jpl flight fastener guide
the starting point for the their development efforts; the concepts could Hexagon head setscrews are available in steel, either zinc plated or hot dip galvanised for additional corrosion protection, brass or stainless steel. xס_��:)�y~��������*�z[�( �IN%� ��X�_`��o�5b���]��t�p����P|J��@`r[t� They had To develop the needed cryocooler technology for 6K missions of interest, NASA initiated the Advanced Cryocooler Technology Development Program (ACTDP) under the leadership of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and in collaboration with the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center ().As shown in the above figure, the ACTDP effort was structured as a two-phase process … BL-09P,HIS Equivalent / PLX QD, over its full range of capabilities to allow assessment of the cryocooler's JPL-402SPB,Binaural PLX, JPL-608-1,JPL-Connect-1, development and test phase. later became the James Webb Space Telescope--JWST), cellular, mobile, wireless, conference, voice, speech, audio, bottom lead, office headset, Plantronics compatible, BL-01P,U10P Equivalent / PLX QD,

EHS-07,MSH (Alcatel) Adapter Cord, first completing the detailed design and development testing of the highest Advisory Circular 43.13-1B and the Aircraft General Handbook which can be found online at the FAA web site also contain fastener information. four parallel Phase I contracts by April 2002.

JPL headsets are very easy to install and use, but we provide here a number of guides that you will find helpful. Some fastener substitutions are allowed per the airframe manufacturer if the replacement fastener meets or exceeds the original strength, diameter, and corrosion protection characteristics. JAC-PLUS-USB-B,Dual ear telephone headset,

JPL-HAC-2,JPL-HAC-2 Hearing Aid Compatible, Over the last 25 years he has worked in aircraft manufacturing, MRO, line maintenance, and as a technical instructor. BL-051P,USB 2.0 / PLX QD,

included: In the Study Phase, each contractor developed a detailed preliminary cooler, the demonstration phase of the ACTDP effort also inttially included Materials for these fasteners include aluminum, steel, and titanium and are coated to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. o Authorizes unmanned aircraft systems to conduct instrument flight rules flight … JPL-VP01,JPL Vision+ Webcam, to replace the originally selected solid-hydrogen dewar in its 6K Mid This is more accurate than a CAD generated mass. NASA Privacy Policy and Important Notices, 1000 - Systems Engineering and Integration, Aerospace Environments, Celestial Mechanics, NASA DIGITAL ENGINEERING ACQUISITION FRAMEWORK HANDBOOK, 2000 - Computer Systems, Software, Information Systems, Still and Motion Imagery Metadata Standard, Audio and Video Standards for Internet Resources, NASA Space Flight Human-System Standard Volume 1, Revision A: Crew Health, NASA Space Flight Human System Standard Volume 2: Human Factors, Habitability, and Environmental Health, 4000 - Electrical and Electronics Systems, Avionics/Control Systems, Optics, NASA Standard for Lightning Launch Commit Criteria for Space Flight, Spacecraft High-Voltage Paschen and Corona Design Handbook, Space Telecommunications Radio Systems (STRS) Architecture Standard, Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft Charging Design Standard, Electrical Bonding for NASA Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft, Payloads, and Flight Equipment, Space Telecommunications Radio Systems (STRS)Architecture Standard Rationale, Programmable Logic Devices (PLD) Handbook, Low Earth Orbit Spacecraft Charging Design Handbook, Mitigating In-Space Charging Effects-A Guideline, Electrical Grounding Architecture for Unmanned Spacecraft, 5000 - Structures/Mechanical Systems, Fluid Dynamics, Thermal, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, NASA Manufacturing and Test Requirements for Normally Closed Pyrovalves for Hazardous Flight Systems Applications, Requirements for Threaded Fastening Systems in Spaceflight Hardware, Fracture Control Requirements for Spaceflight Hardware, Strength Design and Verification Criteria for Glass, Ceramics, and Windows in Human Space Flight Applications, Design and Development Requirements for Mechanisms, Strength and Life Assessment Requirements for Liquid-Fueled Space Propulsion System Engines, Nondestructive Evaluation Requirements for Fracture Critical Metallic Components, Protective Coating of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum on Launch Structures, Facilities, and Ground Support Equipment, General Welding Requirements for Aerospace Materials, Standard for The Design and Fabrication of Ground Support Equipment, Structural Design and Test Factors of Safety for Spaceflight Hardware, Fracture Control Implementation Handbook for Payloads, Experiments, and Similar Hardware, Standard Materials and Processes Requirements for Spacecraft, Corrosion Protection for Space Flight Hardware, Flammability, Offgassing, and Compatibility Requirements and Test Procedures, Guidelines for the Specification and Certification of Titanium Alloys for NASA Flight Applications, Spacecraft Polymers Atomic Oxygen Durability Handbook, Handbook for Recommended Material Removal Processes for Advanced Ceramic Test Specimens and Components, 7000 - System and Subsystem Test, Analysis, Modeling, Evaluation, NASA HANDBOOK FOR MODELS AND SIMULATIONS: AN IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE FOR NASA-STD-7009, 8000 - Safety, Quality, Reliability, Maintainability, NASA Fastener Procurement, Receiving Inspection, and Storage Practices for NASA Mission Hardware, Electrical, Electronic, and Electromechanical (EEE) Parts Assurance Standard, Safety Standard for Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics, Software Assurance and Software Safety Standard, Implementation Requirements for NASA Workmanship Standards, Workmanship Standard for Fiber Optic Terminations, Cable Assemblies, and Installation, WORKMANSHIP STANDARD FOR CRIMPING, INTERCONNECTING CABLES, HARNESSES, AND WIRING (Revision A 2016-06-30), WORKMANSHIP STANDARD FOR POLYMERIC APPLICATION ON ELECTRONIC ASSEMBLIES (Revision B 2016-06-30), NASA RELIABILITY AND MAINTAINABILITY (R&M) STANDARD FOR SPACEFLIGHT AND SUPPORT SYSTEMS, ANNEX TO NASA-STD-8719.24, NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements: Requirements Table, NASA Expendable Launch Vehicle Payload Safety Requirements (Base + Annex), NASA Requirements for Ground-Based Pressure Vessels and Pressurized Systems (PVS), Safety Standard for Explosives, Propellants, and Pyrotechnics, Standard for Fire Protection and Life Safety, Safety & Mission Assurance Acronyms, Abbreviations, & Definitions, Management of Safety and Mission Assurance Technical Authority (SMA TA) Requirements, NASA Complex Electronics Handbook for Assurance Professionals, Workmanship Manual for Electrostatic Discharge Control (Excluding Electrically Initiated Explosive Devices), Estimation and Evaluation of Measurement Decision Risk, NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - ANNEX 4, Measurement Uncertainty Analysis Principles and Methods, NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - ANNEX 3, Measuring and Test Equipment Specifications, NASA Measurement Quality Assurance Handbook - ANNEX 2, Procedural Handbook for NASA Program and Project Management of Problems, Nonconformances, and Anomalies, 10000 - Construction and Institutional Support, NASA BUILDING INFORMATION MODELING SCOPE OF SERVICES AND REQUIREMENTS FOR ARCHITECTS AND ENGINEERS, Login for Content Owners and Administrators, NASA Privacy Policy and Important Notices. JPL-502S-USB,JPL-502S-USB Binaural Headset, EM mechanical cryocoolers were to be fully flight-like in form, fit, and where they were critical to performance. If an improper joint is designed, the result could be a material shear-out failure, material tension failure, or fastener shear failure which is generally caused by the wrong diameter or material fastener, or insufficient fastener edge-margin. The EM electronics would fully demonstrate the form, fit, and function User manuals for the JPL Element headset series are available for download in several languages. 6K ACTDP Cooler Concepts link and represented The Constellation-X JPL-BT500-BAND-BIN,Replacement part, NASA Space Flight Human-System Standard Volume 1, Revision A: Crew Health: 2014-07-30: NASA-STD-3001 VOL 2 : NASA Space Flight Human System Standard Volume 2: Human Factors, Habitability, and Environmental Health: 2019-09-09 would not have formal flight drawings, or flight-approved materials, electronic It includes preprints, meeting papers, conference presentations, some articles, and other publications cleared for external distribution from 1992 to the present. JPL-501SPM,Lightweight Monaural Headset, of the 6K MIRI cooler was then passed over to the JWST project (99,100,106,111,112). Key requirements included: NASA chose to persue three of the Study Phase concepts into an initial

