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You can fight it or profit from it.

But the process is meant to achieve justice so we, of course, will respect it. And as we do, we win.

How far can it go for over 8,000 homes backing a few farm boys from Idaho and the creators of the future? However, the Family Movie Act was passed in 2005 because the studios would never give consent. Per an expert report at trial, unchallenged by alternative data or analysis, Disney et al would have been $229,752 poorer had VidAngel never offered their content on its service. After all these years they were acting like a monopoly and they need some good healthy competition.

We can get it back on our system if they give us permission (no sign of them doing that to date). Also, thank you to those who came yesterday. I get so tired of cleavage thumbnails and rampant profanity and vulgarity on YouTube. We agree that it’s not an either/or proposition. Disney Earned, VidAngel Lost and Damages Awarded, 4) 9th Circuit called it a case of first impression (untested law  –, Last week we filed a motion in the bankruptcy court to transfer our filtering assets to the, , Inc, a 501(c)(3) organization. For those of you not in the area, we are grateful for the support you have given from wherever you are! It is more important to VidAngel that the option to skip exists than that VidAngel owns it. This cover is very valuable to me… and my grandparents show their copies to everyone. So, on behalf of around 8,000 owners and tens of millions who want to skip a few things in Disney/Fox/Warner Bros. movies, I’ll continue this conversation publicly. Happy to move past this to focus on original content. I realize these numbers are nothing for Disney but we had barely tapped the market when Disney sued VidAngel. In response I remembered a few comments from the Judge, who ruled against VidAngel, that might offer some context into how civil disputes actually work (and perhaps a little less judging). We are still providing content from most studios (who did not sue us). And the entire world can contribute to the Skip Foundation’s library of content “skips” just like with Wikipedia.

We spent millions building technology and marketing to this new audience. But they have been around for 15 years and they are like a dinosaur with technology. Disney, Netflix, Amazon and others could adopt the technology freely and implement the technology on top of their existing streaming contracts without an agreement of any kind with VidAngel. And they may be right. Please stay true to the original mission of VidAngel. INTERVIEW: ORABRUSH CMO JEFF HARMON ON THE SECRETS OF A SOCIAL MEDIA SENSATION (PT. For those of you in the area, we would love to have you join us this week. Why does Netflix genre movies require you to rent/pay through Amazon? So out of the content that was removed from the platform when the studios sued you, none of it is coming back? At this point, VidAngel can keep going to the Supreme Court, hoping that the Court will protect Disney from itself. Jeffrey Harmon testified next, describing his life growing up in a small town, his family’s desire to watch clean content, and the prohibition he and his siblings had on watching pg-13 content until they were 17. Imagine being able to let your kids get on YouTube without ever needing to worry about them stumbling across an F-word? And the entire world can contribute to the Skip Foundation’s library of content “skips” just like with Wikipedia. That same day Austin Craig said he would be interested. It is growing so fast because the creators are embracing the data behind the skips of families.

We have benefitted from VidAngel filtering for years, thanks for all your hard work! It’s not either/or. You understand that VidAngel’s customers want to skip a few things in your movies in private. We appreciate all of the uplifting comments, good vibes and prayers that have been sent our way. Thanks for the video message. VidAngel recently started back up after being forced offline for six months by a lawsuit—and Harmon says he’s still prepared to stand up to the Entertainment Industrial Complex in … I have no ego about that, but, if we’re going to play by the rules, you have a ruling, you appeal it, and a decision is made.”, “They [VidAngel] think that the Family Movie Act generally allows them to do that.

We hope to see you there! Faced with continuing the legal battle to the supreme court or settling with the studios, we recently held a vote with the 8,000 homes who invested in VidAngel, and in a landslide we investors decided it’s time to tell a better story.

For its audience (19,000 of whom funded season one), The Chosen is. Are you open to meeting? So, you went ahead and illegally took those rights.

I wrote and directed the Kickstarter video. And Disney could profit from both the skip data and Dry Bar Comedy.

Copyright © 2018, VidAngel. The IMP and Sony Betamax cases changed the industry, but they dragged on for almost a decade. For its audience (19,000 of whom funded season one), The Chosen is the best story. He read them the instructions, after which Ms. Blanca Young presented Disney’s closing argument and Mr. Mark Eisinhut presented VidAngel’s closing argument. Kelly Klaus attempted to impeach him by saying that he had a reputation for being “aggressive” and suggesting that the pre-litigation letters he sent to the studios asking them to advise VidAngel of any complaints they had concerning its service were “set-up” letters. Thanks again for your persistence! YouTube has always attracted foul mouthed vloggers.

It sounds like, “don’t look over there, look over here — we’re now making such great original content instead!” And hoping that nobody notices. R-rated language is common. At the time, the Harmon brothers were in a tight spot with the company they started in 2014 called VidAngel, a video streaming service that allowed users to remove content they found objectionable from Hollywood movies and TV VidAngel is on a mission to make that possible. Are you open to meeting?

Netflix, Amazon, Sony, Universal, Paramount and other studios who did not sue VidAngel also made profits from VidAngel’s success. We heard from William Barnett, Jarom McDonald, and ended the afternoon with a testimony from Neal Harmon.

It has become the #1 export of the world’s largest economy. They didn’t want to be paid. You can fight it or profit from it. What was our crime in trying to figure out how to pay Hollywood while giving the individual homes the ability to skip stuff they found offensive? “After a long and extremely difficult legal battle in one of the biggest copyright cases in decades, we have finally come to an agreement in which VidAngel can emerge from bankruptcy and move forward as a rapidly-growing company,” Harmon said in a statement. Required fields are marked *. You could publish its family friendly comedy on Disney+.

We sold over $1 million dollars of Orapups using a hairbrush with an OXO handle and a bunch of Orabrush bristles glued to it (look closely at the video below): Orapup gave us two record breaking quarters in the first quarter of this year!


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