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Chris lives and works in Copeland with his wife and family. His government had decided to let the people decide, through a referendum, if Britain should confirm its membership of the Common Market. Time for the extremism commissioner to look at all... Sunday Music Spot: Bach's Concerto for Two Violins. Picture Window theme. By John Rentoul Eagle Eye Last updated: Monday, 18 November 2013 at 8:10 am I thought I had come across a sensational story when reading Lord Butler’s comments at a Foreign Office seminar in February – the one in which he repeated his disparaging views of Tony Blair’s decision-making before the Iraq invasion. Music to relax after campaigning: Purcel's Rondeau... Government borrowing falls to 17 year low. The division includes St Bees, Bigrigg, Wood End, Moor Row, part of the Mirehouse area of Whitehaven, and surrounding countryside. John Laurence Rentoul (1846-1926), clergyman and controversialist, was born on 6 July 1846 at Garvagh, Londonderry, Ireland, fourth son of Rev. Dominic Cummings dresses down (even more) in Downing Street on the day of the Saturday sitting of the Commons (today). Helping young people leaving care to get a Univers... Friday music spot: "Virus Alert" by Wierd Al Yankovic, Thursday music spot: Help! Government agrees funding for new buildings at Whi... Should Coroners investigate stilllbirths? Contact Us, D. Chambers, Theological Reaching and Thought in the Theological Hall of the Presbyterian Church of Victoria, 1865 to 1906 (B.A. Christopher Whiteside MBE is Conservative County Councillor for the Egremont North and St Bees Division of Cumbria County Council. And he is angry Boris Johnson's right-hand man Dominic Cummings was able to break the rules. It's a disgraceful joke. Sunday Reflection: "I can resist anything except t... Music to relax after campaigning: Morningtown Ride... Friday music spot: Salvator Mundi by Thomas Tallis, Thursday music spot: Georgy Girl (The Seekers). Theme images by, EU elections: let people vote for the person, not the party. Managed by: Private User Last Updated: September 16, 2017 John Rentoul and Fraser Nelson on the Brexit vote.

It is interesting to compare the perspectives of John Rentoul from the Independent and Fraser Nelson who is usually associated with the Spectator (but writing in the Sun on this occasion) next week's Brexit vote. Chris lives and works in Copeland with his wife and family. One is a pragmatic centre-left journalist who is one of the comparatively few remaining people who probably would not object to being called Blairite. The former Blair adviser Philip Collins became a columnist. John Heffernan, Actor: Eye in the Sky. Verified account Protected Tweets @; Suggested users Verified account Protected Tweets @ Protected Tweets @ “He was very sweet about it,” says Mary. I thought I had come across a sensational story when reading Lord Butler’s comments at a Foreign Office seminar in February – the one in which he repeated his disparaging views of Tony Blair’s decision-making before the Iraq invasion.

So when both of them say that if the PM does not get her deal through this week there is a good chacne that Brexit will be softened or never happen at all, there is a good chance that they are right. West Cumbria Mining application to be determined t... Action to reduce the risk of Climate Change. That story is not in Ben Pimlott’s biography of Wilson, but she did tell Roy Hattersley about it in a rare interview for the Mail on Sunday in 2007: In 1975, she had the courage to follow her convictions and vote against one of her husband’s flagship policies. The other is a pragmatic right-winger who voted Leave and had up until a few days ago been seriously suggesting that Britain should consider a no-deal Brexit. Hons thesis, University of Melbourne, 1964), D. Chambers, A History of Ormond College 1881-1945 (M.A. (The Beatles), Iain Martin's message to his fellow brexiteers. Ormond College archives (University of Melbourne Archives). West CumbrIa Mining - a note to protesters. Change ), repeated his disparaging views of Tony Blair’s decision-making before the Iraq invasion, Roy Hattersley about it in a rare interview for the Mail on Sunday in 2007, When Willie Whitelaw Shot a Friend in the Buttocks, Alastair Campbell: “I have never been asked that question before”. Update, 19 October 2019. Posts about John Rentoul written by Ian Millard. ( Log Out /  He is also deputy chair (political and campaigning) of the North-West region of the voluntary wing of the Conservative party. A song for Brexit: The Rolling Stones, "19th Nervo... Music spot: "Insanae et vanae curae" (A crazed & h... 39 new special free schools to be created. John was born in Billericay in Essex in 1981 to a couple of teachers, one of four brothers. 1 reply 1 … Published and Promoted by Chris Whiteside of Hawthorn House, Foxhouses Road, Whitehaven CA28 8AF. Independent blog posts by John Rentoul from the Archive. John Milton Rentoul: Birthdate: 1912: Death: Immediate Family: Son of John Ashe Rentoul and Victoria Rentoul Husband of Lena Rose Rentoul Father of Private User . John Rentoul ‏ Verified account ... big contribution to the economy at almost no cost to the UK was forcibly separated for over six months from his British wife by Mrs May's rules. His wife had to relocate alone and prove she could support him! John Wilson could not visit his wife Pauline as she died of COVID-19 due to the UK's strict lockdown. “This stuff would be really interesting if …”, The “Questions to Which the Answer is No” Awards. Computer algorithms and giving everyone a fair cha... Update - West Cumbria mine application approved. Photograph: Mary and Harold Wilson with Zara and Harold Holt, Australian prime minister, in 1967. All three could join my esteemed colleague John Rentoul, the world’s leading Blairite and fan of Cameron, for a glass of wine and would agree on most matters.

As an aside, talking about how Harold Wilson managed his Cabinet in the European referendum of 1975, he said (page 30): Incidentally, his wife, Mary Wilson, still alive, aged 96,* lives two blocks along from us, and she said to me the other day with a great glint in her eye, ‘You know, I voted no.’ She said it was the only time she ever voted against Harold. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. No more unnecessary benefit reassessments for Pens... John Rentoul and Fraser Nelson on the Brexit vote. British Summer Time begins tonight - don't forget ... Could a "No Deal" Brexit still happen and how woul... Music to relax between campaigning and the Swimath... Swimathon 2019 - in aid of Cancer research UK and ... Of centre extremists and when people go over the top: A song for Brexit - Everything You Know Is Wrong. ( Log Out /  What he could do with his Cabinet he could not necessarily do inside his own household. Daniel Finkelstein entered the world of commentary from the Conservative Party.

As an aside, talking about how Harold… Although they come from different perspectives, especially on Brexit, I regard Nelson and Rentoul as having in common, and I say this although I frequently disagree with both of them, that they are highly intelligent men with a gift for seeing the world as it is and not as they would wish it to be. Will this wind be so mighty as to lay low the mountains of the earth? Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. ( Log Out /  I am amazed that there wasn’t more fuss made about it at the time. Asked if she still holds the same view, the best she can say about Britain’s European destiny is: “You can’t unscramble eggs.”. James Buchan Rentoul and his wife Sarah, née Wilson. Well, I think it is an extraordinary tale.


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