johannes von trapp net worth
Generosity Quotes Images, “She regimented us, and we just did what we were told. Metro Tilboð, The two other surviving children—Werner, 82, and Eleonore, 67—couldn’t make it to the premiere. When I see The Sound of Music I see what was really in her. Goya Prints, Her reputation had preceded her. The lodge will celebrates its 50th year in operation in January.

“He was very fatherly,” says the younger Maria. She grew up in Vienna, the ward of a socialist, anti-Catholic judge who, according to her 1972 autobiography, Maria, beat her. The wedding is one of the dramatic high points of The Sound of Music: the couple is madly in love, and the children are overjoyed. The Sound of Music leaves off 60 years ago, when, in March 1938, the Nazis occupied Austria and Baron von Trapp, rather than accept a commission in the German navy, fled with his family. Says DeNormandie, “The way the place was operating was dysfunctional.” What the board did not anticipate was that members of the family owning nearly 40 percent of the stock would react by selling out of the company completely at the offered $33.84 per share and then demand to be paid $61 a share—a move permitted under the Vermont corporate code. The youngest of the von Trapp children, he was born soon after the family and Father Franz Wasner landed in America.

But shortly before the lodge reopened, Johannes got a phone call from his mother demanding that he come over. of doing things, of involving the family in running things, instead of: ‘I’ve run this for 30 years and the way we’ll do it is the way I’ve done it,’ ” says one family member.

George didn’t just say he wanted to run the place—he touched a raw nerve by suggesting that, if he did, other family members would share in more of the decision-making.

What was Georg Johannes Vontrapp childhood and career archievments? The family had a contract with an American booking agent when they left Austria. Johannes also had the feel of the family and its history, which to her was more important than having numerous von Trapps working around the place. In 1942, they purchased the old Gale Farm in Stowe, Vermont, which in 1950 became the von Trapp Family Lodge, offering guests sweeping mountain views in an Austrian style main lodge. “Maria! All The Way 1 Hour, He had wanted to pursue a Ph.D., but the lodge, which the family had opened in the early 60s, was losing money, so he stepped in. “We sat down,” says Johannes, “and we said, ‘O.K., how many shares of stock should you get? We probably would have begun to fight a lot sooner.”, At 59, Johannes von Trapp is a striking man. Johannes straightened out the family finances and reorganized the management of the operation. It is a retreat tailored for an ecologists and businessman who doesn’t just think about the success of the lodge’s current season, but where it will be decades after he is gone.

The board’s decision to throw him out completely came as a surprise to them. Supremely confident—he was the only von Trapp child who did not experience being a refugee—he was, friends say, the only one of Maria’s 10 chil-


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