kakyoin theme asb
+ Fast Movement in Stand Off+ His Net Traps are one of the best setup tools in the game+ Great normals and amazing pokes+ High damage output and long combos+ Easy mid-screen and corner 50/50 mixup game that can lead to combos+ Infinite Airdashes, - Some useless supers and specials- Slow recovery on some moves- Incredibly slow wake-up time- Learning to properly utilize his Net Traps might take a while. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. It is advised that you cancel this move into a Special or Super move as it has a lot of end lag. Heirophant Green launches a single tentacle that moves slowly forward doing multiple hits and launching the opponent into a juggle state if it connects. (7/9) j.s.A (vertical jump) - Hierophant Green forms a drill and quickly strikes the opponent in midair. Cant tandem while crouching, play the range game in this matchup. Becomes very deadly with well placed Nets. 2A 2A 66 d.C 214S ABCxN 8 j.A/B/C 214A 5A 214B 214C(hold) 9 66B (Release C) 236AA - Kakyoin's main BNB route, a bit hard to confirm as it requires you to be in 2A range. 214A 214B (Hold) s.5C (Release B) 214A (Hold) s.5C (Release A) - Kakyoin's corner loop, prone to the infinite protection system leaving you in a bad spot. Difficulty Kakyoin Great against opponents below Kakyoin. Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/OtogiMatsuri. Upload your creations for people to see, favourite and share. However, you still have the range advantage in this matchup, it's not hard as long as you keep Abdul at range and don't needlessly go in after him. OId Joseph is useless against Kakyoin. It does however have a good use for it, since the move does not initiate if the initial tentacle does not connect its safe to throw out and whiff. One of your easiest matchups, your projectile beats clacker volley 10/10 times. While it does do decent damage if it connects, since it launches the opponent on hit, they can most likely tech out of it either towards you or backwards to block the rest of the super. Sprite (A Color). d.s.2B - Same as his s.2B but while dashing. 2A - Kakyoin does a quick low kick. From the anime, I'd say that Virtuous Pope is my favourite, with Kakero the Bluff a close second. In neutral, Kakyoins most dominant pokes are s.4b and s.2b, both of which can be canceled into any web to obtain frame advantage, s.6b, which can be chained into s.5c and than canceled into web, s.2c, a full screen sweep, and s.4c, an incredibly strong counter-poke. It cannot be canceled.d.s.5C - Kakyoin performs his s.4C while dashing.

After successfully using a Net, they cannot be used again for a brief period of time. Tier When Crouching use 6A 6B 6C in tandem, uber fast wakeup makes wakeup game almost impossible other than IAD.

Depending on the button pressed, nets will be positioned slightly differently, with the A version placing it slightly in front of Kakyoin, B version directly at his position, and the C version right behind him. The rest is basic Kakyoin strategy. 214A 214B 214C(Hold) S 9 66 (backwards towards opponent) s.j.B (Release C), 214A 214B 214C(Hold) S 9 s.2A s.2B (Release C), 214A 214B 214C(Hold) 463214A (Hold) 9 66B (Release Tie wrap snake) AxN 214A 214B 236AA (Release C) 236AA, 214A S+6 (remote stand) 214B 214C 9 66 s.j.B, 214A S+6 (remote stand) 214B 214C 9 s.2A s.2B. Kakyoin places an invisible net on the stage. Note that Kakyoin's nets will also always force a Stand Crash. Considering that Kakyoin fires 8 projectiles at once, this move is unrivaled in projectile wars against other zoners. Pretty cool considering I really don't like ACDC. Solid normal with decent range. This is where it becomes useful to memorize the type of oki you get depending on the range/character you're fighting. Experiment with DeviantArt’s own digital drawing tools. It is a big part of his 50/50 mixups.s.2C - Hierophant Green performs an incredibly long sweep with his tentacle. Same as normal Kakyoin, you just have an edge in the damage when you finally touch him. Kakyoin can hit the opponent while they are tangled, and can follow up with nets after the wall bounce. The first hit can be canceled into various Supers. s.6A - Hierophant Green attacks with his tentacle aiming up in front of him. Nets can be cut down by opponent's Stand type attacks.

https://jojoban.fandom.com/wiki/Kakyoin?oldid=2937. Hierophant Green launches a barrage of emeralds forward that travel fullscreen and hit multiple times for high damage. I dunno who's theme belongs to who, except for Kyakoin's (it's a Japanese instrumental sounding theme), so I have to pick that one by default. Kakyoin is considered to be the best character in the game, right after Pet Shop due to having excellent offense, defense, setups, mixups, high combo potential, and supers as well as long reaching normals and pokes. (8) j.s.A (neutral jump) - Hierophant Green performs a quick jab in midair. Technically it is the same move as the Stand Off version, only differences being that Kakyoin cannot move on his own after performing this Super, it can be performed midair, and the spread at which emeralds are being shot can be changed by holding either 8(Up) or 2(Down).


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