kasam tere pyaar ki episode

Mallaika brings Tanuja to the Bedi house. Rishi is cured. A suspicious doctor decides to run a DNA test and sends DNA test reports to Bedi house. Tanuja has started developing feelings for Rishi.

Kritika exits safely and Ranbir stays inside to help Malini, who is rushed to hospital. Sandy tells Rishi that Tanuja is his daughter.

Nothing happened between him and Netra and Tanya is Smiley's daughter. The story is about Tanushree "Tanu" Khurana and Rishi Bedi who are childhood best friends, just like their respective fathers Veerendra and Raj. Kritika is harassed by a local contractor Ashok but Ranbir saves her. Tanuja introduces the two as her husband and daughter to Bedi family. • Sharad Malhotra as Rishi Singh Bedi/ Ranbir Kapoor (2016–2018) But this doesn't have effect on Rishi. 'Kasam' to go off air on July 27 - Times of India", "Kratika Sengar and Ssharad Malhotra get emotional as they bid adieu to Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki - Times of India", "Kasam Teri Pyaar Ki:Kratika Sengar a.k.a. Rishi announces about his engagement and marriage with Netra in Tanuja's henna function.

She informs Rano.Rishi thinks that Tanuja cheated on him. Believing that her husband Arun died, Malini is shocked to see him on news and reaches Mumbai with Kritika to track him down. Rishi and Bedi family blame Tanuja for Rano's condition as she failed to show up in the police station. Tanuja then reveals to him that she left him as she saw him and Netra together on the bed on their engagement night. Rano sends a legal notice for Natasha's custody. Rishi decides to get Natasha's custody. Tanuja's face is badly burnt in that accident while saving Rishi. Rano is beaten up by the police in the police station and she is admitted to the hospital.

Rishi and Netra also assume to be married and have been raising Smiley's daughter Tanya. Rishi donates his blood to save her. Their love has stood the test of time, cheating even death. Eventually, Ranbir wins the case with Kritika's help. For vengeance on Rano, Bani files a police complaint against Raj and Rano in the name of Tanuja. Ranbir expresses his love to Kritika but gets unconscious after a pillar falls. Rishi now wants to divorce Tanuja. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. Tanuja applies for a divorce and reveals to Natasha that Rishi is her real father. Tanuja leaves. Tanuja gets kidnapped by some goons and Rish saves her. Rano insults Bani. In a desperate effort to stop Tanu's wedding, Ahana drugs her and helps Rishi in kidnapping her. But Tanuja refuses to return to him. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. The Bedi family assumes that Tanu has returned. Tanuja is ordered to stay in the Bedi House for six months. The show is based on the concept of remarriage where in kids from previous marriages are involved . Rishi develops a special bond with Natasha who enrols in Tanya's school. Rishi sees her and he also assumes that Tanu has returned. Tanuja over hears Preeti telling Nakul about Rishi and Tanu's love story. Abhishek proposes Tanuja. She bribes a mechanic to tamper with the car brakes in which Rishi and Tanuja are. Rishi's grandmother Preeti develops a bond with Tanuja.

Rishi and Tanuja consummate their marriage. Sandy slaps Neha after learning of her plan. Neha and Bani are insulted. Tanuja leaves the house.

Tanuja finds out that Divya is helping Purab and tries to expose her to the Bedi family but she fails. Sandy and Neha marry. Kasam is a story of star crossed lovers Rishi and Tanu who are destined to be together since birth. Later, Kritika meets Ranbir for first time and they have argument.

Abhishek and Rishi's bankers advise them to collaborate their business. Later, Tanuja, Nidhi and Vidhi come to Mumbai with Bani and Kuljeet.

We weren't sure at first what "relay dances" were either…. Tanuja meets with an accident and remembers her previous birth and she is Rishi's Tanu. Ranbir's father Balraj gets involved in a legal battle over custody of his mansion with its caretaker Aayush Batra.

(2016–2018). Natasha and Tanya think Abhishek and Rishi to be their fathers. The story is based in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India, a place which is largely male dominated and women lead very sheltered and withdrawn lives. Tanuja is going to tell Rishi that she has not made any mistake. Raj and Rano are arrested. Raj and Rano lie to the Bedi family that they are Rano's distant relatives. This is the story of Lord Shiva and Goddess Shakti. Tanuja realizes her mistake and apologises to him, and they reconcile. Tanuja is pretending to be pregnant to hide Smiley's pregnancy and to save her and Bedi family's reputation. Rishi tries to kill himself but Tanu's soul tells him she will return in his life. Kritika learns that her father has married again to Parminder a.k.a Pammi and has daughters, Jiana and Ishani. On the night of Janmashtami Abhishek, Tanuja, and Natasha leave for London for Abhishek's business trip. On the day of Ganesh Chaturthi Sandy tells Tanuja that he killed Rishi's Tanu. Tanuja refuses to return and demands divorce thinking she is unlucky for Rishi, and both sign divorce papers. Natasha and Tanya visit a summer camp. Rishi invites her, Abhishek and Natasha to his house for a party. Ahana is married to Rishi's younger brother Manpreet and they have two children, Smiley and Chintu. Having lost her after Tanu, Rishi is heartbroken and commits suicide by taking poison. Rishi returns to the Bedi house with Tanuja and they both decide to live together. Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. Dulhan is the love story of an innocent, illiterate girl Vidya and a mentally challenged young man Sagar.

In this classic tale of love and heartbreak, Saras and Kumud are soulmates who are repeatedly denied the joy of being together. Raj reaches Tanu's home and discovers about the deaths, where her aunt Bani takes advantage of the situation, introducing her daughter Neha as Tanu and they move with Bedis to Mumbai. After an argument between Rishi and Tanuja, she accompanies him to Mumbai as he threatens her. Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Netra, who had been following Rishi and Tanuja to the summer camp, gets furious to see them together and vows to kill them. Rishi is now became heartless and lost his faith in love. Rano tells him that she is not Tanu but she is Tanuja and her face changed during plastic surgery. This story of reincarnation will even make non believers believe in love. Veerendra and his wife Sharda die in a terrorist attack. Tanuja leaves but realises that she is pregnant while sitting in the train. Abhishek who has fallen in love with Tanuja learns of her past with Rishi. 623 episodes. The car falls off a cliff and Abhishek takes them to the hospital.

Rishi and Tanuja are reborn as Ranbir Kapoor and Kritika Kohli, respectively. Tanu saves Rishi from falling into a river. Abhishek learns that Rishi and Netra aren't married. Ranbir has blurr flash backs of his past birth in his dreams.


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