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JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, he’s encouraging the protests. He frequently co-hosts the radio and television program Democracy Now! And then he said, “Look, any moment, anytime she gets worse, if it’s five minutes from now, half an hour from now, or tomorrow, just call us, and we’ll take her to the hospital right away.” So, I think that they calmed her quite a bit. “We should make no mistake, that this country is edging closer and closer to neo-fascist authoritarianism,” says González, expressing concern these actions will become normalized in the lead-up to a bitter national election in November.

Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, I wasn’t being offered it.

And I don’t think we should discount the possibility that this president will declare an election that he loses as a fraud and illegitimate, and attempt to stay in power. It’s not almost. He wants to invest in a pecans ranch in his hometown in Mexic.

But you gotta keep going.”, ”Just be good to people.

[6]:70 In the student strike that followed the police riot that ended the occupation he continued in this role and in negotiations at the apartment of Eugene Galanter. ThatWasEpic, real name – Juan Gonzalez, is a YouTuber who uploads vlogs, pranks, and social experiments on his YouTube channel for over 5.06 million subscribers. Juan, welcome. JUAN GONZÁLEZ: They were going to be — they were planning to begin to give my mother treatment for her when I asked about it. Juan González (born October 15, 1947) is an American progressive broadcast journalist and investigative reporter. You know, some people may say this is far-fetched.

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But I think that we shouldn’t delude ourselves that we are living in extraordinary times in the United States right now. Juan Alberto González Vázquez (born October 20, 1969) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder.During his 16 years in the league, González played for four teams, but is most identified with … Realize when you’re running in place.”. click here to become a subscriber. All rights reserved. Go ad-free. He moved to San Buenaventura, Chihuahua, Mexico when he was 4 years old. In 2019, it was reported that he signed with BroadbandTV, a Vancouver-based multi-platform network that provides monetization services and content creation for digital influencers. He has 6 sisters.

And so, the testing issue is still a huge issue, as many in the commercial or corporate media have said, and the alternative media, that the testing issue remains primary for dealing with what’s going to happen after the country begins to reopen. Juan was born on July 13, 1993, in Cancun, Mexico. Opinion from Salon and Jim Hightower? Juan earns most of his wealth from advertisements on his YouTube channels. Then join the hundreds of readers who have supported AlterNet this year. This is a rush transcript. Pic credit: Midland Police Dept. But, Amy, I wanted to talk about something else which I think is very important. [citation needed], In December 2006, he reported the results of an exclusive interview with the purported "fourth man" who was present at the scene on November 25 when plainclothes NYPD officers shot and killed Sean Bell. 'Make no mistake: This country is edging closer to neo-Fascist authoritarianism': Investigative journalist, Support progressive journalism with a one-time contribution to AlterNet. She was in really bad shape for several days but now seems to be in the clear. Juan Gonzales was sentenced to life in prison for killing his wife, Kathy Lujan. He was the first reporter in New York City to write on the health effects arising from the September 11, 2001 attacks. Juan later moved to Kansas, USA.

But it seems that she’s out of danger. They said that she — initially, they said she likely had COVID, but they were not going to admit her or even to test her, until I kept pressing them on the issues of the enormous, the unbearable pain that she had in her abdomen.


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