jyeshta nakshatra marriage compatibility
36% compatible, 14) Jyeshta and Chitra : You can take an instant dislike to Chitra and argue incessantly, but there is a strong underlying attraction. You like to be happy by nature and command respect for your views and opinions. Other good matching stars with Jyeshta are Mrigasira, Ardra, 77% compatible, 19) Jyeshta and Mula : Mula can teach you about rejection and love. They envelop you in their warmth, and their loving brings security to your restless mind. Purva Phalguni cannot always support you when you start moving away from pure sensual pleasures to spiritual ones. 72% compatible, 17) Jyeshta and Anuradha : Anuradha love you unconditionally and you flourish under their love. Moon in Jyeshtha Nakshatra : When the Moon is in Jyeshtha Nakshatra a person have very few friends but they are cheerful, virtuous and irascible (irritable). The Jyeshtha Nakshatra person may be the patriarch or the matriarch of a family. They can be too possessive. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Compatible Nakshatras for the purpose of marriage, love and relationship are Krittika 2nd to 4th quarters, Magha, Vishakha 4th quarter, Vishakha 4th quarter and Anuradha. Your birth star is incompatible with Ashwini, Mrigasira 3rd and 4th quarters, Ardra, Punarvasu, Uttara Phalguni, Hasta, Swati, Mula, Poorvashada, Uttarashada 1st quarter, Satabhisha, Poorva Bhadrapada and Revati. In fact, you can learn from them. Purva Shada, Shravan, Purvabhadra and Uttarabhadra, Sankashti Ganesh Chaturthi Vrat - November 4, Hindu Festivals and Fasting Dates in November 2020, Hindu calendar 2020 in English And Hindi With Tithi Pdf, 108 Facts about Sri Krishna – Unknown and Known, Ten Avatars of Srihari Vishnu And Evolution, Column: Gods – Demons – Animals and Humans. horoscope and astrology. We want to connect your logic with astrology, and make you go WoW! Women are good homemakers with homes most orderly in appearance. Punarvasu are not into complicated relationships, but you enjoy them. I am Jeystha Nakshatra Boy married to Magha Nakshatra Girl with 34 gunas match. All other rest of the birth stars is having compatibility with your birth star. Your digestive system is prone to regular trouble. Great. Be careful, it is not just they who are getting hurt. Avoid creating turmoil within them: they can hurt you back regardless of the cost to your relationship. Ardra can react ferociously to your machinations. You can get along, even love each other, but both of you have the tendency to be super critical. 55% compatible, 9) Jyeshta and Ashlesha : You both have to learn to look beyond the intellectual restrictions of your ruler Mercury and connect with a higher way of thinking. Jyeshtha Nakshatra ruling deity : Indra - the king of gods, Jyeshtha Nakshatra Zodiacal Position : 16°40’ - 30°00’ In Scorpio, Jyeshtha Nakshatra Symbol : An Umbrella ☂️ or A Talisman , Jyeshtha Nakshatra Translation of Name : Eldest, Jyeshtha Nakshatra Astronomical Name : α Scorpii (Antares), Jyeshtha Nakshatra Guna / Qualities : Sattva, Jyeshtha Nakshatra Nature : Sharp or Dreadful (Tikshna) or Hard (daurna), Jyeshtha Nakshatra Tattva / Element : Air, Jyeshtha Nakshatra Yoni : Male Deer (Mriga Yoni). You are the one who plays the sexual games. Planets are moving quickly, are you moving too? You can get along in the practical areas. The marriage will be only look out or not possible in the case of Manglik dosh. The symbol for Jyeshtha Nakshatra is an Umbrella or a round protective Talisman. You understand each other’s life path. Check out: Free Horoscope compatibility for marriage, love, relationship and friendship.

Other good matching stars with Jyeshta are Mrigasira, Ardra, Punarvasu, Pushya, Magha, Swathi, Anuradha and Jyeshta. For someone born in Jyeshtha Nakshatra there are even higher chances that he/she may be the oldest brother, sister or child. Many hymns of Veda honour Indra for his daring deeds, power, fame, glory and praiseworthiness, all of these qualities are hence associated with Jyeshtha Nakshatra.

One involved in engineering, mines and arsenal, 1) Jyeshta and Ashwini : You are caught up in a spiritually complex relationship.

This relationship works if you celebrate the compatible aspects but try not to worry about the incompatible ones.

Compatible Nakshatras for the purpose of marriage, love and relationship are Krittika 2nd to 4th quarters, Magha, Vishakha 4th quarter, Vishakha 4th quarter and Anuradha. You may overlook all their good points and concentrate on their negative ones. Compatible, Incompatible Nakshatras with Jyeshta . This usually stands in the way of your relationship. You are hard working but you get tired easily and always look for opportunities to relax and rejuvenate.

You may become too tied to your desires and this makes you frustrated. 1) Jyeshta and Ashwini : You are caught up in a spiritually complex relationship. The best feature of their physique is their probing and penetrating eyes. You also express yourself negatively – loving them, leaving them, emotionally messing them about.

Indra is the eldest of Adityas (the celestial gods - sons of Aditi) and Word ‘Jyeshtha’ means ‘the eldest’ mainly in the social context. They have no time for sensuality and are good at controlling their senses. 22% compatible, 8) Jyeshta and Pushya : You find Pushya too disciplined and rigid in their views. When the tables are turned, it creates huge emotional distress in you. Know about Jyeshtha Nakshatra meaning, male and female characteristics of Jyeshtha constellation. You like to travel and are extremely fond of journeys.

