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We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Neumann was under a lot of stress. In conversations with dozens of current and former WeWork employees, Berrent's name came up repeatedly. Adam called with strategy, advice, and encouragement, and without an ounce of doubt in my strength,” she wrote in a public post to the troops in 2018. Others pushed back on those characterizations, describing her as one of the most competent people at the startup, who balanced out Neumann. Insiders describe Minson, an accountant by training who is said to have a dry sense of humor, as the opposite of the extroverted Neumann, who is a natural showman with a propensity for lofty rhetoric. These days, Berrent, WeWork’s only female senior executive, is keeping a low profile. I'm a reporter at Forbes and the author of What Next? Gunningham rose through the company’s ranks to run its Latin American division, based in Miami, before leaving to join Apple Inc. Berrent's LinkedIn profile stands frozen from that time, listing her as chief operating officer, but there's also reason to believe that she maneuvered to keep the role. One story goes that as part of her efforts to drum up new business, she camped out at a WeWork office until she could introduce herself to Neumann. The campaign to get Neumann to step aside came on the heels of reports of self-dealing and other governance issues that caused public investors to spurn the company, sending its expected valuation tumbling by billions of dollars.

Neumann, who is dyslexic, relied on Berrent, the company’s top lawyer, to oversee the hugely critical IPO prospectus. In October 2018, Ruby Anaya, the former director of culture and director of product management, filed a lawsuit in New York State Supreme Court against WeWork and its cofounder and chief culture officer Miguel McKelvey.

The statement said that WeWork would be “an associate” of SoftBank, not a “subsidiary.” The deal valued WeWork at $8 billion, down significantly from its $47 billion valuation in a January 2019 fundraising round. Adam Neumann was screaming at Jen Berrent, the woman who had been, for the past five years, his closest company ally. After she became pregnant with her second child in February 2018, the claim says Neumann and Berrent and other leadership looked for a permanent replacement instead of hiring someone temporarily when she was on leave. “If you feel like you’ve been an outcast, if you feel like you’ve been mistreated because you’re a woman, because you’re gay, whatever it is, I’m here to tell you We is your home.”. Berrent had defended the clauses in 2017 by saying, "Our people are our soul." She told employees she felt that WeWork was a place where she could be her authentic self. Gunningham will focus on areas including WeWork’s product, technology, design and marketing. She was someone expressly focused on getting things done, who felt it was her job to orchestrate his wishes when the board approved them in ways that protected him and the company. As the pair work to prepare WeWork for another run at the public markets, they vowed to “closely review all aspects of our company” and said they anticipated “difficult decisions ahead.” In the letter the co-CEOs implored employees to keep their focus on on WeWork’s customers and on their “day-to-day work,” adding “it’s more important now than ever.”. Lawsuits against WeWork, which Berrent must oversee, continue to pile up. In September 2014, after Neumann personally recruited her for months, Berrent officially joined WeWork as general counsel. She didn’t have patience for those who whined instead of working hard. Global Head of User Experience, Trading Central. These days, Berrent's job is fraught with complications. Another described Berrent as having to “babysit” Neumann.

“Our core business is strong, and we will be taking clear actions to balance WeWork’s high growth, profitability and unique member experience while also evaluating the optimal timing for an IPO.”, On that summer morning in 2017, after he introduced Minson as the resident adult, Neumann and the visiting executive went back to Neumann’s office, where the CEO went on to say he himself had matured as an executive, according to a person familiar with the conversation who asked not to be identified discussing a private meeting. WeWork led The Wing’s $32 million Series B funding round in 2017. It was great to have access to the thought leaders in the space and understand what has these folks excited.“, Shannon Rosic (Head of fintech, InvestmentNews), “I would love to participate in any future Benzinga event and make it a priority to attend.“, Tess Hatch (Investor, Bessemer Venture Partners), “The Benzinga Women’s Wealth Forum was very nicely done - I loved the venue and the panels and selection of people Benzinga had there. A leading-edge research firm focused on digital transformation. She grew up on Long Island and traveled just 120 miles for college to the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania. During a short-lived pre-roadshow for an IPO, the company he founded had been treated by institutional investors like a smelly box of compost; investors liked the general idea of the company but held their noses and their distance. “She kind of took this very lawyerly, legalistic view of things that people are out to screw you over and you had to protect yourself,” one former colleague said. She's also gay, married, and raising two daughters and a son. Our next […], Benzinga is proud to introduce the Benzinga Women’s Wealth Forum, a space where women can learn how to empower themselves through financial technology and be inspired by the stories of powerful women in finance. She also has a generous exit package: if Berrent resigns in the first year after a change in control, she’s entitled to a year’s salary ($871,154). Minson, who later became co-CEO with Sebastian Gunningham, shared the president title with her. Photo by Jackal Pan/Visual China Group via Getty Images When one executive, rising star and Berrent direct report, Will Potter, fell out of favor with Neumann’s wife, Rebekah, over his opposition to one of her fads, Adam called on Berrent to dismiss him, according to a former colleague. Across a sea of white, male leadership, Berrent stood out as the only senior woman. When one executive, the rising star and Berrent direct report Will Potter, fell out of favor with Neumann's wife, Rebekah, over his opposition to one of her fads, Neumann called on Berrent to dismiss him, according to a former colleague.

What everyone can agree on is that in the last few years, Berrent played a critical role in advising Neumann on some of the embattled company’s most unsavory issues. As an accountant, he worked at Ernst & Young before starting work in the media industry. While her formal title remained copresident and chief legal officer, her new work contract called her copresident, chief legal officer, and chief operating officer of the company. : Your Five-Year Plan for Life After College published by Simon & Schuster. Managing Director-eServices, Charles Schwab. Bridges alleged that she experienced gender discrimination, gender-based pay disparities and retaliation.


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