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Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Coincidentally, Hinata also gets lost during a race with Kageyama and approaches the setter, trying to start a conversation. He was the volleyball team's setter and was referred to as the "heart" and "brain" of the team by his teammates. Afterwards, he promises Hinata and Kageyama that they should meet at Nationals again the following year. Kuroo defends him, saying that he is the backbone, brain and heart of Nekoma High. He is the team's setter as one of his team mates say that he is the team's back-bone, "brain" and "heart". He dresses casually, and his Nekoma uniform is the standard black and red jersey.

^_^, Male Teen with Orange eyes and Blonde / Yellow hair that is To Neck length,, Haikyu!! As shown in a Haikyuu! The surprise of his movement even catches Kageyama off guard.

anime and manga. Hinata asks if Kenma’s school is strong, and he replies that it was strong in the past and had declined, but lately, it’s been pretty strong. He is naturally observant of others' behavior due to being overly concerned about what other people think of him. Meanwhile, Takeda notes that Kenma doesn’t stand out at all compared to Kageyama, but he is capable of incredible things. After that, he keeps analyzing the rest of the Karasuno players, and notices that Tsukishima is an intelligent player, unlike Hinata; he observes and thinks carefully before making a move. Character Info

Current Concern: Summer is too hot, winter is too cold. Court Awareness: Kenma is very observant and keeps track of what is happening on the court at all times. Nicknames: Pudding Head, Nekoma’s Brain Age: 17 Height: 169.2 cm (5’6.6”) Birthday: October 1

yurionice, animequotes, zerokiryu. He doesn't want to cut his hair because he gets anxious when his field of vision is too wide. Voice Actor Though Hinata does not fall for the glance, Kenma sends the set to Kuroo. Kenma would later be given credit when Karasuno lost the first set due to miscommunication and no one going to save the ball. Kenma has a very relaxed and laid back personality. His demeanor is noted by Coach Nekomata to be different than usual and, while not concerned about the outcome of the game, is strategizing how to clip a crows wings. Kenma is narrowly able to get his hands up in time to prevent Hinata's spike from hitting him in the face.

Kenma is also shown to be quite competitive. With Inuoka now in the game to assist in blocking Hinata, Kenma reminds the blockers that Hinata is now able to stay in the air longer and they will need to keep their timing in mind. Ball Control: Kenma possesses top-notch ball control. He dyed his hair blond to not "stand out" because Yamamoto had previously said that his hair looked like Sadako, which would draw attention from people. During the court switch, Kenma compliments Hinata on having gotten more skilled in receives before he would instructs the players of Nekoma who may be able to score through serves to do so. Anime • He is quiet and reserved and does not often voice his opinions, since he is afraid of what others might think of them. **It was submitted by Son Bang, 22 years old. • Kenma gets anxious if his field of vision is too wide, hence why he can't cut his hair.


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