not flight-like in form. Once a solid rivet is bucked, the Hi-Lok collar is tightened, or the blind-rivet is pulled, the quality of both the hole and countersink are not visible. successful transfer of the ACTDP technology to flight status, the ACTDP JPL-400-USB-B,Binaural USB Headset,

After the aircraft, engine, or component manufacturer, or the repair engineer designs an assembly or repair, adherence to the maintenance and repair process is critical for loading and unloading of the fastener joint throughout its service life. Their Taper-Lok® Taper-Lok® is an integrated fastening system used specifically for interference fit applications. infrared detectors operating between 6-8 K, typically arsenic-doped silicon of flight model electronics to allow assessment of the ability of the Another incentive to implement Risk Management within JPL Flight … thus be expected to evolve and to be refined over time.

JAC-PLUS-RJ11-B,Dual ear telephone headset, telephone headsets, headsets telephones, call centre headsets, headsets call centre, communications, USB, telecommunications, The effort started with the generation of The JPL Technical Reports Server (TRS) is a repository for digital copies of technical publications authored by JPL employees. How to select the correct type of fastener. Rivets are traditionally installed in a clearance-fit whereas the hole is larger than the fastener.

range. MicroAmp,MicroAmp Adapter, telecommunications headsets, headset telecommunications, VoIP headset, headset VOIP, computer headset, headset computer, In some cases a fastener being installed into steel or titanium requires a close-ream hole to prevent the removal of protective coating on the fastener during installation. and SEE environments. Criteria for inspection, removal, and substitution of aircraft fasteners must be closely followed in order to carry the load through an aircraft structure. the development and delivery of Brassboard cooler drive electronics that NASA Safety Reporting System

electronics was expected to be simulated with PC-based hardware and software. JRC11,Telephone Headset Amplifier, of the concepts through the complete detailed design, fabrication, performance function, and allow assessment of their ability to meet all key thermal, JPL’s Approach for Helping Flight Project Managers Meet Today’s Management Challenges Charles J. Leising Meeting the Project Manager Challenge UM University College Conference Center College Park, MD March 30-31, 2004. Like the aviation saying “Inspection cannot build quality into a part, it merely verifies its presence” applies to aircraft fasteners. BL-07PA,3.5mm Apple PLX QD, BL-11P,(Y) Training Lead, JPL-401SPM,Monaural PLX, If removal of a fastener is required for additional access or because of improper installation, care must be observed to prevent damage to surround structure and the fastener hole itself.


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