kaitlin bennett robbed
People aren’t saying that someone deserves to die for stealing. Kaitlin Bennett at Kent State University in September 2018. Conservative activist Kaitlin Bennett arrived on the campus of Ohio University on Monday to film candid interviews with students about Presidents’ Day. When I counted on Wednesday, Liberty Hangout’s homepage featured more than 40 photos of Bennett. — Ashley Rae Groypenberg (@Communism_Kills) May 10, 2020, Daily Wire shills are out in full force saying it's totally normal behavior to trespass into other people's homes and look for things to steal. Bennett has since parlayed the attention into a career as a right-wing internet personality, becoming a target of ridicule on the left—especially on college campuses—and celebrated in pro-Trump circles. “I told them, ‘Drop the gun or I’ll drop you,’ and they threw the gun down and all three of them took off,” Madaris told WSB-TV. “Their hatred makes me stronger.” Bennett might not always look like a winner in her confrontations with progressives or the mainstream media. Got five minutes?

Then three suspects came behind her — and one of them was armed with a handgun, she told police.

I’m a San Francisco-based reporter covering breaking news at Forbes. The rifle, slung across her back in a viral photo, was a protest against a university policy barring students from carrying concealed weapons on campus.

https://t.co/mOzwOCOJ69, why didn’t she carry it on her? “Y’all just got robbed of 1200 bucks and you walk around strapped. and demanded the keys to her car, reported the Atlanta Journal Constitution. The woman was being robbed at gunpoint and used her legally owned firearm to ward off the attacker. The left-wing media would’ve preferred those teenagers shot the woman in the head and robbed her to back up why guns are bad, than the reality of a gun-owning Good-Samaritan saving her life and the life of the unborn child with his legally owned firearm.

Police also said the event “did not rise to the level of a riot,” involving only strong language and splashing water. Arguably the most cringeworthy aspect of Bennett’s reputation is the rumor that she, uh, defecated in her pants at a frat party at Kent State. (They also chanted “We hate fascists.”) Rather than avoid the topic, Bennett includes clips in her own videos of her interviewees mocking her to her face about the alleged incident. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. You can cancel anytime. Key background: Bennett is frequently ignored or mocked by the students she interviews in her videos, which have produced several viral clips that are used to further ridicule her online. You know, the one in which she's holding her graduation cap in one hand and has an AR-10 rifle slung over her shoulder in the other. Like Tomi Lahren, to whom she is often compared, Bennett has a knack for turning scorn of the left into admiration on the right. Play.

She appeared on Fox and Friends and started referring to herself as “Kent State gun girl.”, Since then, Bennett has become a kind of roving citizen-journalist, carrying a microphone around college campuses and other hotbeds of progressive politics, and provoking interviewees into offering “intolerant” or nonsensical political opinions. I studied journalism at Syracuse University’s S.I. Georgia law on citizen’s arrest states someone had to commit a crime in their presence and that did not happen here.. Just the other day I commented while out on a walk with my husband that I’d been tempted to go look around in one of the houses being constructed in our neighborhood because I was curious what it looked like. According to authorities, the victim was attempting to get on the subway in Union Square just before 6 p.m. on Thursday when the incident… pic.twitter.com/VgUtRT4alv, — SEX CAULDRON?! It proves nothing. Too bad! Bennett received media attention in 2018 for open-carrying an AR-10 rifle at Kent State University after graduating.. She and her husband run Liberty Hangout, which describes itself as a libertarian media outlet. Bennett vowed to return to the university with “an army of gun owners for an open carry walk through campus” and said on Fox And Friends that colleges “not supporting free speech” should be stripped of federal funding.

Streamer almost gets his phone robbed and chases after the thief. And you'll never see this message again. She tried unsuccessfully to get away from the suspects by running to a nearby home, police said.


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