the best choice out of all of the engines available, as it is strong and hard-wearing as well as much more economical. The contact was also informed that the vehicle was not included in NHTSA campaign number: 17v224000 (engine and engine cooling).

A number of drivers reported rubbing and grinding sounds while driving that were symptoms of an issue requiring an entire driveshaft replacement. Incredibly, Kia had done nothing to improve crash test ratings over the previous year and again, driver’s side impacts scored very poorly with a greater risk for leg and torso injury. It completely stalls then lets you accelerate a little and drive really slow. I found the TSB 1802w/x and 1803w/x and it indicates interference on the w/h and was replaced. The injectors do not eject fuel and even the Check remains on. I filed below complaint number 11229677 and have heard nothing. There was a recall up to year 2014 for known engine failure and it should be extended to 2015 because the problem is beyond the year 2014 engines.

Our automotive experts are here to help, If you're wondering, we've probably got the answer. Fortunately I could smell the hot engine and immediately called for a tow rather than try to restart the engine, after learning the engines burst into flames. 2.

The interior is pleasant, comfortable and easy to use. This was the second time that this has happened this year, the other time was about 2 weeks prior in monroe NY. They fixed it free of charge due to a recall on our specific year, make and model of our car. It is 2 yrs old no reason engine failure. Please contact me for inspection documentation (currently at work and unable to upload the receipt).

Rebuilt engine on Feb 2018. . One of the latest examples of this is the 2016 Kia Sorento. Not just utes.

Problem with your 2006 Kia Sorento? This car only has 66000 miles. all problems of the 2014 Kia Motor Sorento .

Buddy, do not doubt it, it is the solenoid valve, which is next to the radiator's water tank.

Hello, Ford. After about a half a quart of oil was added, the oil registered at proper level.

I stopped but it couldn't start.

It wouldn’t hurt to change the fluid, but it’s more likely to be in the valve body.

In fact, the only complaint the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has fielded for the 2020 Sorento model is one dealing with the transmission shifting erratically when the engine is still cold. Why did the ksds kick in and why is my vehicle ok now? Engine failed on hyway , my mechanic said its a recslled engine. ~tl the contact owns a 2013 kia Sorento.

Disclaimer: You acknowledge and agree that all answers are provided as a I need to attempt to start the car several times before it finally starts, last time try to start it for about 20 times if not more. These were actually on both ends of the spectrum with some drivers experiencing a loss of speed in the middle of driving and others experiencing unplanned acceleration. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. 4 Sorento engines. Edmunds VS Kelley Blue Book – Which Provides The Most Accurate Car Values? I had it towed to a kia dealer and was told the engine had seized. The solution was a complete engine replacement or rebuild in many cases, which we’ve explained in the past can be very costly. Ironically, this was the year the Sorento finally scored well across the board on crash tests.

Last fall I received a letter and had a ksds sensor installed to detect and prevent engine failure. Kia Australia has recalled 26,926 Carnival people movers and 3288 Sorento SUVs that could cause fires. The entire engine must be replaced. The Honda CR-V might well be quieter, but could still be noisy on the roads you drive on. The probkem is kia sent nobody to inspect engine , and they run you around on phone. Either the compressor failed, or the air conditioning would just stop working altogether.

I noticed as I pulled into the driveway at my home, the engine temp gauge was fully on "h" hot. Unfortunately I do not have the money.

Is it safe to drive on the highway?. Chevrolet Traverse Problems : Here’s Everything You Need to Know! ©2020, All rights reserved. Unsure of your car's maximum towing capacity?

If you need a reliable, safe and affordable SUV, a newer model Sorento would be. Stated he could find an engine for over 3grand for me. Sorry, there are no cars that match your search, Sorry, there are no models that match your search. The radio comes on when i switch the engine on, how can i make it not come on ? It’s hard to imagine that there’s a more under-the-radar vehicle for sale in America than the Kia Sorento—certainly among those that sell more than 100,000 copies annually. As of 2020 they are rolling out the fourth generation of the vehicle and its popularity and reliability has increased greatly over earlier years.

, lawn mower, trimmer, chain saws, atv, this is no joke try it cost only pennies. I have now replaced all 6 spark plugs and the fuel pump and it still wont start. Additionally, there was a recall regarding trailer brake lights that stayed on even when the brakes were not applied and also acceleration issues. Another prevalent issue related to lights that had a bad habit of turning on and off while driving. Some engine problems have been reported, but not in a way that sets the Sorento apart from any other vehicle on the road. Others to look at are the Kia Sorento and Isuzu MU-X. We had taken very good care of the car. The car would shift out of park and roll unexpectedly as a result.

Is it safe to drive on the highway?

Was on the highway driving when car started making a tisking noise, it would get louder as accelerating so I began to exit the highway. After turning the key many times it will eventually engage the engine.

Hi there am...I have kia sorento 2004. The vehicle was taken to an independent mechanic who diagnosed that the bearing rod inside the engine failed and the engine needed to be replaced. Timing chain jump when engine crank and why rocker arm can broken?

Then engine quit. The 2011, despite the change of production, proved to be a serious lemon for a lot of drivers and sites like will warn you from buying this model year at all costs. While driving on the highway a clicking loud clicking began. Some of the problems associated with the electrical system include ignition problems, wiring problems and starter problems. The 2009 model year had prominent issues with airbags including errors with the sensors that can identify when you have a passenger. So many things affect road noise, which makes it difficult to fix. While driving at approximately 45 mph the car turned off with the brakes and steering wheel locking. Other Kia Sorento car problems include automatic gearbox troubles, brake failure issues and dead battery issues as well as improper airbag deployment.

Additionally, just replacing the engines is not enough, these vehicles need to be completely recalled.

Others have had engine issues that ranged from stalling to serious engine fires.

The fix for that was often a full seat replacement, but not having it fixed meant it was possible airbags would not deploy in a crash as the computer did not realize a passenger was present.

If the problem keeps appearing, check the gauge in the fuel deposit and the fuel filter. From e-bikes to Uber, EVs to public transport; your resource for reviews, news and advice focusing on urban lifestyle. The vehicle was not repaired. I waited for 3-4 mins and then turned the car back on and it started without an issue.

However you are at the warranty company's mercy on whether or not the repair is covered. Wondering how much air to put in your tyres?

2020 Kia Sorento LX It has a rear view camera. It's a fresher overall design with more smart thinking behind it, and a four-year longer factory warranty. Recently install a new engine and no gas is going to engine, I park my kia serento ob a bit of a hill and it won't start.

I was driving on the interstate at about 70 mph. Dealership advised me engine failed and would be replaced under kia warranty for this issue. They returned to normal after a few seconds and I drove on, set the cruise for about 55mph. The approximate failure mileage was 70,000. Then I noticed that the thermostat would sometimes run very hot, and that was when the engine fan would continue after vehicle shut off.

I had to slam on the brakes and attempt to stop the car. This time it is at 69000 miles. Saying cannot find key then can find key please help, Turns over motor jumps but will not start try later starts could it be the cam sensor or crank shaft sensor.

My sons were driving on the highway in our kia Sorento when without any warning, the engine failed. It offers the option of diesel if you prefer, but I'd be choosing the petrol for overall performance and refinement, with still decent real-world fuel efficiency. While internal issues were better handled with the 2007 model, there were some obscure reports that the door handles broke off this year's model or electrical issues like the four-wheel drive failing.

These were rarities but definitely cause for concern. The 2010 model year was only in Korea.


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