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Does Gal Gadot Regret The 'Miss Universe' Pageant? Sure enough, there was baby Sarah and the new nanny, Masha Diduk. Chris Brown Leaves Fans Tearful After Sharing Tribute To Jamie Foxx's Late Sister. Diduk also wanted to address rumors that came up in Tiger King, painting Jeff to be an animal abuser. ‘Big Brother 22’: What Do Second & Third Place Players Win? Well, a quick scroll through the Oklahoma Zoo Instagram reveals that Jeff apparently got his nanny after all. Our #hotnanny is here!! Let’s wait and watch for further developments! RELATED: Joe Exotic Reveals His Dream Tiger King Casting While Isolated In Prison. When host Joel McHale asked about her, they replied enthusiastically and affirmed her existence in their lives. There’s a pretty good chance that her posts about being the Lowes’ nanny (as well as the posts from the Lowes) are not actually meant in earnest. They're also open about sharing details of their personal lives, including the arrival of their new nanny, Masha Diduk. Tiger king who? Have you given a watch to Netflix’s seven-series documentary Tiger King? followed by, "What an amazing group of people here, loving all their babies.". It's certainly an unconventional arrangement, but if it makes them all happy, more power to them. To be fair, Lauren is perfectly capable of speaking up for herself, and just because Diduk is beautiful doesn't mean she can't change a diaper! “Our #hotnanny is here! Judging from the interviews and Instagram posts featuring Masha, everyone seems pretty happy with the arrangement. Only time will tell if Masha is actually a nanny, or if this whole thing is a publicity gimmick. #tigerking #netflix #quarantineandchill, A post shared by Masha ☾ (@mashadiduk) on Mar 28, 2020 at 5:39pm PDT.

Instagram live this evening! Reportedly, Masha’s agreement was to work part-time as their baby girl’s caretaker during business hours at Jeff’s Oklahoma Zoo, which is mostly on weekends. Now that daughter Sarah is born, according to iNews, fans want to know the truth about this new nanny and what's really going on. How Much Does Dwayne Johnson Get Paid To Appear On 'Ballers'. Tiger King fans were left shocked by Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe’s reaction to hiring a model nanny at the end of the documentary series. The World's Most Entertaining Car Website, What Part Of Her Memoir Did Carrie Fisher Regret Sharing, Here's Where Jeff Lowe's Nanny From 'Tiger King' Is Now. However, I want you to think back to the end of the last episode of Tiger King. The untold truth of Tiger King star Jeff Lowe's nanny. WRONG

After looking through Masha’s Instagram, it appears as though she just visited the GW Exotic Animal Park for the first time over the weekend of March 27. "The nanny's excellent," said Jeff, "you've seen her," while Lauren chimed in, "she's hot." For the uninitiated, let’s take a brief look at Lowe and his claim to fame! Jeff Lowe’s nanny is a model named Masha. Lauren said, "I was wanting us to have our own little family, especially after we got married." #tigerking #nanny #netflix #tigerkingnetflix #netflixtigerking #oklahoma #zookeeper #zookeeperlife #zoo #zoolife, A post shared by Oklahoma Zoo (@oklahoma_zoo) on Mar 28, 2020 at 1:09pm PDT. Here’s what we know about Jeff Lowe’s nanny. What Is The Kardashian Curse, And Is It For Real? In response to what is often called their "racy" lifestyle, Jeff said, "Our version of normal is probably more Las Vegas than it is Oklahoma and we like to go out." And it appears as though he found one. Mariah Carey Screams In Fear, Accidentally Hits A Whistle Note, The Reason Steve Perry Decided To Leave His Journey Band Members, Here's How Danny DeVito Amassed His $80 Million Net Worth, Harry Styles Chills At Fan's House After His Car Breaks Down. Although she’s currently employed as a nanny, the woman taking care of Jeff and Lauren’s baby probably doesn’t have a ton of experience with raising kids. Many Tiger King fans wanted to know if Jeff Lowe's new nanny, Masha Diduk, was just a stunt for the cameras, according to TMZ. Well, if you have, you must be familiar with who Jeff Lowe is. David immediately commented on how quickly the nanny was able to find the camera. Charming. TIGER King's sexy nanny has shared a string of raunchy snaps online - proving exactly why Jeff Lowe was so keen to hire her. And there’s a reason for that. On their Oklahoma Zoo's Instagram page, they shared a picture of Diduk standing between Jeff and Lauren with the caption: "Our #hotnanny is here!!" The Lowes also caught fans' attention with their lifestyle. Jeff and Lauren Lowe doubled down on their "hot nanny " claims in the new Tiger King follow-up episode, "The Tiger King and I". Sorry, Tiger King Fans - Joe Exotic Didn't Really Sing Those Songs! Though the media would still like to believe that everything falling in place with the timing, release, and popularity of Tiger King cannot be simply a coincidence. Which Batman Is Paid More, Ben Affleck Or Robert Pattinson? The nanny’s recent appearance with Jeff, Lauren and the baby on Lights Out with David Spade via a virtual interview, sparked off rumors that he was paid by Jeff to simply be there for the TV interview, though she brushed such conjectures off. And when it comes to the series’ c… Many people were skeptical that Lauren is actually happy with the situation, as one person wrote, "That sh** is embarrassing. Beyoncé Fans Come For Producer Diplo After He Allegedly Claimed He Slept With Her, Courteney Cox Teases 'Friends' And 'Scream 5' In New Post And Fans Go Crazy. The hot nanny that Jeff and his wife hired in September to care for their daughter is Masha Diduk, who, interestingly enough, also plays the nanny that the couple wanted to hire on the docuseries. A well-known American alpinist from Odgen Utah, Jeff Lowe is known for his visionary climbs and first accents established in the US and Canadian Rockies.

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