And the presiding deity of Jyeshtha Nakshatra is Indra - the king or chief of the gods. 36% compatible, 2) Jyeshta and Bharani : Your relationship with Bharani can bring excessive sensuality as you try to fulfil your greatest desires.

Mentally exhilarating and emotionally satisfying, this relationship makes you feel complete. You do not always understand emotions and with Hasta you don’t even try. Sequential recommendations for top useful article posts on Aaps.space, Insider’s sneak peek on the views and new adaptations by Astrologer’s community, ✨ A Promise so you always cherish us in your inbox (We support anti-spam ).

Understand how numbers are influencing your life! You find their criticism and ability to rationalize everything irritating. You become dominant and aggressive, thinking you can deal with the aftermath. The best possible marriage compatibility. You can pay a heavy price emotionally and spiritually. In the desire to abide by the established norms, Jyeshta is a good performer where charity, philanthropy, respect and kindness are concerned. Keep communicating about your feelings. They understand pain and asceticism, so they empathize with your inner turmoil. The profession related to radio commentator, televisions anchor, talk show host, administrator, politician, bureaucrat and researcher suits you well. So take care of your stomach and eat healthy. But give them a chance and they may be your best friend. Your sexual life is full and your social life entertaining. They can get very emotional and sentimental. You try to control them, to manipulate the relationship. You have often both suffered some poor relationships and that becomes an added bond. Keep extremes of behaviour tightly under control. Person dealing or providing inappropriate form of patronage like - Nepotism. I have written this according to Vedic astrological knowledge. They teach you to face life’s harsh realities with poise and equanimity. They are not always rational, and can’t change easily as they can be very fixed in their ideas. You can both press the self-destruct button. Since you are profound in managing men force and know how to get your work done through subordinates and team mates. You want to explore sensuality and Revati want to explore love. This admiration translates into a strong and loving relationship. The latter series of nakshatras are more concerned with activities on an earthly plane. You feel secure and loved, and their love is a balm to your restless spirit. Jyeshtha Nakshatra (16°40’ - 30°00’ In Scorpio) is the eighteenth (18th) Nakshatra in zodiac as per Indian astrology. Magha are everything you want: confident, dynamic, sexy, passionate, soulful and loving. They do not always understand your spiritual path. © 2020 aaps.space All Rights Reserved. Dhanishta, Shatabhishak and Revathi are okay – means not bad. 69% compatible, 10) Jyeshta and Magha : Your best partner. 47% compatible, 25) Jyeshta and Purva BhadraPada : You show Purva BhadraPada a new sensual world, where they become bewitched and enchanted, and you use the words of love without meaning to, weaving a web of illusions. 76% compatible, 4) Jyeshta and Rohini : Rohini stretch you mentally and emotionally.

Some of the astrologers give importance to very specific rules (Example: Rajju is considered to be very important, and if there is no Rajju match, then marriage will … Mercury is the Dasha ruler of this birth star whereas its deity is Lord Indra.

Jyeshta is governed by a sense of becoming or arrival. Jyeshta Nakshatra (also known as Kettai in Tamil and Thrikketta in Malayalam) is extended from 16.40 to 30.00 degrees in Scorpio sign. 53% compatible, 3) Jyeshta and Krittika : You will feel invigorated by Krittika’s warmth, their love, and their straightforward approach to life. You are hypnotized by the Bharani allure, but you soon start feeling guilty about ignoring your spirituality. You think and they feel. This links Jyeshtha Nakshatra closely with the idea of protective influence. So it represents ‘the founder’, ‘the most important’, ‘the eldest’ or ‘the preferred one’. Their ascetic nature does not always please you, but their ability to love you for what you are does. 53% compatible, 6) Jyeshta and Ardra : You bring the worst out in each other. They are not into any kind of mind game and appear too ascetic to be totally comfortable in your sensuous world. Your unique communication skills help you a lot while dealing with influential people. Punarvasu may then leave you, without any consideration for your feelings.

From Nakshatra point of view the most ideal life partner for Jyeshtha Nakshatra will be of Magha and Anuradha Nakshatra and the most challenging life partner for Jyeshtha Nakshatra will be of Ardra, Punarvasu and Purva BhadraPada Nakshatra. They are creative, sophisticated and exciting. You will bask in their warmth. You both share the ability to enjoy sensuality but know when to control your senses. The natives do all they can to impress others and maintain the respect of other people. Don’t try to control and allow them to have their own space. 39% compatible, 20) Jyeshta and Purva Ashadha : Purva Ashadha flexibility is hard for you to handle. There is no sexual compatibility, the dog Mula being aggressive to the deer Jyeshta. Go and Check Out what destiny has in store for you.

You also express yourself negatively – loving them, leaving them, emotionally messing them about. A Talisman apart from being a physical expression of an understanding of occult or hidden forces, also indicates either providing or receiving protection from some danger or adversity. You are just one click away from getting your personal, Free Horoscope compatibility for marriage, love, relationship and friendship. Jyeshta is also protective of the weak, and can go to any lengths to protect the underprivileged, and are guided by the elite forces. You overcome your initial antipathy to find passion and love. Check out your manually prepared Matchmaking Analyis.You have also have an opportunity to get your personalized and accurate Marriage Prospects and Love Prospects. In fact, it completes the second series of nine nakshatras starting with Magha. Punarvasu, Pushya, Magha, Swathi, Anuradha and Jyeshta. Ashlesha are not into uncomplicated re relationships but with you, they take a risk.

55% compatible. You need to love Ashwini on a spiritual level and let Ashwini into your spiritual search. Their appearances are usually well proportioned in accordance with the need for harmony. Thus, it is said that Jyeshta in ancient times commanded the respect of society. You want them to concentrate fully on you but their outside interests keep interfering.


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